therefore, to be repeated upon the transfer of the minister?s pastoral relation from one church to another. In every case, however, where a minister from a body of Christians not scripturally constituted assumes the pastoral relation in a rightly organized church, there is peculiar propriety. This occurs not only in the examination by a Council, but also of his Christian experience, call to the ministry and views of doctrine and in that act of formal recognition and authorization which is called ordination.

The Council should be numerous and impartially constituted. The church calling the Council should be represented in it by a fair number of delegates. Neither the church, nor the Council, should permit a prejudgment of the case by the previous announcement of an ordination service. While the examination of the candidate should be public, all danger that the Council is unduly influenced by pressure from without should be obviated, by its conducting its deliberations and arriving at its decision in private session. We subjoin the form of a letter missive, calling a Council of ordination, an order of procedure after the Council has assembled and a programme of exercises for the public service.

L ETTER M ISSIVE . The church of to the church of : Dear Brethren:

By vote of this church, you are requested to send your pastor and two delegates to meet with us in accordance with the following resolutions, passed by us on the_, 19_. Whereas, Brother_, a member of this church, has offered himself to the work of the gospel ministry, and has been chosen by us as our pastor, therefore, Resolved,

1. That such neighboring churches, in fellowship with us, as shall be herein designated be requested to send their pastor and two delegates each, to meet and counsel with this church, at_O?clock _. _M., on_,19_ and if, after examination, he be approved, that Brother_be set apart, by vote of the

Council, to the gospel ministry, and that a public service be held, expressive of this fact. Resolved,

2. That the Council, if it do so ordain, be requested to appoint two of its number to act with the candidate, in arranging the public services. Resolved,

3. That printed letters of invitation, embodying these resolutions, and signed by the clerk of this church, be sent to the following churches, __and that these churches be requested to furnish to their delegates an

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