Murphy, in Brit. Quar., 1884:118-125 ? ?As in resurrection there is a physical connection with the old body, so in regeneration there is a natural connection with the old soul.? Also, Brit. Quar., July, 1880, art.: Evolution Viewed in Relation to Theology ? ?The regenerating agency of the Spirit of God is symbolized, not by the vitalization of dead matter, but by the agency of the organizing intelligence which guides the evolution of living beings.? Murphy?s answer to Drummond is republished. Murphy?s Natural Selection and Spiritual Freedom, 1-33 ? ?The will can no more create force, either muscular or mental, than it can create matter. And it is equally true that for our spiritual nourishment and spiritual force we are altogether dependent on our spiritual environment, which is God.? In ?dead matter? there is no sin.

Drummond would imply that, as matter has no promise or potency of life and is not responsible for being without life (or ?dead,? to use his misleading word) and, if it ever is to live must wait for the life giving influence to come unsought, so the human soul is not responsible for being spiritually dead. It cannot seek for life so it must passively wait for the Spirit. Plymouth Brethren generally hold the same view with Drummond, that regeneration adds something ? as vitality ? to the substance of the soul. Christ is transubstantiated into the soul?s substance; or, the pneu~ma is added. But we have given over talking of vitality as if it were a substance or faculty. We regard it as merely a mode of action. Evolution, moreover, uses what already exists, so far as it will go, instead of creating new as in the miracle of the loaves, and as in the original creation of man, so in his recreation or regeneration. Dr. Charles Hodge also makes the same mistake in calling regeneration an ?origination of the principle of the spirit of life, just as literal and real a creation as the origination of the principle of natural life.? This, too, makes Scripture metaphor literal and ignores the fact that the change accomplished in regeneration is an exclusively moral one. There is indeed a new entrance of Christ into the soul, or a new exercise of his spiritual power within the soul. But the effect of Christ?s working is not to add any new faculty or substance, but only to give new direction to already existing powers.

(b) Regeneration involves an enlightenment of the understanding and a rectification of the volition. But it seems most consonant with Scripture and with a correct psychology to regard these changes as immediate and necessary consequences of the change of disposition already mentioned, rather than as the primary and central facts in regeneration. The taste for truth logically precedes perception of the truth, and love for God logically

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