for death is a thorough knowledge of the Greek grammar.? The youthful Erasmus; ?When I get some money, I will get me some Greek books, and, after that, some clothes.? The dead languages are the only really living ones ? free from danger of misunderstanding from changing usage. Divine Providence has put revelation into fixed forms in the Hebrew and the Greek. Sir William Hamilton, Discussions, 330 ? ?To be a competent divine is in fact to be a scholar.? On the true idea of a Theological Seminary Course, See A. H. Strong, Philos. And Religion, 302-313.

(e) A holy affection toward God . Only the renewed heart can properly feel its need of divine revelation, or understand that revelation when given.

<192514> Psalm 25:14 ? ?The secret of Jehovah is with them that fear him?;

<451202> Romans 12:2 ? ?prove hat is the...will of God?; cf . <193601>Psalm 36:1 ? ?the transgression of the wicked speaks in his heart like an oracle.? It is the heart and not the brain that to the highest doth attain.? To ?learn by heart? is something more than to learn by mind, or by head. All heterodoxy is preceded by heteropraxy. In Bunyan?s Pilgrim?s Progress, Faithful does not go through the Slough of Despond, as Christian did; and it is by getting over the fence to find an easier road that Christian and Hopeful get into Doubting Castle and the hands of Gianht Despair. ?Great thoughts come from the heart,? said Vauvenargues. The preacher cannot, like Dr. Kane, kindle fire with a lens of ice. Aristotle: ?The power of attaining moral truth is dependent upon our acting rightly.? Pascal: ?We know truth, not only by the reason, but by the heart...The heart has its reasons, which the reason knows nothing of.? Hobbes: ?Even the axioms of geometry would be disputed, if men?s passions were concerned in them.? Macaulay: ?The law of gravitation would still be controverted, if it interfered with vested interests.? Nordau, Degeneracy: ?Philosophic systems simply furnish the excuses reason demands for the unconscious impulses of the race during a given period of time.?

Lord Bacon: ?A Tortoise on the right path will beat a racer on the wrong path.? Goethe: ?As are the inclinations, so also are the opinions...A work of art can be comprehended by the head only with the assistance of the heart...Only law can give us liberty.? Gichte: ?Our system of thought is very often only the history of our heart...Truth is descended from conscience...Men do not will according to their reason, but they reason according to their will.? Neander?s motto was: ?Pectus est quod theologum facit? ? ?It is the heart that makes the theologian.? John Stirling: ?That is a dreadful eye which can be divided from a living human heavenly heart and still retain its all penetrating vision, such was the eye

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