Proof Of Inspiration

1. Since we have shown that God has made a revelation of himself to man, we may reasonably presume that he will not trust this revelation wholly to human tradition and misrepresentation, but will also provide a record of it essentially trustworthy and sufficient; in other words, that the same Spirit who originally communicated the truth will preside over its publication, so far as is needed to accomplish its religious purpose.

Since all natural intelligence, as we have seen, presupposes God?s indwelling, and since in Scripture the all-prevailing atmosphere, with its constant pressure and effort to enter every cranny and corner of the world, is used as an illustration of the impulse of God?s omnipotent Spirit to vivify and energize every human soul ( <010207>Genesis 2:7; <183208>Job 32:8), we may infer that, but for sin, all men would be morally and spiritually inspired ( <041129>Numbers 11:29) ?Would that all Jehovah?s people were prophets, that Jehovah would put his Spirit upon them!? <235902>Isaiah 59:2

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