copy of the preamble and resolution, signed by the Clerk of the Church, should always be immediately sent to them.

B. Relation of the pastor to discipline.

(a) He has no original authority,

(b) but is the organ of the church,

(c) superintendent of its labors for its own purification and for the reclamation of offenders and therefore,

(d) may best do the work of discipline, not directly, by constituting himself a special policeman or detective, but indirectly, by securing proper labor on the part of the deacons or brethren of the church.

The pastor should regard himself as a Judge, rather than as a prosecuting attorney. He should press upon the officers of his church their duty to investigate cases of immorality and to deal with them. But if he himself makes charges, he loses dignity, and puts it out of his power to help the offender. It is not well for him to be, or to have the reputation of being, one, who ferrets out misdemeanors among his church members. It is best for him in general to serve only as presiding officer in cases of discipline, instead of being a partisan or a counsel for the prosecution. For this reason it is well for him to secure the appointment by his church of a Prudential Committee, or Committee on Discipline, whose duty it shall be at a fixed time each year to look over the list of members, initiate labor in the case of delinquents and, after the proper steps have been taken, present proper preambles and resolutions in cases where the church needs to take action. This regular yearly process renders discipline easy whereas, the neglect of it for several successive years results in an accumulation of cases. In which case, the person exposed to discipline has friends and these are tempted to obstruct the church?s dealing with others from fear that the taking up of any other case may lead to the taking up of that one in which they are most nearly interested. The church, which pays no regular attention to its discipline, is like the farmer, who milked his cow only once a year in order to avoid too great a drain or like the small boy who did not see how any one could bear to comb his hair every day. He combed his own only once in six weeks and then it nearly killed him.

As the Prudential Committee, or Committee on Discipline, is simply the church itself preparing its own business, the church may well require all complaints to be made to it through the committee. In this way it may be made certain that the preliminary steps of labor have been taken and the

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