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Redemption Righteousness Worship

When I did a study of options by which people can live good lives, I came down to six or seven of them, such as Joseph Fletcher's situation ethics, Ayn Rand's egocentric humanism, Kant's idea of duty, and so forth. But they contradicted one another pretty heavily, and the reason is that there was no transcendent, compelling moral reason. It was all reduced to mere survival. So I believe goodness or badness is the wrong starting point life and death, spiritually, is where you begin.

Native American Spiritism and Rituals

At least one student's mother was appalled at this apparent establishment of Native American spirituality at the school, along with the derogation of Western civilization and the wonders of pagan practices. She sat in on one of the classes and witnessed, among other things, a ritual drumming and dance in which students were taught that women are forbidden to make contact with the drum for fear of offending the female spirit within it. Her student guide for the day affirmed her own belief in the Ojibwe creation story she had learned at the school. And a fourth grade teacher explained that an amber crystal in the center of the dreamcatcher was a sacred circle with a magical spider web inside. The crystal, she said, symbolized the importance of people being aligned with the spiritual energy of the earth. This same teacher, in discussing the school, gushed, Here you not only are involved in education, but receive a deep spiritual experience that's not available at other public schools.

Christian Theology The Production of Knowledge about Historical Christianity

Two states of Jesus' appearances in the New Testament texts his bodily presence in his antemortem state and a spiritual presence in his postmortem state. Both states for Schleiermacher admit a decisive commonality. Every experience with Jesus is personal, and each results in a decisive enhancement of life that evokes a predication. The New Testament abounds with titles for Jesus that are evocations of the transformation he has effected. He is the good shepherd, the perfect sacrifice, the healer, the crucified one, the Messiah, the Son of the living God as Peter exclaims in Matthew 16 16. The experience of particular transformation becomes the predicate that is then attributed to Jesus. To the person is attributed his effect. The New Testament evocations stand at the origin of a long history of Christological predication that Schleiermacher famously sums up in 11 of the CF everything in Christianity is related to the redemption accomplished by Jesus of Nazareth.

The Fifth Thunder is death

This specific phase of the Fifth Thunder is given in order to awaken brethren (spiritually) to the last opportunity they will have to repent, in order to enter the promised time they have been taught about ever since their minds were first opened to God's word. All who fail to repent will die in the final tribulation and be awakened to judgment at the end of the 1,000 years of God's reign on earth.

The Surnaturel of 1946

For just this reason, de Lubac ceaselessly favored science and theological dialogue with science. This is in part why he liked Origen he admired his literal concern with place, time, season, and measurement. This is also why he later celebrated Cusa and Berulle's attempt spiritually to respond to the new heliocentric cosmology it is finally why he spent so much time reflecting, alongside Teilhard, on the import of evolutionary theory.

Jesus felt human emotions

Jesus also experienced many of the same emotional and intellectual qualities we do. He thought, reasoned and felt the full range of human emotions. He had strong affection for people (John 11 5 13 23 19 26). He felt compassion and pity for those who were hungry or physically or spiritually afflicted (Matthew 9 36 14 14 15 32 20 34).

The Mutual Interdependence Of Bible And Liturgy

The devotional use of the Bible marks one of the richest traditions that Christianity derived from Judaism. The prayerful reading of the scriptures became a major part of the early monastic tradition.8 For example, in Atha-nasius's Life of St Anthony, three pillars are said to define monastic life in this order Christ, scripture and ascesis (the monastic discipline).9 But the Church Fathers urged the regular reading of the Bible by all Christians. To read the Bible is, according to Chrysostom, to open the gates of heaven. Through prayerful scriptural reading, Chrysostom taught, hearts responsive to God's word are transformed from clay to gold.10 One partakes of the mystery of Christ, 'eating' the bread of God's word, as one partakes of the same mystery of Christ by consuming the bread of the Eucharist. The distinctive context for the meditative reading of scripture is that of concentrated prayerfulness. Times of prayer and scriptural reading become times of personal revelation through...

