never successfully resisted. See Andrew Fuller, Works, 2:373, 513, and 3:807; Gill, Body of Divinity, 2:121-130: Robert Hall, Works, 3:75.

Matheson, Moments on the Mount. 128, 129 ? ?Thy love to Him is to his love to thee what the sunlight on the sea is to the sunshine in the sky ? a reflex, a mirror, a diffusion; thou art giving back the glory that has been cast upon the waters. In the attraction of thy life to him, in the cleaving of thy heart to him, in the soaring of thy spirit to him, thou art told that he is near thee, thou hearest the beating of his pulse for thee.?

Upton, Hibbert Lectures, 302 ? ?In regard to our reason and to the essence of our ideals, there is no real dualism between man and God but in the case of the will which constitutes the essence of each man?s individuality, there is a real dualism. Therefore, a possible antagonism between the will of the dependent spirit, man and the will of the absolute and universal spirit, God exists. Such real duality of will, and not the appearance of duality, as F. H. Bradley put it, is the essential condition of ethics and religion.?

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