God none knoweth, save the Spirit of God?; 12:8-11 ? distributes spiritual gifts ?to each one severally even as he will? ? here Meyer calls attention to the words ?as he will,? as proving the personality of the Spirit; <610121>2 Peter 1:21 ? ?men spake from God, being moved by the Holy Spirit?; <600102>1 Peter 1:2 ? sanctification of the Spirit? How can a person be given in various measures? We answer, by being permitted to work in our behalf with various degrees of power. Dorner: ?To be power does not belong to the impersonal.?

D. He is affected as a person by the acts of others.

That, which can be resisted, grieved, vexed, blasphemed, must be a person; for only a person can perceive insult and be offended. The blasphemy against the Holy Ghost cannot be merely blasphemy against a power or attribute of God, since in that case blasphemy against God would be a less crime than blasphemy against his power. That against which the unpardonable sin can be committed must be a person.

<236310> Isaiah 63:10 ? ?they rebelled and grieved his Holy Spirit?;

<401231> Matthew 12:31 ? ?Every sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven onto men; but the blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven?; <440503>Acts 5:3, 4, 9 ? ?lie to the Holy Ghost? thou hast not lied unto men but unto God? agreed together to try the Spirit of the Lord?; 7:51 ? ?ye do always resist the Holy Spirit?; <490430>Ephesians 4:30 ? ?grieve not the Holy Spirit of God.? Satan cannot be ? grieved.? Selfishness can be angered, but only love can be grieved. Blaspheming the Holy Spirit is like blaspheming one?s own mother. The passages just quoted show the Spirit?s possession of an emotional nature. Hence we read of ?the love of the Spirit? ( <451530>Romans 15:30). The ?unutterable sighing of the Christian in intercessory prayer ( <450826>Romans 8:26, 27) reveal the mind of the Spirit, and show the infinite depths of feeling which are awakened in God?s heart by the sins and needs of men. These deep desires and emotions which are only partially communicated to us, and which only God can understand are conclusive proof that the Holy Spirit is a person. They are only the overflow into us of the infinite fountain of divine love to which the Holy Spirit unites us.

As Christ in the garden ?began to be sorrowful and sore troubled? ( <402637>Matthew 26:37), so the Holy Spirit is sorrowful and sore troubled at the ignoring, despising, resisting of his work, on the part of those whom he is trying to rescue from sin and to lead out into the freedom and joy of the Christian life. Luthardt, in S. S. Times, May 26, 1888 ? ?Every sin can be forgiven ? even the sin against the Son of man ? except the sin

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