see Porter, Hum. Intellect, 393, 394, 401. On man?s original dominion over (1) self, (2) nature, (3) fellowman, see Hopkins, Scriptural Idea of Man, 105.

Courage and a good conscience have a power over the brute creation, and unfallen man can well be supposed to have dominated creatures, which had no experience of human cruelty. Rarey tamed the wildest horses by his steadfast and fearless eye. In Paris a young woman was hypnotized and put into a den of lions. She had no fear of the lions and the lions paid not the slightest attention to her. The little daughter of an English officer in South Africa wandered away from camp and spent she night among lions. ?Katrina,? her father said when he found her, ?were you not afraid to be alone here?? ?No, papa,? she replied, ?the big dogs played with me and one of them lay here and kept me warm.? MacLaren, in S. S. Times, Dec. 28, 1893 ? ?The dominion overall creatures results from likeness to God. It is not then a mere right to use them for one?s own Material advantage, but a viceroy?s authority, which the holder is bound to employ for the honor of the true King.? This principle gives the warrant and the limit to vivisection and to the killing of the lower animals for food ( <010902>Genesis 9:2 3).

Socinian writers generally hold the view that the image of God consisted simply in this dominion. Holding a low view of the nature of sin, they are naturally disinclined to believe that the fall has wrought any profound change in human nature. See their view stated in the Racovian Catechism, 21. It is held also by the Armenian Limborch Theol. Christ., ii, 24:2, 3, and 11. Upon the basis of this interpretation of Scripture, the Encratites held, with Peter Martyr, that women do not possess the divine image at all.

(d) Communion with God. Our first parents enjoyed the divine presence and teaching ( <010216>Genesis 2:16). It would seem that God manifested himself to them in visible form ( <010308>Genesis 3:8). This companionship was both in kind and degree suited to their spiritual capacity, and by no means necessarily involved that perfected vision of God, which is possible to beings of confirmed and unchangeable holiness ( <400508>Matthew 5:8; <620302>1 John 3:2).

<010116> Genesis 1:16 ? ?And Jehovah God commanded the man?; 3:8 ? ?And they heard the voice of Jehovah God walking in the garden in the cool of the day?; <400508>Matthew 5:8 ? ?Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God?; <620302>1 John 3:2 ? ?We know that if he shall be

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