Early Portraits of the Saints and the Question of Likeness

Almost as soon as saints' portraits appeared, they7 began to play a significant role in the devotional practices of the faithful. Portraits were not seen as edifying alternatives to written texts or lessons from Scripture, but rather a means of focusing the viewer's attention 011 an individual whose life was particularly holy and who, though no longer alive on earth, was still spiritually present. These images achieved this by representing physical appearance of a saint's or martyr's face and body, often with few definitive background or associated narrative elements apart from the helpful inclusion of the saints name over his or her head

The Church in Early America

The time of the American Revolution was difficult for many of God's people. The history of that era also demonstrates how spiritually dead many of the ministers and members were. Several congregations were greatly divided on the issue of warfare and political involvement. Jacob Davis, pastor of the Shrewsbury, New Jersey, Church of God, joined the Continental Army as a chaplain. Many of the members followed his example and enlisted also. One member, Simeon Maxson, boldly objected and labeled any church members who supported carnal warfare as children of the devil (Richard Sabbath-keepers in the Shrewsbury area were impoverished and divided by the War. Many relocated to Pennsylvania after the Revolution and, prior to 1800, most of those moved to Salem, Virginia (later West Virginia). The area around Salem became one of the major centers of God's people from about 1800 on into the twentieth century. The history of God's people in this area is not, however, the story of unity and of a...

The creation motif the day of Am I not your Lord

The concept of a return to God - both personal and collective - is qur'anic (7 29). In this understanding, return (ma'aad) is both the process of return and the destination itself the life to come. These ideas were particularly elaborated within philosophical and mystical approaches to Islamic theology which stressed personal transformation as the key epistemological method. According to this spiritual model, all human life in this lower world (dunyaa) is viewed as a path of return. One may either consciously and spiritually participate in this process (voluntary return), or face an unavoidable physical death and bodily resurrection at its end (compulsory return).1 Such an approach to eschatological teachings accepts their literal truth while positing further levels of Being accessible to correspondingly profound verifications of ultimate reality. Works by Muslim theologians who explicated the inner dimensions of religious teachings envision life as a process through which a person...

The Influence Of Romanticism

Romanticism was fed by an astonishingly diverse band of writers from whom flowed a torrent of poetry, novels, philosophy, theology and cultural criticism people like Blake, Wordsworth, Shelley, Rousseau, Goethe, Schelling, Pushkin, Coleridge, Emerson and Thoreau. Romanticism emerged towards the end of the eighteenth century and was most influential around 1840, after which it slowly declined. It was a reaction against both the rationalistic spirit of the Enlightenment and the dispiriting dreariness of industrialization. Romantics sought a new world in which the values of the heart would lead humankind forward and individualism would be prized. They stressed original genius, artistic creativity, and emotional depths (Furst 1979 26-8). The Enlightenment had esteemed the power of human rationality to comprehend and exploit the laws of science hidden within nature. By contrast, the Romantics sought a more harmonious way of life which would draw on the purity, dynamism and spontaneity of...

Spirituality Of Liberation

For much of its history the Church has seen liberation in entirely inward, personal or futuristic terms, and has denied, or devoted little attention to, its relevance to social, economic and political structures, to the freedom of minorities, to the attack on racial oppression, or to the future of the planet itself. There has been particular resistance to the idea that liberation involves dealing with the specific and concrete demands of groups of oppressed people. However, in recent years, a spirituality of liberation has arisen out of a concrete identification with oppressed people and a commitment to end oppression. It is a practical, corporate and revolutionary kind of spirituality, rooted in the experience of oppressed communities and groups. Though associated particularly with Latin America, it exists wherever there is oppression and a spiritually conscious opposition to it.

The rise and decline of Pietism

Philipp Jakob Spener was the undisputed leader of the first generation of Pietists. Born in 1635, Spener received theological training at Strasbourg and rose to the leading position of pastor to the Protestant Church in Frankfurt by the 1660s. Deeply concerned about the sincerity of the members of the flock who were entrusted to him in this thriving centre of international trade, he decided in 1670 to assemble some of the most devout members of his congregation in special meetings. In Spener's view, this first Frankfurt conventicle (or 'ecclesiola in ecclesia') was an attempt to form a kind of Christian elite that in turn would, he hoped, help to better the condition of his congregation and even contribute to reforming the church as a whole. A few years later, in 1675, Spener explained his ideas in some detail in a preface to the new publication of one of the works of Johann Arndt. This preface, soon to be published as a separate tract under the title Pia Desideria, that is, 'pious...

Feminism Colonialism and Christianity

But Hinga notes that the Christ of the missionary enterprise also contained emancipatory impulses, which attracted African followers. African women were able to perceive more liberating images of Christ when they went back to the biblical sources and discovered empowering and healing images from the New Testament. They asserted their theological agency when they interpreted the Bible through their experiences in the African churches and their own cultural lenses. Hinga offers three popular images of Christ in the African context. Some see Jesus as a personal friend, savior, or healer who does not demand women's

How The Diagram Is Divided

C (I-BNL)- This is a whole area that has entered into the Christian churches through people like Jimmy Carter's sister Ruth Carter Stapleton, who is said to be the top witch in North America. She calls it inner healing. It has various names and variations. Basically, it is casting a good spell on someone, including oneself. D (I-HML)- Casting a harmful spell on someone.

