officially signed certificate of their appointment, to be presented at the organization of the Council. Resolved,

4. That Rev._and Brethren_be also invited by the clerk of the church to be present as members of the Council. Resolved,

5. That Brethren_,_and_be appointed as our delegates, to represent this church in the deliberations of the Council and that Brother_be requested to present the candidate to the Council, with an expression of the high respect and warm attachment with which we have welcomed him and his labors among us. In behalf of the church,_Clerk._, 19_

Order Of Procedure .

1. Reading, by the clerk of the church of the letter-missive, followed by a call, in their order, upon all churches and individuals invited, to present responses and names in writing, each delegate, as he presents his credentials, taking his seat in a portion of the house reserved for the Council.

2. Announcement, by the clerk of the church, that a Council has convened and call for the nomination of a moderator, the motion to be put by the clerk after which the moderator takes the chair.

3. Organization completed by election of a clerk of the Council, the offering of prayer, and an invitation to visiting brethren to sit with the Council, but not to vote.

4. Reading, on behalf of the church, by its clerk of the records of the church concerning the call extended to the candidate and his acceptance, together with documentary evidence of his licensure, of his present church membership and of his standing in other respects, if coming from another denomination.

5. Vote by the Council that the proceedings of the church and the standing of the candidate warrant an examination of his claim to ordination.

6. Introduction of the candidate to the Council, by some representative of the church, with an expression of the church?s feeling respecting him and his labors.

7. Vote to hear his Christian experience. Narration on the part of the candidate, followed by questions as to any features of it still needing education.

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