Royce, World and Individual, 1:270 ? ?Truth either may mean that about which we judge, or it may mean the correspondence between our ideas and their objects.? God?s truth is both object of his knowledge and knowledge of his object. Miss Clara French, The Dramatic Action and Motive of King John: ?You spell Truth with a capital, and make it an independent existence to be sought for and absorbed; but, unless truth is God, what can it do for man? It is only a personality that can touch a personality.? So we assent to the poet?s declaration that ?Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again.? only because Truth is personal. Christ, the Revealer of God, is the Truth. He is not simply the medium but also the object of all knowledge; <490420>Ephesians 4:20 ? ?ye did not so learn Christ? = ye knew more than the doctrine about Christ, ? ye knew Christ himself; <431703>John 17:3 ? ?this is life eternal, that they should know thee the only true God, and him whom thou didst send, even Jesus Christ.??

B. Positively:

(a) All truth among men, whether mathematical, logical, moral, or religious, is to be regarded as having its foundation in this immanent truth of the divine nature and as disclosing facts in the being of God.

There is a higher Mind than our mind. No apostle can say ?I am the truth,? though each of them can say ?I speak the truth.? Truth is not a scientific or moral, but a substantial, thing ? ?nicht Schulsache, sondern Lebenssache.? Here is the dignity of education, that knowledge of truth is knowledge of God. The laws of mathematics are disclosures to us, not of the divine reason merely, for this would imply truth outside of and before God, but of the divine nature. J. W. A. Stewart: ?Science is possible because God is scientific.? Plato: ?God geometrizes.? Bowne: ?The heavens are crystallized mathematics.? The statement that two and two make four, or that virtue is commendable and vice condemnable, expresses an everlasting principle in the being of God. Separate statements of truth are inexplicable apart from the total revelation of truth, and this total revelation is inexplicable apart from One who is truth and who is thus revealed. The separate electric lights in our streets are inexplicable apart from the electric current, which throbs through the wires, and this electric current is itself inexplicable apart from the hidden dynamo whose power it exactly expresses and measures. The separate lights of truth are due to the realizing agency of the Holy Spirit; the one unifying current which they partially reveal is the outgoing work of Christ, the divine Logos; Christ is the one and only Revealer of him who dwells ?in light unapproachable; whom no man hath seen, nor can see ?( <540616>1 Timothy 6:16).

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