The 20th Century Revival of Christian Zionism

To such Fundamentalists the existence of a Palestinian Christian church is either ignored completely, or maligned as theologically Liberal and spiritually dead, an irrelevancy in the inexorable movement of world history leading to the imminent return of the Jewish Messiah. Basilea Schlink, for example, berates the Palestinian Intifada as 'terrorism aimed solely at destroying Israel.'267 Her uncompromising views are typical of many other Zionists who elevate the State of Israel to a privileged status far above any human sanction or criticism.

Exposing The Heart Of The Problem

All of this indicates that a person who matriculates from the theory-laden seminary or Bible college has been given little to no hands-on experience in the crucible of body life. By body life, we are not referring to the common experience of being in an institutional church setting. We are referring to the rough-and-tumble, messy, raw, highly taxing experience of the body of Christ where Christians live as a close-knit community and struggle to make corporate decisions together under Christ's headship without a stated leader over them. In this regard, the seminary is spiritually stultifying on some pretty basic levels.

The secular apocalyptic

Forces of good are the heroes whose actions ensure that a remnant will survive. As a way of discerning the moral temper of the moment, it is worth observing how our institutions line up into these two columns, or what elements and inclinations within our institutions can be so divided. And this leads to the second thing that the secular apocalyptic reveals it highlights the particular human failings (sins) that have set these events in motion and the human merits that have made the remnant worthy of being spared. In the end, these accounts of judgment on the ways of human life force us to reflect on how we conduct our lives, and this is a driving purpose of the apocalyptic. Like the ending of any narrative, the anticipated end of history has the power to refigure the meaning of all the discordant happenings that have occurred in time 8 in the case of apocalyptic narratives, the ending has the power to orient and grade various previous actions relative to a goodness that, as it turns...

Prayer Free Pomp and Circumstance

In another case, a Pennsylvania graduating high school senior actually had to threaten her school with a temporary restraining order before it would let her allude to her Christian faith in her graduation speech. The principal of Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School told salutatorian Shannon Wray that it might be offensive to some if she spoke about Christ and asked her to rewrite her speech to make it more inclusive and diverse. But it was the school's instructions to her-that her speech should focus on her life's path to graduation-that had led her to discuss her religion in the first place. And this is a crucial point Christ was central to her life and it would have been intellectually dishonest of her not to emphasize that in her message. Yet those who would erect an enormous wall of separation between religion and public life force people into such dishonesty. According to Wray's attorney, Joel Oster, she wanted to talk about what her religion meant to her and how it allowed her...

The Church Militant Versus The Church Triumphant

Kierkegaard's beef with the established church was so uncompromising that he is often accused of lacking a positive conception of the church, which is not so. To be sure, he did not write much on this topic, the only sustained discussion of it in his published works appearing in Practice in Christianity by his Christian pseudonym Anti-Climacus. But his critique of the established church was prompted by a clear understanding of what constitutes the true church in the realm of temporality. As noted above, Kierkegaard associates the true church in the world with a church militant rather than a church triumphant, with which, according to Anti-Climacus, established Christendom illusorily confuses itself (PC 211). In making this charge Anti-Climacus may also have in mind the Grundtvigians, who thought of themselves as constituting the one true church in the form of 'the living congregation' of the cultic community, in which Christ is spiritually present in the Apostles' Creed, Lord's...

Made in the Image of

This transformation of mankind is accomplished by being able to be begotten spiritually, just as a child is begotten in its mother's womb and later born into the world. After being spiritually begotten by God, He (God) and His Son are able to dwell in the one who has been begotten. It is by this process of being begotten and being in the womb (in the Church who is the mother of us all) that a spiritual creation begins. This spiritual creation continues in spiritual growth until the time it can be born (of spirit) into the Kingdom of God, into the Family of God, becoming Elohim. Indeed, mankind has been made in the image of God (on a physical plane), but once begotten, a transformation takes place in the mind until one can be born into the very likeness of God (on a spiritual plane) after becoming spirit and in the God Family. As covered earlier, the purpose of God was not complete when He created mankind as physical human beings, but His greater purpose was for a spiritual creation....

Biblical Anthropology a Review and Discussion

Theologian Helmut Thielicke (1984 446) says that the function of spirit as essential to the life and power of the person is consistently depicted in the Bible as that of a life force that issues out of the heart, or the inner life of the person. One cannot cut away the life of the spirit as a religious appendix that serves no necessary function. This means that the spirit must be distinguished from the soul or psyche, it must not be psychologically or psychopathologically derived from the psyche.

