Maclaren: ?A great mass of knotted weeds growing in a stagnant pool is dragged toward you as you drag one filament? Draw out one sin, and it brings with it the whole matted nature of sin.

Chief Justice Thompson, of Pennsylvania: ?If those who preach had been lawyers previous to entering the ministry, they would know and say far more about the depravity of the human heart than they do. The old doctrine of total depravity is the only thing that can explain the falsehoods, the dishonesties, the licentiousness and the murders, which are so rife in the world. Education, refinement and even a high order of talent cannot overcome the inclination to evil which exists in the heart and has taken possession of the very fibers of our nature.? See Edwards, Original Sin, in Works, 2:309-510; Julius Muller, Doct. Sin, 2:259-307; Hodge, Syst. Theol, 2:231-238; Shedd. Discourses and Essays, 226-236.

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