a mighty augmentation of the forces of righteousness, a turning to the Lord of men and nations, such as the world has not yet seen. I believe in a long reign of Christ on earth, in which his saints shall in spirit be caught up with him and shall sit with him upon his throne, even though this muddy vesture of decay compasses them about and the time of their complete glorification has not yet come. Let us hasten the coming of the day of God by our faith and prayer. ?When the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?? ( <421808>Luke 18:8). Let him find faith, at least in us. Our faith can certainly secure the coming of the Lord into our hearts. Let us expect that Christ will be revealed in us, as of old he was revealed in the Apostle Paul.?

Our own interpretation of <662001>Revelation 20:1-10, was first given, for substance, by Whitby. Hewas followed by Vitringa and Faber. For a fuller elaboration of it, see Brown, Second Advent, 206-259; Hodge, Outlines of Theology, 447-453. For the post-millennial view generally, see Kendrick, in Bap. Quar., Jan. 1870; New Englander, 1874:356; 1879:47-49, 114-147; Pepper, in Bap. Rev. 1880:15; Princeton Review, March 1879:415-434; Presb. Rev., 1883:221-252; Bibliotheca Sacra 15:381, 625; 17:111; Harris, Kingdom of Christ, 220-237; Waldegrave, Bampton Lectures for 1854, on the Millennium; Neander, Planting and Training, 526, 527; Cowles, Dissertation on Pre-millennial Advent, in Com. on Jeremiah and Ezekiel; Weiss, Pre-millennial Advent; Crosby, Second Advent; Fairbairn on Prophecy, 432-480; Woods, Works. 3:267; Abp. Whately, Essays on Future State. For the pre-millennial view, see Elliott, Hore Apocalyptic«, 4:140-196; William Kelly, Advent of Christ Pre-millennial; Taylor, Voice of the Church on the Coming and Kingdom of the Redeemer; Litch, Christ Yet to Come.

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