power. Human freedom is not rendered impossible by the divine omnipotence, but exists by virtue of it. It is an act of omnipotence when God humbles himself to the taking of human flesh in the person of Jesus Christ.

Thomasius: ?If God is to be over all and in all, he cannot himself be all.?

<19B305> Psalm 113:5, 6 ? ?Who is like unto Jehovah our God? That humbleth himself to behold The things that are in heaven and in the earth?? <500207>Philippians 2:7, 8 ? ?emptied himself? humbled himself.? See Charnock, Attributes, 2:5-107. President Woolsey showed true power when he controlled his indignation and let an offending student go free, or Christ on the cross, says Moberly, Atonement and Personality, 116 ? ?It was the power [to retain his life, to escape suffering], with the will to hold it unused, which proved him to be what he was, the obedient and perfect man.? We are most like the omnipotent One when we limit ourselves for love?s sake. The attribute of omnipotence is the ground of trust, as well as of fear, on the part of God?s creatures. Isaac Watts: ?His every word of grace is strong As that which built the skies; The voice that rolls the stars along Speaks all the promises.?

Third Division ? Attributes having relation to Moral Beings.

1. Veracity and Faithfulness, or Transitive Truth.

By veracity and faithfulness we mean the transitive truth of God, in its twofold relation to his creatures in general and to his redeemed people in particular.

<19D802> Psalm 138:2 ? ?I will? give thanks unto thy name for thy loving kindness and for thy truth: For thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name?; <430333>John 3:33 ? ?hath set his seal to this, that God is true?;

<450304> Romans 3:4 ? ?let God be found true, but every man a liar?, <450125> Romans 1:25 ? ?the truth of God?; <431417>John 14:17 ? ?the Spirit of truth?; <620507>1 John 5:7 ? the Spirit is the truth?; <460109>1 Corinthians 1:9 ? ?God is faithful?; 1 Thessalonians 5:24 ? ?faithful is he that calleth you?; <600409>1 Peter 4:9 ? ?a faithful Creator?; <470120>2 Corinthians 1:20 ? ?how many so ever be the promises of God, in him is the yea?;

<042319> Numbers 23:19 ? ?God is not a man that he should lie?; <560102>Titus 1:2 ? ?God, who cannot lie, promised?; <580618>Hebrews 6:18 ? ?in which it is impossible for God to lie.?

(a) In virtue of his veracity, all his revelations to creatures consist with his essential being and with each other.

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