wives by whom he peoples space with an infinite number of spirits. Christ was a favorite son by a favorite wife, but birth as man was the only way he could come into the enjoyment of real life. These spirits are all the sons of God, but they can realize and enjoy their son-ship only through birth. They are about every one of us pleading to be born. Hence, polygamy.

We come now to consider the positive import of the term Spirit. The spirituality of God involves the two attributes of Life and Personality.

The Scriptures represent God as the living God. <241010> Jeremiah 10:10 ? ?He is the living God?; <520109>1 Thessalonians 1:9 ? ?turned unto God from idols, to serve a living and true God?; <430526>John 5:26 ? ?hath life in himself?; cf. 14:6 ? ?I am? the life,? and <580716> Hebrews 7:16 ? ?the power of an endless life?? Revelations 11:11 ? ?the Spirit of life.?

Life is a simple idea, and is incapable of real definition. We know it, however, in ourselves, and we can perceive the insufficiency or inconsistency of certain current definitions of it. We cannot regard life in God as

(a) Mere process, without a subject for we cannot conceive of a divine life without a God to live it.

Versus Lewes, Problems of Life and Mind, 1:10 ? ?Life and mind are processes; neither is a substance; neither is a force? the name given to the whole group of phenomena becomes the personification of the phenomena, and the product is supposed to have been the producer.? Here we have a product without any producer ? a series of phenomena without any substance of which they are manifestations. In a similar manner we read in Dewey, Psychology. 247 ? ?Self is an activity. It is not something which acts; it is activity? it is constituted by activities? Through its activity the soul is.? Here it does not appear how there can be activity, without any subject or being that is active. The inconsistency of this view is manifest when Dewey goes on to say: ?The activity may further or develop the self,? and when he speaks of ?the organic activity of the self.? So Dr. Burdon Sanderson: ?Life is a state of ceaseless change, ? a state of change with permanence; living matter ever changes while it is ever the same.? ?Plus ca change, plus c?est la m?me chose.? But this permanent thing in the midst of change is the subject, the self, the being, that has life.

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