not only forgiveness of sin but every other blessing of life has come to them through the crucified Jesus. <400811>Matthew 8:11 ? ?many shall come from the east and the west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of heaven.?

Dr. G. W. Northrup held that the work of Christ is universal in three respects:

1. It reconciled God to the whole race, apart from personal transgression.

2. It secured the bestowment upon all of common grace and the means of common grace.

3. It rendered certain the bestowment of eternal life upon all who would so use common grace and the means of common grace as to make it morally possible for God as a wise and holy Governor to grant his special and renewing grace.

(b) The atonement of Christ has made objective provision for the salvation of all, by removing from the divine mind every obstacle to the pardon and restoration of sinners, except their willful opposition to God and refusal to turn to him.

Van Oosterzee, Dogmatics, 604 ? ?On God?s side, all is now taken away which could make a separation, unless any should themselves choose to remain separated from him,? The gospel message is not that God will forgive if you return but rather that God has shown mercy. Only believe this and it is your portion in Christ.

Ashmore, The New Trial of the Sinner, in Christian Review, 26:245-264 ? ?The atonement has come to all men and upon all men. Its co- extensiveness with the effects of Adam?s sin is seen in that all creatures, such as infants and insane persons, incapable of refusing it, are saved without their consent, just as they were involved in the sin of Adam without their consent. The reason why others are not saved is because when the atonement comes to them and upon them, instead of consenting to be included in it, they reject it. If they are born under the curse, so likewise they are born under the atonement, which is intended to remove that curse. They remain under its shelter till they are old enough to repudiate it. They shut out its influences as a man closes his window ? blind to shut out the beams of the sun or they ward them off by direct opposition, as a man builds dykes around his field to keep out the streams which would otherwise flow in and fertilize the soil.?

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