of that which the most spiritual and gifted among the heathen only dimly discerned.?

Dr. C. H. Parkhurst, sermon on <202927>Proverbs 29:27 ? ?The spirit of man is the lamp of Jehovah ? a lamp, but not necessarily lighted; a lamp that can be lit only by the touch of a divine flame? = mean has naturally and universally a capacity for religion, but is by no means naturally and universally religious. All false religions have some element of truth; otherwise they could never have gained or kept their hold upon mankind. We need to recognize these elements of truth in dealing with them. There is some silver in a counterfeit dollar, else it would deceive no one; but the thin washing of silver over the head does not prevent it from being bad money. Clarke, Christian Theology. 8 ? ?See Paul?s methods of dealing with heathen religion, in Acts 14 with gross paganism and in Acts 17 with its cultured form. He treats it with sympathy and justice. Christian theology has the advantage of walking in the light of God?s self ? manifestation in Christ, while heathen religions grope after God and worship him in ignorance?; cf . <441415>Acts 14:15 ? ?We bring you good tidings, that ye should turn from these vain things unto a Living God?; 17:22 ? I perceive that ye are more than usually reverent toward the divinities. What therefore ye worship in ignorance, this I set forth unto you?

Matthew Arnold: ?Children of men ! the unseen Power whose eye Forever doth. accompany mankind, Hath looked on no religion scornfully That man did ever find. Which has not taught weak wills how much they can? Which has not fallen on the dry heart like rain? Which has not cried to sunk, self ? weary man, Thou must be born again?? Christianity is absolutely exclusive, because it is absolutely inclusive. It is not an amalgamation of other religions, but it has in it all that is best and truest in other religions. It is the white light that contains all the colored rays. God may have made disclosures of truth outside of Judaism, and did so in Balam amid Melchizedek, in Confucius and Socrates. But while other religions have a relative excellence, Christianity is the absolute religion that contains all excellencies. Matheson, Messages of the Old Religions, 328-342 ? ?Christianity is reconciliation Christianity includes the aspiration of Egypt; it sees, in this aspiration, God in the soul (Brahmnamism): recognizes the evil power of sin with Parseeism; goes back to a pure beginning like China; surrenders itself to human brotherhood like Buddha; gets all things from within like Judaism; makes the present life beautiful like Greece; seeks a universal kingdom like Rome; shows a growth of divine life, hike the Teuton. Christianity is the manifold wisdom of God.? See also Van Oosterzee, Dogmatics, 88-93.

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