Eternity is infinity in its relation to time. It implies that God?s nature is not subject to the law of time. God is not in time. It is more correct to say that time is in God. Although there is logical succession in God?s thoughts, there is no chronological succession.

Time is duration measured by successions. Duration without succession would still be duration, though it would be immeasurable. Reid, Intellectual Powers, essay 3, chap. 5 ? ?We may measure duration by the succession of thoughts in the mind, as we measure length by inches or feet, but the notion or idea of duration must be antecedent to the mensuration of it, as the notion of length is antecedent to its being measured.? God is not under the law of time. Solly, The Will, 254 ? ?God looks through time as we look through space.? Murphy, Scientific Bases, 90 ? ?Eternity is not, as men believe, Before and after us, an endless line. No, it is a circle, infinitely great ? All the circumference with creations thronged: God at the center dwells, beholding all. And as we move in this eternal round, The finite portion which alone we see Behind us, is the past; what lies before We call the future. But to him who dwells Far at the center, equally remote From every point of the circumference, Both are alike, the future and the past.? Vaughan (1655): ?I saw Eternity the other night, Like a great ring of pure and endless light, And calm as it was bright; and round beneath it Time in hours, days, years, Driven by the spheres, Like a vast shadow moved, in which the world And all her train were hurled.?

We cannot have derived from experience our idea of eternal duration in the past, for experience gives us only duration that has had beginning. The idea of duration as without beginning must therefore be given us by intuition. Case, Physical Realism 879, 380 ? ?Time is the continuance, or continual duration, of the universe.? Bradley, Appearance and Reality, 39 ? Consider time as a stream ? under a spatial form: ?If you take time as a relation between units without duration, then the whole time has no duration, and is not time at all. But if you give duration to the whole time, then [illegible] the units themselves are found to possess it, and they cease to be units.? The now is not time, unless it turns past into future, and this is a process. The now then consists of nows, and these nows are undiscoverable. The unit is nothing but its own relation to something beyond, something not discoverable. Time therefore is not real, but is appearance.

John Caird, Fund. Ideas, 1:185 ? ?That which grasps and correlates objects in space cannot itself be one of the things of space; that which apprehends and connects events as succeeding each other in time must

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