Abraham Lincoln in the conduct of a case at law, which they had been joint counsel, Stanton had become vindictive and even violent when Lincoln was made President but Lincoln invited Stanton to be Secretary of War, and he sent the invitation by Harding, who knew of all this former trouble. When Stanton heard it, he said with streaming eyes: ?Do you tell me, Harding, that Mr. Lincoln sent this message to me? Tell him that such magnanimity will make me work with him as man was never served before!?

(d) The declaration that the sinner is restored to God?s favor has its ground, not in the sinner?s personal character or conduct but solely in the obedience and righteousness of Christ, to whom the sinner is united by faith. Thus Christ?s work is the procuring cause of our justification in both its elements. As we are acquitted on account of Christ?s suffering of the penalty of the law, so on account of Christ?s obedience we receive the rewards of law.

All this comes to us in Christ. We participate in the rewards promised to his obedience. <432031>John 20:31 ? ?that believing ye may have life in his name?; <460321>1 Corinthians 3:21-23 ? ?For all things are yours...all are yours; and ye are Christ?s; and Christ is God?s.? Denovan, Toronto Baptist, Dec. 1883, maintains that ?grace operates for the rebel because it provides a scheme ofjustification ; it is judicial or is matter of debt and for the child it provides pardon or a fatherly forgiveness or repentance.? <580719> Hebrews 7:19 ? ?the law made nothing perfect...a bringing in thereupon of a better hope, through which we draw nigh unto God.? This ?better hope? is offered to us in Christ?s death and resurrection. The veil of the temple was the symbol of separation from God. The rending of that veil was the symbol on the one hand that sin had been atoned for and on the other hand that unrestricted access to God was now permitted us in Christ the great forerunner. Bonar?s hymn, ?Jesus, whom angel hosts adore,? has for its concluding stanza: ??Tis finished all: the veil is rent, The welcome sure, the access free: ? Now then, we leave our banishment, O Father, to return to thee!? See pages 749 (b) , 770 (h) .

James Russell Lowell: ?At the devil?s booth all things are sold. Each ounce of dross costs its ounce of gold; For a cap and bells our lives we pay: Bubbles we buy with a whole soul?s tasking; ?Tis heaven alone that is given away, ?Tis only God may be had for the asking.? John G. Whittier: ?The hour draws near, howe?er delayed and late, When at the Eternal Gate, We leave the words and works we call our own, And lift void hands alone For love to fill. Our nakedness of soul Brings to that

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