Talmud is its saying: ?God prays.?? In Christ?s humanity, united as it is to deity, we have the fact answering to this piece of Talmudic poetry.

B. Its Integrity. We here use the term ?integrity? to signify, not merely completeness, but perfection. That which is perfect is, a fortiori complete in all its parts. Christ?s human nature was:

(a) Supernaturally conceived since the denial of his supernatural conception involves either a denial of the purity of Mary, his mother, or a denial of the truthfulness of Matthew?s and Luke?s narratives.

<420134> Luke 1:34, 35 ? ?And Mary said unto the angel, How shall this be, seeing I know not a man? And the angel answered and said unto her. The Holy Spirit shall come upon thee, and the power of the Most High shall overshadow thee.?

The seed of the woman? ( <010315>Gen. 3:15) was one who had no earthly father, Eve? = life, not only as being the source of physical life to the race, but also as bringing into the world him who was to be its spiritual life. Julius Muller, Proof-texts, 29 ? Jesus Christ ?had no earthly father; his birth was a creative act of God, breaking through the chain of human generation.? Dorner, Glaubenslehre, 2:447 (Syst. Doct., 3:345) ? ?The new science recognizes manifold methods of propagation and that too even in one and the same species.?

Professor Loeb has found that the unfertilized egg of the sea urchin may be made by chemical treatment to produce thrifty young and he thinks it probable that the same effect may be produced among the mammalian. Thus parthenogenesis in the highest order of life is placed among the scientific possibilities. Romanes, even while he was an agnostic, affirmed that a virgin birth, even in the human race, would be by no means out of the range of possibility. See his Darwin and After Darwin, 119, footnote ? ?Even if a virgin has ever conceived and borne a son and even if such a fact in the human species has been unique, it would not betoken any breach of physiological continuity.? Only a new impulse from the Creator could save the Redeemer from the long accruing fatalities of human generation. But the new creation of humanity in Christ is scientifically quite as possible as its first creation in Adam and in both cases there may have been no violations of natural law but only a unique revelation of its possibilities. ?Birth from a virgin made it clear that a new thing was taking place in the earth, and that One was coming into the world who was not simply man.? A. B. Bruce: ?Thorough going naturalism excludes the virgin life as well as the virgin birth.? See Griffith-Jones. Ascent

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