instead of bapti>swntai ; but it is easy so see how subsequent ignorance of Pharisaic scrupulousness might have changed bapti>swntai into rJanti>swntai ; but not easy to see how rJanti>swntai should have been changed into bapti>swntai . On <401502>Matthew 15:2 (and the parallel passage <410704>Mark 7:4), see Broadus, Com. on Matthew, pages 332, 333. Herodotus, 2:47, says that if any Egyptian touches a swine in passing, with his clothes, he goes to the river and dips himself from it.

Meyer, Com. in loco ? ? eja<n mh< bapti>swntai is not to be understood of washing the hands (Lightfoot, Wetstein), but of immersion, which the word in classic Greek and in the N. T. everywhere means; here, according to the context, to take a bath.? The Revised Version omits the words ?and couches,? although Maimonides speaks of a Jewish immersion of couches; see quotation from Maimonides in Ingham, Handbook of Baptism, 373 ? ?Whenever in the law washing of the flesh or of the clothes is mentioned, it means nothing else than the dipping of the whole body in a layer. For if any man dip himself all over except the tip of his little finger, he is still in his uncleanness. A bed that is wholly defiled, if a man dip it part by part, it is pure.? Watson, in Annotated Par. Bible, 1126.

<421138> Luke 11:38 ? ?And when the Pharisee saw it, he marveled that he had not first bathed [lit.: ?baptized?] himself before dinner?; cf . Ecclesiasticus 31:95 ? ?He that washeth himself after the touching of a dead body? baptizo>menov ajpo< nekrou~ ; Judith 12:7 ? ?washed herself ejbapyi>zeto in a fountain of water by the camp?; <032204>Leviticus 22:4-6 ? ?Whoso toucheth anything that is unclean by the dead...unclean until the even...bathe his flesh in water.? <440241>Acts 2:41 ? ?They then that received his word were baptized: and there were added unto them in that day about three thousand souls.? Although the water supply of Jerusalem is naturally poor, the artificial provision of aqueducts, cisterns, and tanks, made water abundant during the siege of Titus, though thousands died of famine, we read of no suffering from lack of water. The following are the dimensions of pools in modern Jerusalem: King?s Pool, 15 feet x 16 x 3; Siloam, 53 x 18 x 19; Hezekiah, 240 x 140 x 10; Bethesda (so-called), 360 x 130 x 75; Upper Gihon, 316 x 218 x 19; Lower Gihon, 592 x 260 x 18; see Robinson, Biblical Researches, 1:323-348, and Samson, Water supply of Jerusalem, pub. by Am. Bap. Pub. Soc. There was no difficulty in baptizing three thousand in one day for, in the time of Chrysostom, when all candidates of the year were baptized in a single day, three thousand were once baptized and, on July 3, 1878, 2222 Telugu Christians were baptized by two administrators in nine hours. These Telugu baptisms took place at Velumpilly, ten miles north of Ongole. The

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