Jewish Sabbath, only shifting the day from the seventh to the first, prevails without sufficient reason.?

According to Guizot, Calvin was so pleased with a play to be acted in Geneva on Sunday that he not only attended but also deferred his sermon so that his congregation might attend. When John Knox visited Calvin, he found him playing a game of bowls on Sunday. Martin Luther said: ?Keep the day holy for its use?s sake both to body and soul. If anywhere the day is made holy for the mere sake of the day or if any one set up its observance on a Jewish foundation, then I order you to work on it, ride on it, dance on it and to do anything that shall reprove this encroachment on the Christian spirit and liberty.? But the most liberal and even radical writers of our time recognize the economic and patriotic uses of the Sabbath. R. W. Emerson said that its observance is ?the core of our civilization.? Charles Sumner: ?If we would perpetuate our Republic, we must sanctify it as well as fortify it, and make it at once a temple and a citadel.? Oliver Wendell Holmes: ?He who ordained the Sabbath loved the poor.? In Pennsylvania they bring up from the mines every Sunday the mules that have been working the whole week in darkness otherwise they would become blind. So men?s spiritual sight will fail them if they do not weekly come up into God?s light.

(c) The Sabbath law binds us to set apart a seventh portion of our time for rest and worship. It does not enjoin the simultaneous observance by all the world of a fixed portion of absolute time, nor is such observance possible. Christ?s example and apostolic sanction have transferred the Sabbath from the seventh day to the first, for the reason that this last is the day of Christ?s resurrection, and so the day when God?s spiritual creation became in Christ complete.

Men can simultaneously observe no exact portion of absolute time in different longitudes. The day in Berlin begins six hours before the day in New York so that a whole quarter of what is Sunday in Berlin is still Saturday in New York. Crossing the 180th degree of longitude from West to East we gain a day, and a seventh day Sabbatarian who circumnavigated the globe might thus return to his starting point observing the same Sabbath with his fellow Christians. A. S. Carman, in the Examiner Jan. 4, 1894, asserts that <580405>Hebrews 4:5-9 alludes to the change of day from the seventh to the first, in the references to ?a Sabbath rest? that ?remaineth,? and to ?another day? taking the place of the original promised day of rest. Teaching of the Twelve Apostles: ?On the Lord?s Day assemble ye together, and give thanks, and break bread.?

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