in itself a disqualification for participation in the Lord?s Supper. Facetiousness is an additional bar and we treat it under the next head of Schism.

The Panpresbyterian Council, mentioned above, refused to admit to their body the Cumberland Presbyterians because, though the latter adhere to the Presbyterian form of church government, they are Arminian in their views of the doctrines of grace. As we have seen, on pages 940-942, that Baptism is a confession of evangelical faith, so here we see that the Lord?s Supper also is a confession of evangelical faith. No one who denies the doctrines of sin, of the deity, incarnation and atonement of Christ and of justification by faith, which the Lord?s Supper symbolizes, can properly participate in it. Such denial should exclude from all Christian fellowship as well.

There is heresy, which involves exclusion only from church fellowship. Since Pedobaptists hold and propagate false doctrine with regard to the church and its ordinances, doctrines that endanger the spirituality of the church, the sufficiency of the Scriptures and the lordship of Christ, we cannot properly admit them to the Lord?s Supper. To admit them or to partake with them would be to treat falsehood as if it were truth. Arnold, Prerequisites to Communion, 72 ? ?Pedobaptists are guilty of teaching that the baptized are not members of the church, or that membership in the church is not voluntary. There are two sorts of baptism. One of which is a profession of faith of the person baptized, and the other is profession of faith of another person. Regeneration is given in and by baptism or, that the church is composed in great part of persons who do not give, and were never supposed to give any evidence of regeneration. The church has a right to change essentially one of Christ?s institutions or that it is unessential whether it is observed as he ordained it or in some other manner. Baptism may be rightfully administered in a way, which makes much of the language, in which it is described in the Scriptures, wholly unsuitable and inapplicable and which does not at all represent the facts and doctrines, which baptism is declared in the Scriptures to represent. The Scriptures are not, in all religious matters the sufficient and only binding rule of faith and practice.?

(d) Schism or the promotion of division and dissension in the church. This also requires exclusion from church fellowship, and from the Lord?s Supper, which is its appointed sign,

<451617> Romans 16:17 ? ?Now I beseech you, Brethren, mark them that are causing the divisions and occasions of stumbling contrary to the doctrine,

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