because in that the truth of God giving himself to man found its most complete manifestation.?

Others seem to teach regeneration by education. Here too there is no recognition of inborn sin or guilt. Man?s imperfection of nature is innocent. He needs training in order to fit him for association with higher intelligences and with God. In the evolution of his powers there comes a natural crisis, like that of graduation of the scholar and this crisis may be called conversion. This educational theory of regeneration is represented by Starbuck, Psychology of Religion, and by Coe, The Spiritual Life. What human nature needs however is not evolution, but involution and revolution. Involution is the communication of a new life and revolution or the change of direction is a result from that life. Human nature, as we have seen in our treatment of sin, is not a green apple to be perfected by mere growth but an apple with a worm at the core, which if left alone, will surely rot and perish.

President G. Stanley Hall, in his essay on The Religious Affirmations of Psychology, says that the total depravity of man is an ascertained fact apart from the teachings of the Bible. There had come into his hands for inspection several thousands of letters written to a medical man who advertised that he would give confidential advice and treatment to all, secretly. On the strength of these letters Dr. Hall was prepared to say that John Calvin had not told the half of what is true. He declared that the necessity of regeneration in order to the development of character was clearly established from psychological investigation.

A.H. Strong, Cleveland Sermon, 1904 ? ?Here is the danger of some modern theories of Christian education. They give us statistics, to show that the age of puberty is the age of strongest religious impressions and the inference is drawn that conversion is nothing but a natural phenomenon, a regular stage of development. The free will and the evil bent of that will are forgotten and the absolute dependence of perverse human nature upon the regenerating spirit of God. The age of puberty is the age of the strongest religious impressions? Yes, but it is also the age of the strongest artistic and social and sensuous impressions and only a new birth from above can lead the soul to seek first the kingdom of God.?

(b) The condition of universal humanity as by nature depraved and, when arrived at moral consciousness as guilty of actual transgression, is precisely the opposite of that holiness without which the soul cannot exist in normal relation to God, to self or to holy beings.

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