inward and divine principle of righteousness. Thomasius, Christi Person und Werk, 1:137 ? ?Holiness is the perfect agreement of the divine willing with the divine being; for as the personal creature is holy when it wills and determines itself as God wills, so is God the holy one because he wills himself as what he is (or, to be what he is). In virtue of this attribute, God excludes from himself everything that contradicts his nature, and affirms himself in his absolutely good being ? his being like himself.? Tholuck on Romans, 5th ed., 151 ? ?The term holiness should be used to indicate a relation of God to himself. That is holy which, undisturbed from without, is wholly like itself.? Dorner, System of Doctrine, 1:456 ? It is the part of goodness to protect goodness.? We shall see, when we consider the doctrine of the Trinity, that that doctrine has close relations to the doctrine of the immanent attributes. It is in the Son that God has a perfect object of will, as well as of knowledge and love.

The object of God?s willing in eternity past can be nothing outside of himself. It must be the highest of all things. We see what it must be, only when we remember that the right is the unconditional imperative of our moral nature. Since we are made in his image we must conclude that God eternally wills righteousness. Not all God?s acts are acts of love, but all are acts of holiness. The self-respect, self-preservation, self-affirmation, self-assertion, self-vindication, which we call God?s holiness, is only faintly reflected in such utterances as <182705>Job 27:5, 6 ? ?Till I die I will not put away mine integrity from me. My righteousness I hold fast, and will not let it go?; 31:37 ? ?I would declare unto him the number of my steps; as a prince would I go near unto him.? The fact that the Spirit of God is denominated the Holy Spirit should teach us what is God?s essential nature, and the requisition that we should be holy as he is holy should teach us what is the true standard of human duty and object of human ambition. God?s holiness moreover since it is self-affirmation, furnishes the guarantee that God?s love will not fail to secure its end, and that all things will serve his purpose. <451126>Romans 11:26 ? ?For of him, and through him, and unto him, are all things. To him be the glory for ever. Amen.? On the whole subject of Holiness, as an attribute of God. see A. H. Strong, Philosophy and Religion, 188-200, and Christ in Creation, 388-405; Delitzsch, art. Heiligkeit, in Herzog, Realencyclop.; Baudissin, Begriff der Heiligkeit im A. T., ? synopsis in Studien und Kritiken, 1880:169; Robertson Smith, Prophets of Israel, 224-234; E. B. Coe, in Presb. and Ref. Rev., Jan. 1890:42-47; and articles on Holiness in Old Testament, and Holiness in New Testament, in Hastings? Bible Dictionary.

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