further decline. If God had not indeed poured out his Spirit in the great awakening under Edwards, New England might well, as some feared, ?be lost even to New England and buried in its own ruins.? It was the new emphasis on personal religion, an emphasis, which the Baptists of that day largely contributed, that gave to the New England churches a larger life and a larger usefulness. Infant baptism has never since held quite the same place in the polity of those churches. It has very generally declined. But it is still far from extinct, even among evangelical Protestants. The work of Baptists is not yet done. Baptists have always stood, but they need still to stand, for a believing and regenerated church membership.?

Fifthly, in putting into the place of Christ?s command a commandment of men, and so admitting the essential principle of all heresy, schism, and false religion.

There is therefore no logical halting place between the Baptist and the Romanist positions. The Roman Catholic Archbishop Hughes of New York, said well to a Presbyterian minister: ?We have no controversy with you. Our controversy is with the Baptists.? Lange of Jena: ?Would the Protestant church fulfill and attain to its final destiny, the baptism of infants must of necessity be abolished.? The English Judge asked the witness what his religious belief was. Reply: ?I haven?t any.? ?Where do you attend church?? ?Nowhere.? ?Put him down as belonging to the Church of England.? The small child was asked where her mother was. Reply:? She has gone to a Christian and devil meeting.? The child meant a Christian Endeavor meeting. Some systems of doctrine and ritual however, answer her description, for they are a mixture of paganism and Christianity. The greatest work favoring the doctrine, which we here condemn is Wall?s History of Infant Baptism. For the Baptist side of the controversy see Arnold, in Madison Avenue Lectures, 160-182; Curtis, Progress of Baptist Principles, 274, 275; Dagg, Church Order, 144-202.


The Lord?s Supper is that outward rite in which the assembled church eats bread broken and drinks wine poured forth by its appointed representative, in token of its constant dependence on the once crucified, now risen Savior, as source of its spiritual life. In other words, in token of that abiding communion of Christ?s death and resurrection through which the life begun in regeneration is sustained and perfected.

Norman Fox, Christ in the Daily Meal, 31, 33, says that the Scripture nowhere speaks of the wine as ?poured forth?; and in <461114>1 Corinthians

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