the Incarnation. The Christian sees in this little earth the scene of Gods greatest revelation. The superiority of the spiritual to the physical helps us to see our true dignity in the creation, to rule our bodies, to overcome our sins. Christ?s suffering shows us that God is no indifferent spectator of human pain. He subjects himself to our conditions, or rather in this subjection reveals to us God?s own eternal suffering for sin. The atonement enables us to solve the problem of sin.

D. The existence of moral disorder consequent upon the free acts of man?s will, therefore, changes the presumption against miracles into a presumption in their favor. The nonappearance of miracles, in this case, would be the greatest of wonders.

Stearns, Evidence of Christian Experience, 331-4335 ? So a man?s personal consciousness of sin and above all his personal experience of regenerating grace, will constitute the best preparation for the study of miracles. ?Christianity cannot be proved except to a bad conscience.? The dying Vinet said well: ?The greatest miracle that I know of is that of my conversion. I was dead, and I live; I was blind, and I see; I was a slave, and l am free: I was an enemy of God, and I love him; prayer, the Bible, the society of Christians, these were to me a source of profound ennui; whilst now it is the pleasures of the world that are wearisome to me, and piety is the source of all my joy. Behold the miracle! And if God has been able to work that one, there are none of which he is not capable.?

Yet the physical and the moral are not ?sundered as with an axe.? Nature is but the lower stage or imperfect form of the revelation of God?s truth and holiness and love. It prepares the way for the miracle by suggesting, though more dimly, the same essential characteristics of the divine nature. Ignorance and sin necessitate a larger disclosure. G.S. Lee, The Shadow Christ, 84 ? ?The pillar of cloud was the dim night lamp that Jehovah kept burning over his infant children, to show them that he was there. They did not know that the night itself was God.? Why do we have Christmas presents in Christian homes? Because the parents do not love their children at other times?

No, but because the mind becomes sluggish in the presence of merely regular kindness, and special gifts are needed to wake it to gratitude. So our sluggish and unloving minds need special testimonies of the divine mercy. Shall God alone be shut up to dull uniformities of action? Shall the heavenly Father alone be unable to make special communications of love? Why then are not miracles and revivals of religion constant and uniform? Because uniform blessings would be regarded simply as workings of a

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