mother?s womb he can have no new endowments, no fresh increments of strength and wisdom, joy and grace within. The only grace is the grace of creation. But this view is deistic and not Christian.? Emerson?s saying is true of natural gifts, but not of spiritual gifts. He forgot Pentecost. He forgot the all-encompassing atmosphere of the divine personality and love, and its readiness to enter in at every chink and crevice of our voluntary being. The longing men have to turn over a new leaf in life?s book, to break with the past, to assert their better selves, is a preliminary impulse of God?s Spirit and an evidence of prevenient grace preparing the way for regeneration. Thus interpreted and yielded to, these impulses warrant unbounded hope for the future. ?No star is ever lost we once have seen; We always may be what we might have been; The hopes that lost in some far distance seem May be the truer life, and this the dream.?

The greatest minds feel, at least at times, their need of help from above. Although Cicero uses the term ?regeneration? to signify what we should call naturalization, yet he recognizes man?s dependence upon God: ?Nemo vir magnus, sine aliquo divino afflatu, unquam fuit.? Seneca: ?Bonus vir sine illo nemo est.? Aristotle: ?Wickedness perverts the judgment and makes men err with respect to practical principles, so that no man can be wise and judicious who is not good.? Goethe: ?Who ne?er his bread in sorrow ate, Who ne?er the mournful midnight hours Weeping upon his bed has sate, He knows you not, ye heavenly Powers.? Shakespeare, King Lear: ?Is there a reason in nature for these hard hearts?? Robert Browning, in Halbert and Hob, replies: ?O Lear, That a reason out of nature must turn them soft, seems clear.?

John Stuart Mill (see Autobiography, 132-142) knew that the feeling of interest in others? welfare would make him happy, but the knowledge of this fact did not give him the feeling. The ?enthusiasm of humanity? ? unselfish love, of which we read in ?Ecce Homo? ? is easy to talk about but how to produce it, that is the question. Drummond, Natural Law in the Spiritual World, 61-94 ? ?There is no abiogenesis in the spiritual, more than in the natural, world. Can the stone grow more and more living until it enters the organic world? No, Christianity is a new life, it is Christ in you.? As natural life comes to us mediately, through Adam, so spiritual life comes to us mediately, through Christ. See Bushnell, Nature and the Supernatural, 220-249; Anderson, Regeneration, 51-88; Rennet Tyler, Memoir and Lectures, 340-354.

3. The Efficient Cause of Regeneration.

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