body, as a part of nature, waits for the adoption, and resurrection of the body is to accompany the renewal of the world.

It was Darwin?s judgment that in the world of nature and of man, on the whole, ?happiness decidedly prevails.? Wallace, Darwinism, 36-40 ? ?Animals enjoy all the happiness of which they are capable.? Drummond, Ascent of Man, 203 sq. ? ?In the struggle for life there is no hate ? only hunger.? Martineau. Study, 1:33 ? ?Waste of life is simply nature?s exuberance.? Newman Smyth, Place of Death in Evolution, 44-56 ? ?Death simply buries the useless waste. Death has entered for life?s sake.? These utterances, however, come far short of a proper estimate of the evils of the world, and they ignore the Scriptural teaching with regard to the connection between death and sin. A future world into which sin and death do not enter shows that the present world is abnormal, and that morality is the only cure for mortality. Nor can the imperfections of the universe be explained by saying that they furnish opportunity for struggle and for virtue. Robert Browning, Ring and Book, Pope, 1375 ? ?I can believe this dread machinery Of sin and sorrow, would confound me else, Devised, all pain, at most expenditure Of pain by Who devised pain ? to evolve, By new machinery in counterpart, The moral qualities of man ? how else? ? To make him love in turn and be beloved, Creative and self- sacrificing too, And thus eventually godlike? This seems like doing evil that good may come. We can explain mortality only by immorality and that not in God but in man. Fairbairn: ?Suffering is God?s protest against sin.?

Wallace?s theory of the survival of the fittest was suggested by the prodigal destructiveness of nature. Tennyson: ?Finding that of fifty seeds She often brings but one to bear.? William James: ?Our dogs are in our human life, but not of it. The dog, under the knife of vivisection, cannot understand the purpose of his suffering. For him it is only pain. So we may lie soaking in a spiritual atmosphere, a dimension of Being which we have at present no organ for apprehending. If we knew the purpose of our life, all that is heroic in us would religiously acquiesce.? Mason, Faith of the Gospel, 72 ? ?Love is prepared to take deeper and sterner measures than benevolence, which is by itself a shallow thing.? The Lakes of Killarny in Ireland show what a paradise this world might be if war had not desolated it, and if man had properly cared for it. Our moral sense cannot justify the evil in creation except upon the hypothesis that this has some cause and reason in the misconduct of man.

This is not a perfect world. It was not perfect even when originally constituted. Its imperfection is due to sin. God made it with reference to

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