Herbert, Modern Realism Examined: ?Materialism has no physical evidence of the existence of consciousness in others. As it declares our fellow men to be destitute of free volition, so it should declare them destitute of consciousness; should call them, as well as brutes, pure automata. If physics are all, there is no God, but there is also no man, existing.? Some of the early followers of Descartes used to kick and beat their dogs, laughing meanwhile at their cries and calling them the ?creaking of the machine.? Huxley, who calls the brutes ?conscious automata,? believes in the gradual banishment, from all regions of human thought, of what we call spirit and spontaneity: ?A spontaneous act is an absurdity; it is simply an effect that is uncaused.?

James, Psychology, 1:119 ? ?The girl in Midshipman Easy could not excuse the illegitimacy of her child by saying that ?it was a very small one.? And consciousness, however small, is an illegitimate birth in any philosophy that starts without it, and yet professes to explain all facts by continued evolution... Materialism denies reality to almost all the impulses, which we most cherish. Hence it will fail of universal adoption.? Clerk Maxwell, Life, 391 ?Time atoms are a very tough lot, and can stand a great deal of knocking about, and it is strange to find a number of them combining to form a man of feeling...426 ? I have looked into most philosophical systems, and I have seen none that will work without a God.? President E.B. Andrews: ?Mind is the only substantive thing in this universe, and all else is adjective. Matter is not primordial, but is a function of spirit.? Theodore Parker: ?Man is the highest product of his own history. The discoverer finds nothing so tall or grand as himself, nothing so valuable to him. The greatest star is at the small end of the telescope ? the star that is looking, not looked after, nor looked at.?

Materialism makes men to be ?a serio-comic procession of wax figures or of cunning casts in clay? (Bowne). Man is ?the cunningest of clocks.? But if there were nothing but matter, there could be no materialism, for a system of thought, like materialism, implies consciousness. Martineau, Types, preface, xii, xiii ? ?It was the irresistible pleading of the moral consciousness which first drove me to rebel against the limits of the merely scientific conception. It became incredible to me that nothing was possible except the actual...Is there then no ought to be, other than what is?? Dewey, Psychology, 84 ? ?A world without ideal elements would be one in which the home would be four walls and a roof to keep out cold and wet; the table a mess for animals; and the grave a hole in the ground.? Omar Khayy-m, Rubaiyat, stanza 72 ? ?And that inverted bowl they call the Sky, Where under crawling coop?d we live and die, Lift not your hands to It for help ? for it As impotently moves as you or I.? Victor

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