because the body was too contemptible a thing to have its image perpetuated. But this is not natural nor is it probably anything more than a whim or affectation. <490529>Ephesians 5:29 ? ?no man ever hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it.? What we desire is not the annihilation of the body, but its perfection.

Renouf, Hibbert Lectures, 188 ? ?In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the soul reunites itself to the body, with the assurance that they shall never again be separated.? McCosh, Intuitions, 213 ? ?The essential thing about the resurrection is the development, out of the dead body, of an organ for the communion and activity of the spiritual life.? Ebrard, Dogmatik, 2:226-234, has interesting remarks upon the relation of the resurrection body to the present body. The essential difference he considers to be this, that whereas, in the present body, matter is master of the spirit, in the resurrection body spirit will be the master of matter, needing no reparation by food and having control of material laws. Ebrard adds striking speculations with regard to the glorified body of Christ.

A.J. Gordon, Ministry of the Spirit, 126 ? ? Now the body bears the spirit, a slow chariot whose wheels are often disabled and whose swiftest motion is but labored and tardy. Then the spirit will bear the body, carrying it, as on wings of thought whither so ever it will. The Holy Ghost, by his divine in working will, has completed in us the divine likeness and perfected over us the divine dominion. The human body will now be in sovereign subjection to the human spirit and the human spirit to the divine Spirit and God will be all in all.? Newman Smyth, Place of Death in Evolution, 112 ? ?Weismann maintains that the living germ not only persists and is potentially immortal, but also that under favorable conditions it seems capable of surrounding itself with a new body. If a vital germ can do this, why not a spiritual germ?? Two martyrs were led to the stake. One was blind, the other lame. As the fires kindled, the latter exclaimed: ?Courage, brother! This fire will cure us both!?

We may sum up our answers to objections, and may at the same time throw light upon the doctrine of the resurrection, by suggesting four principles which should govern our thinking with regard to the subject. These are namely

1. Body is in continual flux,

2. Since matter is but the manifestation of God?s mind and will, body is plastic in God?s hands,

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