Essays Philos. and Historical, 2:142; T. T. Smith, Hulsean Lectures for 1839. Wilfrid Ward, The Wish to Believe, quotes Shakespeare: ?Thy wish was father, Harry, to that thought?; and Thomas Arnold: ?They dared not lightly believe what they so much wished to be true.? -

Pascal: ?Faith is an act of the will.? Emerson, Essay on Worship: ?A man bears beliefs as a tree bears apples. Man?s religious faith is the expression of what he is.? Bain: ?In its essential character, belief is a phase of our active nature, otherwise called the will.? Nash, Ethics and Revelation, 257 ? ?Faith is the creative human answer to the creative divine offer. It is not the passive acceptance of a divine favor. It is by faith, man laying hold of the personality of God in Christ who becomes a true person. And by the same faith he becomes, under God, a creator and founder of true society.? Inge, Christian Mysticism, 52 ? ?Faith begins with an experiment and ends with an experience. But even the power to make the experiment is given from above. Eternal life is not gnw~siv , but the state of acquiring knowledge ? I[na gignw>skwsin . It is significant that John, who is so fond of the verb ?to know,? never uses the substantive gnw~siv . ? Crane, Religion of Tomorrow, 148 ? ??I will not obey, because I do not yet know?? But this is making the intellectual side the only side of faith, whereas the most important side is the will side. Let a man follow what he does believe and he shall be led on to larger faith. Faith is the reception of the personal influence of a living Lord and a corresponding action.?

William James, Will to Believe, 61 ? ?This life is worth living, since it is what we make it, from the moral point of view...Often enough our faith...beforehand in an uncertified result is the only thing that makes the result come true...If your heart does not want a world of moral reality, your head will assuredly never make you believe in one...Freedom to believe covers only living options which the intellect cannot by Itself resolve...We are not to put a stopper on our heart and meantime act as if religion were not true?; Psychology, 2:282, 321 ? ?Belief is consent, willingness, turning of our disposition. It is the mental state or function of cognizing reality. We never disbelieve anything except for the reason that we believe something else which contradicts the first thing. We give higher reality to whatever things we select and emphasize and turn to with a will. We need only in cold blood act as if the thing in question were real, and keep acting as if it were real, and it will infallibly end by growing into such a connection with our life that it will become real. Those to whom God and duty are mere names, can make them much more than that, if they make a little sacrifice to them every day.?

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