? 5th . the rule excludes from the communion baptized members of Pedobaptist churches. Reply:

(1) they, in promoting error, are persons walking disorderly.

(2) The Lord?s Supper is a symbol of church fellowship, not of fellowship for individuals, apart from their church relations.

? 6th . A plea for dispensing ?with the rule exists in extreme cases where persons must commune with us or not at all. Reply:

(1) These people would be likely to encroach more and more till the rule became merely nominal.

(2) It is a greater privilege and means of grace, in such circumstances, to abstain from communing, than contrary to principle to participate.

(3) It is not right to participate with others where we cannot invite them reciprocally. It is hard to fix limits to these exceptions.

? 7 th . Alleged inconsistency of our practice.

(1) Since we expect to commune in heaven. Reply: This confounds Christian fellowship with church fellowship. We do commune with Pedobaptists spiritually, here as hereafter. We do not expect to partake of the Lord?s Supper with them or with others in heaven.

(2) Since we reject the better and receive the worse. Reply: We are not at liberty to refuse to apply Christ?s outward rule because we cannot equally apply his inward spiritual rule of character. Even though they may be more spiritual than some of who are in the church, Pedobaptists with hold communion from those they regard as non-baptized.

(3) Since we recognize Pedobaptists as brethren in union meetings, exchange of pulpits, etc. Reply: None of these acts of fraternal fellowship imply the church communion, which admission to the Lord?s table would imply. This last would recognize them as baptized, the former do not.

? 8th . Alleged impolicy of our practice. Reply:

(1) This consideration would be pertinent, only if we were at liberty to change our practice when it was expedient or was thought to be so.

(2) Any particular truth will inspire respect in others in proportion as its advocates show that they respect it. In England our numbers have diminished,

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