Aquinas, 2:629). Anselm (De Concept. Virg. et Origin. Peecato, 98) will not decide the question. ?The original nature of the tree is propagate ? not the nature of the graft? ? when seed from the graft is planted. Burgesse: ?Learned parents do not convey learning to their children, but they are born in ignorance as others.? Augustine: ?A Jew that was circumcised begat children not circumcised, but uncircumcised and the seed that was sown without husks, yet produced corn with husks.?

The recent modification of Darwinism by Weismann has confirmed the doctrine of the text. Lamarck?s view was that development of each race has taken place through the effort of the individuals; the giraffe has a long neck because successive giraffes have reached for food on high trees. Darwin held that development has taken place not because of effort but because of environment, which kills the unfit and permits the fit to survive. The giraffe has a long neck because among the children of giraffes only the long-necked ones could reach the fruit and of successive generations of giraffes only the long-necked ones lived to propagate. But Weismann now tells us that even then there would be no development unless there were a spontaneous innate tendency in giraffes to become long-necked because nothing is of avail after the giraffe is born; all depends upon the germs in the parents. Darwin held to the transmission of acquired characters, so that individual men are affluent of the stream of humanity. Weismann holds, on the contrary, that acquired characters are not transmitted and that individual men are only effluents of the stream of humanity. The stream gives its characteristics to the individuals but the individuals do not give their characteristics to the stream. See Howard Ernest Cushman, in The Outlook, Jan. 10, 1897.

Weismann, Heredity, 2:14, 266-270, 482 ? ?Characters only acquired by the operation of external circumstances, acting during the life of the individual, cannot be transmitted. The loss of a finger is not inherited, increase of an organ by exercise is a purely personal acquirement and is not transmitted, no child of reading parents ever read without being taught nor do children even learn to speak untaught.? Horses with docked tails, Chinese women with cramped feet, do not transmit their peculiarities. The rupture of the hymen in women is not transmitted. Weismann cut off the tails of 66 white mice in five successive generations but of 901 offspring none were tailless. G. J. Romance, Life and Letters, 300 ? ?Three additional cases of cats which have lost their tails having tailless kittens afterwards.? In his Weismannism, Romance writes: ?The truly scientific attitude of mind with regard to the problem of heredity is to say with Galton: ?We might almost reserve our belief that the structural cells can react on the sexual elements at all. We may be confident that at most they

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