Nor can we regard life as

(b) Mere correspondence with outward condition and environment for this would render impossible a life of God before the existence of the universe.

Versus Herbert Spencer, Biology, 1:59-71 ? ?Life is the definite combination of heterogeneous changes, both simultaneous and successive, in correspondence with external coexistence and sequences.? Here we have, at best, a definition of physical and finite life; and even this is insufficient, because the definition recognizes no original source of activity within, but only a power of reaction in response to stimulus from without. We might as well say that the boiling teakettle is alive (Mark Hoptins). We find this defect also in Robert Browning?s lines in The Ring and the Book I The Pope, 1307): ?O Thou ? as represented here to me In such conception as my soul allows ? Under thy measureless, my atom- width ? Man?s mind, what is it but a convex glass Wherein are gathered all the scattered points Picked out of the immensity of sky, To reunite there, be our heaven for earth, Our known Unknown, our God revealed to man?? Life is something more than a passive receptivity.

(c) Life is rather mental energy, or energy of intellect, affection, and will. God is the living God, as having in his own being a source of being and activity, both for himself and others.

Life means energy, activity, and movement. Aristotle: ?Life is energy of mind.? Wordsworth, Excursion, book 5:602 ? ?Life is love and immortality, The Being one, and one the element? Life, I repeat, is energy of love Divine or human.? Prof. C. L. Herrick, on Critics of Ethical Monism, in Denison Quarterly, Dec. 1896:248 ? ?Force is energy under resistance, or self-limited energy, for all parts of the universe are derived from the energy. Energy manifesting itself under self- conditioning or differential forms is force. The change of pure energy into force is creation.? Prof. Herrick quotes from S. T. Coleridge, Anima Poet«: Space is the name for God; it is the most perfect image of soul ? pure soul being to us nothing but unresisted action. Whenever action is resisted, limitation begins ? and limitation is the first constituent of body; the more omnipresent it is in a given space, the more that space is body or matter; and thus all body Presupposes soul, inasmuch as all resistance presupposes action.? Schelling: ?Life is the tendency to individualism.?

If spirit in man implies life, spirit in God implies endless and inexhaustible life. The total life of the universe is only a faint image of

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