Calling is that act of God by which men are invited to accept, by faith, the salvation provided by Christ. The Scriptures distinguish between

(a) The general or external call to all men through God?s providence, word and Spirit.

<234522> Isaiah 45:22 ? ?Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is none else?; 55:6 ? ?Seek ye Jehovah while he may be found; call ye upon him while he is near?; 65:12 ? ?when I called, ye did not answer; when I spake, ye did not hear; but ye did that which was evil in mine eyes, and chose that wherein I delighted not?; <023311>Exodus 33:11 ? ?As I live saith the Lord Jehovah, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way

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