moved in harmony with the new movements of Platonism.? E. G. Robinson: ?The idea that all religions but the Christian are the direct work of the devil is a Jewish idea, and is now abandoned. On the contrary, God has revealed himself to the race just so far as they have been capable of knowing him. Any religion is better than none, for all religion implies restraint.?

<430109> John 1:9 ? ?There was the fine light even the light which lighteth every man, coming into the world? ? has its Old Testament equivalent in

<199410> Psalm 94:10 ? ?He that chastiseth the nations, shall not he correct, Even he that teacheth man knowledge.? Christ is the great educator of the race. The pre-incarnate Word exerted an influence upon the consciences of the heathen, He alone makes it true that ?anima naturaliter Christiana est.? Sabatier, Philos. Religion, 138-140 ? ?Religion is union between God and the soul. That experience was first perfectly realized in Christ. Here the ideal fact and the historical fact are united and blended. Origen?s and Tertullian?s rationalism and orthodoxy each has its truth. The religious consciousness of Christ is the fountainhead, from which Christianity has flowed. He was a beginning of life to men. He had the spirit of son-ship ? God in man and man in God. ?Quid interius Deo?? He showed us insistence on the moral ideal while yet preaching of mercy to the sinner. The gospel was the acorn and Christianity is the oak that has sprung from it. In the acorn, as in the tree, are some Hebraic elements that are temporary. Paganism is the materializing of religion; Judaism is the legalizing of religion. ?In me,? says Charles Secretan, ?lives someone greater than I.??

But the positive element in heathenism was slight. Her altars and sacrifices as well as her philosophy and art, roused cravings, which she was powerless to satisfy. Her religious systems became sources of deeper corruption. There was no hope and no progress. ?The Sphynx? motionless calm symbolizes the monotony of Egyptian civilization.? Classical nations became more despaired as they became more cultivated. To the best minds, truth seemed impossible of attainment and all hope of general wellbeing scorned a dream. The Jews were the only forward-looking people and all our modern confidence in destiny and development comes from them. They, in their turn, drew their hopefulness solely from prophecy. Not their ?genius for religion,? but special revelation from God, made them what they were.

Although God was in heathen history, yet so exceptional were the advantages of the Jews that we can almost assent to the doctrine of the New Englander Sept. 1883:576 ? ?The Bible does not recognize other

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