participates in Christ?s justification. H. B. Dudley: ?Adam?s sin holds us all down just as gravity holds all, while Christ s righteousness, though secured for all and accessible to all, involves an effort of will in climbing and grasping which not all will make.? Justification in Christ is the birthright of humanity but, in order to possess and enjoy it, each of us must claim and appropriate it by faith.

R. W. Dale, Fellowship with Christ, 7 ? ?When we were created in Christ, the fortunes of the human race for good or evil became his. The Incarnation revealed and fulfilled the relations, which already existed between the Son of God and mankind. From the beginning Christ had entered into fellowship with us. When we sinned, he remained in fellowship with us still. Our miseries? [we would add: our guilt] ?were his, by his own choice. His fellowship with us is the foundation of our fellowship with him. When I have discovered that by the very constitution of my nature I am to achieve perfection in the power of the life of Another, who is yet not Another but the very ground of my being. It ceases to be incredible to me that Another, who is yet not Another, should be the Atonement for my sin, and that his relation to God should determine mine.

A tract entitled ?The Seven Togethers? sums up the Scripture testimony with regard to the Consequences of the believer?s Union with Christ:

1. Crucified together with Christ ? <480220>Galatians 2:20 ? sunestau>rwmai .

2. Died together with Christ ? <510220>Colossians 2:20 ? ajpeqa>nete .

3. Buried together with Christ ? <450604>Romans 6:4 ? suneta>fhmen .

4. Quickened together with Christ ? <490205>Ephesians 2:5 ? sunezwopoi>hsen .

5. Raised together with Christ ? <510301>Colossians 3:1 ? sunhge>rqhte

6. Sufferers together with Christ ? <450817>Romans 8:17 ? sumpa>scomen .

7. Glorified together with Christ ? <450817>Romans 8:17 ? sunoxasqw~men . Union with Christ results in common son-ship, relation to God, character, influence and destiny.

Imperfect apprehension of the believer?s union with Christ works to the great injury of Christian doctrine. An experience of union with Christ first enables us to understand the death of sin and separation from God, which has befallen the race sprung from the first Adam. The life and liberty of the children of God in Christ Jesus shows us by contrast how far astray we had gone. The vital and organic unity of the new race sprung from the second Adam reveals the depravity and disintegration, which we had

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