The Scriptures declare that, in virtue of the original purpose and continuous operation of God, all who are united to Christ by faith will infallibly continue in a state of grace and will finally attain to everlasting life. This voluntary continuance, on the part of the Christian, in faith and well doing we call perseverance. Perseverance is, therefore, the human side, or aspect of that spiritual process which, as viewed from the divine side we call sanctification. It is not a mere natural consequence of conversion but involves a constant activity, of the human will from the moment of conversion to the end of life.

Adam?s holiness was mutable; God did not determine to keep him. It is otherwise with believers in Christ; God has determined to give them the kingdom ( <421232>Luke 12:32). Yet this keeping by God, which we call sanctification, is accompanied and followed by a keeping of himself on the

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