his way, and not in their own. He is the God who brought in a flood upon the world of the ungodly, who rained down fire and brimstone from heaven, and who is to come in ?flaming fire, taking vengeance on them that know not God? and obey not the gospel of his son. Paul reasoned about both the ?goodness? and the ?severity? of God.?

(b) Transitive holiness, as righteousness, imposes law in conscience and Scripture, and may be called legislative holiness. As justice, it executes the penalties of law, and may be called distributive or judicial holiness. In righteousness God reveals chiefly his love of holiness; in justice, chiefly his hatred of sin.

The self-affirming purity of God demands a like purity in those who have been made in his image. As God wills and maintains his own moral excellence, so all creatures must will and maintain the moral excellence of God. There can be only one center in the solar system ? the sun is its own center and the center for all the planets also. So God?s purity is the object of his own will ? it must be the object of all the wills of all his creatures also. Bixby, Crisis in Morals, 282 ? ?It is not rational or safe for the hand to separate itself from the heart. This is a universe, and God is the heart of the great system. Altruism is not the result of society, but society is the result of altruism, It begins in creatures far below man. The animals, which know how to combine, have the greatest chance of survival. The unsociable animal dies out. The most perfect organism is the most sociable. Right is the debt which the part owes to the whole.? This seems to us but a partial expression of the truth. Right is more than a debt to others ? it is a debt to one?s self, and the self-affirming, self- preserving, self-respecting element constitutes the limit and standard of all outgoing activity. The sentiment of loyalty is largely a reverence for this principle of order and stability in government. <19E505>Psalm 145:5 ? ?Of the glorious majesty of thine honor, And of thy wondrous works, will I meditate?; 97:2 ? ?Clouds and darkness are round about him: Righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne.?

John Milton, Elkonoklastes: ?Truth and justice are all one; for truth is but justice in our knowledge, and justice is but truth in our practice?..for truth is properly no more than contemplation, and her utmost efficiency is but teaching; but justice in her very essence is all strength and activity, and hath a sword put into her hand to use against all violence and oppression on the earth. She it is who accepts no person, and exempts none from the severity of her stroke.? A. J. Balfour, Foundations of Belief, 320 ? ?Even the poet has not dared to represent Jupiter torturing Prometheus without the dim figure of Avenging Fate waiting silently in

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