Theology is the science of God and of the relations between God and the universe.

Though the word ?theology? is sometimes employed in dogmatic writings to designate that single department of the Science which treats of the divine nature and attributes, prevailing usage, since Abelard (AD 10791142) entitled his general treatise ?Theologia Christiana,? has included under that term the whole range of Christian doctrine. Theology, therefore, gives account, not only of God, but also of those relations between God and the Universe in view of which we speak of Creation, Providence and redemption.

The Fathers call John the Evangelist ?the theologian,? because he most fully treats of the internal relations of the persons of the Trinity. Gregory Nazianzen (328) received this designation because be defended the deity of Christ against the Arians. For a modern instance of this use of the term ?theology? in the narrow sense, see the title of Dr. Hodges first volume: ?Systematic Theology, Vol. I: Theology.? But theology is not simply ?the science of God,? nor even ?the science of God and man.? It also gives account of the relations between God and the universe.

If the universe were God, theology would be the only science. Since the universe is but a manifestation of God and is distinct from God, there are

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