begin it at the first. Creation in the spiritual, as well as in the natural world, needs to be supplemented by preservation. See quotation from Jonathan Edwards, In Allen?s biography of him, 371.

Regeneration is instantaneous but sanctification takes time. The ?developing? of the photographer?s picture may illustrate God?s process of sanctifying the regenerate soul. But it is development by new access of truth or light, while the photographer?s picture is usually developed in the dark. This development cannot be accomplished in a moment. ?We try in our religious lives to practice instantaneous photography. One minute for prayer will give us a vision of God and we think that is enough. Our pictures are poor because our negatives are weak. We do not give God a long enough sitting to get a good likeness.?

Salvation is something past, something present and something future; justification is a past fact, sanctification is a present process and redemption and glory are a future consummation. David, in <195101>Psalm 51:1, 2, prays not only that God will blot out his transgressions (justification) but that God will wash him thoroughly from his iniquity (sanctification). E. G. Robinson: ?Sanctification consists negatively in the removal of the penal consequences of sin from the moral nature and positively, in the progressive implanting and growth of a new principle of life. The Christian church is a succession of copies of the character of Christ. Paul never says: ?be ye imitators of me? ( <460416>1 Corinthians 4:16), except when writing to those who had no copies of the New Testament or of the Gospels.?

Clarke, Christian Theology, 366 ? ?Sanctification does not mean perfection reached, but the progress of the divine life toward perfection. Sanctification is the Christianizing of the Christian.? It is not simply deliverance from the penalty of sin, but the development of a divine life that conquers sin. A. A. Hodge, Popular Lectures, 343 ? ?Any man who thinks he is a Christian and that he has accepted Christ for justification when he did not at the same time accept him for sanctification, is miserably deluded in that very experience.?

This definition implies:

(a) Although in regeneration the governing disposition of the soul is made holy, there still remain tendencies to evil, which are not subdued.

<431310> John 13:10 ? ?He that is bathed needeth not save to wash his feet, but is clean everywhit [ i . e., as a whole]?; <450612>Romans 6:12 ? ?Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that ye should obey the lusts

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