The Torah and Old Testament

In the Sophian tradition of Gnostic Christianity, however, it is not God who changes between the Old and New Testaments. Rather, it is human beings and the prophets who have matured and who have spiritually evolved to see hear, and know the divine revelation more directly

The return to theology

And yet, Bloch wants to do more than that, invoking the notion of 'life force Lebensmuts ', a potential or capability for reaching beyond the limits of an The weaker version of this necessary but astonishing effort to deal with death would be that human beings contain within them a utopian desire, and the value of religions like Christianity is that they have tapped into this. However, I suspect that Bloch pushes towards a stronger version, in which a collective socialist transformation that has not yet arrived will provide the context for the realisation of such a life-force, a society that was itself brought about as the result of that life-force. Of course, there are a pile of questions -will people still long for a greater transformation Is such a life-force itself not generated by the religions in question And so on - but what interests me is the effort to transform a theological category into a viable historical-materialist category. Most commentators have been nonplussed by all...

On Creating Art Religiously The Role Of The Artist

Be valued for its own sake, the process of creating the work can transform the creator, who is thus worked on spiritually in the act of working. Michelangelo in his later years meditated long on the themes of judgement and grace as he laboured irregularly on his final two Pietas. The first of these the Florentine Pieta he reportedly intended for his own tomb. The second, known as the Rondanini Pieta (Milan), he worked on until six days before his death in 1564. He completed neither one. Surviving letters and reports suggest that, indirectly influenced by the Reformation, the deeply troubled artist turned during this time from pride in his artistic accomplishment to trust in the mercy of God alone. It is not implausible to see the last Pietas, poignant and compassionate, as protracted prayers worked out in stone, yet unfinished as art.

Reading the Sacred in Christianity

Ninian Smart's work both complements that of Mircea Eliade and illustrates the great diversity of emphases among scholars in the general field of Religious Studies. Eliade's own preferred leitmotivs which we noted earlier were threefold the idea of the sacred, the idea of death and resurrection, and the way in which man has degenerated spiritually over the course of history. For Eliade, the sacred was that which was not profane, although it manifested itself in a profane world. However, he perceived that there was a very real danger of degradation of the sacred.

Significance of the Anargyroi

The Eastern Orthodox Menaia still in use list over forty major and minor feasts associated with the Anargyroi group and at least four relating to the Theotokos as healer. Orthodox Christians in every country continue to dedicate churches and chapels in honour of the Anargyroi, commission their icons and name children after leading saints in this group. The Anargyroi remain central as a group to Orthodox ideas of sanctity and the teaching related to the Christian life in general. This is of great significance to the wider community as this is a model of sanctity entirely rooted in lay life and witness. Of course, medical practitioners in every society occupy a prestigious position but the Anargyroi are not all what we would term medical doctors. For instance, Tryphon of Lampsakos and Argyris the New Martyr are depicted as folk healers rather than medical doctors. Only a few of the Anargyroi are recorded as being bishops, priests or even monastics. They therefore form one of the major...

G Was Jesus a Magician

(1) At the time of Jesus it was evidently typical for healers and exorcists to use material aids, particularly in exorcisms. In Tobit's exorcism. success is achieved through burning a fish's liver and heart (Tob. 8.3). In Josephus's report. the smell of a root drew out the demon through the demoniac's nostrils Ant. 8.45-49). According to Justin. fumigations and magic knots were used 85.3). In the Testament of Solomon, Solomon seals the demons with a ring given him by the Lord Sabaoth through the archangel Michael.349 A further motif sometimes to be found is the demon manifesting its departure by knocking over something en This latter raises the intriguing possibility that the stampede of the pigs in Mark 5.13 pars, originally had the same function of demonstrating that the 'legion' of unclean spirits demons had truly departed from the man. That episode apart. the accounts of Jesus' exorcisms are remarkably free of reference to material aids. Jesus apparently made no use of any such...

