God?s supreme end cannot be the holiness of creatures, for many are unholy here and will be unholy forever. But while neither the holiness nor the happiness of creatures is actually and perfectly attained, God?s glory is made known and will be made known in both the saved and the lost. This then must be God?s supreme end in creation.

This doctrine teaches us that none can frustrate God?s plan. God will get glory out of every human life. Man may glorify God voluntarily by love and obedience, but if we will not do this he will be compelled to glorify God by his rejection and punishment. Better be the molten iron that runs freely into the mold prepared by the great Designer, than be the hard and cold iron that must be hammered into shape. Cleanthes, quoted by Seneca: ?Ducunt volentem fata, nolentem trahunt.? W. C. Wilkinson, Epic of Saul, 271 ? ?But some are tools, and others ministers, Of God, who works his holy will with all.? Christ baptizes ?in the Holy Spirit and in fire? ( <400311>Matthew 3:11). Alexander McLaren: ?There are two fires, to one or other of which we must be delivered. Either we shall gladly accept the purifying fire of the Spirit, which burns sin out of us or we shall have to meet the punitive fire, which burns up our sins and us together. To be cleansed by the one or to be consumed by the other is the choice before each one of us.? Hare, Mission of the Comforter, on <431608>John 16:8, shows that the Holy Spirit either convinces those who yield to his influence or convicts those who resist ? the word ejle>gcw having this double significance.

(b) God?s glory is the end intrinsically most valuable. The good of creatures is of insignificant importance compared with this. Wisdom dictates that the greater interest should have precedence of the less. Because God can choose no greater end, he must choose for his end himself. But this is to choose his holiness, and his glory in the manifestation of that holiness.

<234015> Isaiah 40:15, 16 ? ?Behold, the nations are as a drop of a bucket and are counted as the small dust of the balance.? Like the drop that falls unobserved from the bucket, like the fine dust of the scales which the tradesman takes no notice of in weighing, so are all the combined millions of earth and heaven before God. He created and he can in an instant destroy. The universe is but a drop of dew upon the fringe of his garment. It is more important that God should be glorified than that the universe should be happy. As we read in <580613>Hebrews 6:13, because he could swear by none greater, he swore by himself so here we may say: because he could choose no greater end in creating, he chose himself. But to swear

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