Scripture hints eat the possibilities of combination, in <450512>Romans 5:12- 19, with its grouping of the facts of sin and salvation about the two persons, Adam and Christ; in <450424>Romans 4:24, 25, with its linking of the resurrection of Christ and our justification; in <460806>1 Corinthians 8:6, with its indication of the relations between the Father and Christ; in <540316>1 Timothy 3:16, with its poetical summary of the facts of redemption (see Commentaries of DeWette, Meyer, and Fairbairn); in <580601>Hebrews 6:1, 2, with its statement of the first principles of the Christian faith. God?s furnishing of concrete facts in theology, which we ourselves are left to systematize, is in complete accordance with his method of procedure with regard to the development of Other sciences. See Martineau, Essays, 1 29, 40; Am. Theol. Rev., 1859:101-126 ? art, use the Idea, Sources and Uses of Christian Theology.

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