Christianity Sources of Authority and Right Doctrines

It is, of course, a truism that the ability to enforce - spiritually, morally or even physically - a particular item of what was perceived to be 'right doctrine' was - and is - dependent upon the acceptance (or otherwise) of the legitimacy of a particular authority. Thus a diverse interpretation of the bounds of authority, and those who exercise it, unsurprisingly and logically bespeaks the possibility of a variegated development and interpretation of those traditional sources, guardians and accepted guarantors of Christian 'right doctrines' in a given age, scripture and tradition. Their manifestly diverse fruits and exegeses were and are the product of those fractured magisteria of which we have just spoken.52

Theology Of Business

When one thus considers the myriad possibilities for the exercise of power in modern business and wealth creation and the ethical responsibilities which are entailed, then perhaps one will return with fresh appreciation to the spiritual warnings of Jesus. For all its positive creational and social justification, participation in the enterprise of wealth-creation does need to be balanced by other, spiritual, considerations. It is a risky occupation spiritually, as are many other worthwhile human activities. Perhaps today the increasingly global scale of business, the speed and urgency and the secrecy with which it is often conducted, and the sheer power which modern business offers individuals, managers and corporations, all make it an occupation which should carry its own particular spiritual health warning. Nevertheless, the modern creation of wealth also involves social, and over-riding, responsibilities which justify its pursuit in the interests of the common good. Within this line...

How God Worked With Abraham

It should be understood, as the Bible clearly teaches, that no one (no human) has ever seen God. When such a statement is made, it is speaking of the literal sense because mankind is incapable of seeing anything in the spirit world where God resides. Man cannot see spirit. Only when a physical manifestation (of that which is spirit) is given can man see something. This is not to be confused with those things Jesus Christ taught when He spoke of the ability to see the Father (John 14) and Himself (after His resurrection). In those examples, Christ was speaking of things that are of the spirit, which have to do with understanding (seeing spiritually) and the revelation of God

The Wt Responds To The Issue

No human can change God's word, For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven (Ps 119 89) (cf. Jn 17 17, Ps. 119 160, et al) The reader is encouraged to check God's Word with diligence as the spiritually noble Bereans did (Acts 17 11). This is written to clarify the scriptures, and not to add to them. Those desiring to understand this chapter are encouraged to equip themselves by being born-again and being in fellowship with the Lord their creator. But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God for they are foolishness unto him neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. (1 Cor 2 14) See also 1 Cor 1 18, 1 Cor 1 25, & Jn 3 3. We must fear God the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. (Prov 1 7) Fear God and his commandments. (Eccl 12 13) We must be willing to do the will of God, For if we sin willfully after that we have we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more...

The augmented power of the Papacy and Gregory the Great

He also gave thought and effort to the public services of the Church, including its liturgy and music. He introduced changes in the liturgy. The type of music called Gregorian and which attained wide and prolonged popularity has been attributed to him. Just how much, if anything, he had to do with it has been in dispute, but it is clear that he was interested in the music of the Church and it is probable that he at least made decisive modifications by editing what had come down from the past. He maintained strict discipline among the clergy, sought to enforce the rule of clerical celibacy which had long been the ideal in the West, and gave especial oversight to the bishops who were in the ecclesiastical province of which the Bishop of Rome was metropolitan. He was greatly interested in monasteries, gave them increased liberty from the supervision of the bishops to govern their internal secular affairs, and was zealous in reforming those foundations which...

Mankind to Become the Godkind

That which has been addressed in this last section is a summary of what was covered in this chapter concerning the ETERNAL God's (Yahweh Elohim's) plan and purpose for His Family. His Family will be born of mankind after mankind has been begotten spiritually and the mind of man has been transformed from selfish, carnal nature to oneness and agreement with God's holy, righteous nature. This can be accomplished only by each individual's willing free choice. The God-kind will be born out of mankind only after mankind has been begotten of God's holy spirit and has grown to the point of maturity where the mind of man can be born of spirit. use such religious sounding platitudes as a show of their pseudo-conversion. Being born again is about being begotten spiritually and the spiritual growth that follows until the time one can actually be truly born again. Such birth is a spiritual birth into a spirit body into Elohim. This is the very thing Jesus Christ told Nicodemus

The First Century Spirit Gifts

Peter then immediately launched into an open-air talk about the resurrection of Christ. Having the unquestionable, irrefutable evidence before them in the form of that healed beggar, we can be sure that they would have taken Peter's words to be those of God. The temple gate at the hour of prayer (Acts 3 1) would have been thronged with people, like a shopping mall on a Saturday morning. It was in a place like this that God chose to confirm the preaching of His word by such a clear miracle. Likewise in Acts 5 12 we read that by the hands of the apostles were many signs and wonders wrought among the people . The usual claims made by 'Pentecostal' healers and the like revolve around things which have happened in back-street churches rather than on the streets, and in the audience of 'believers' hyped up into a spirit of expectancy for a 'miracle' to occur, rather than before the hard-hearted general public. If anyone claims to be spiritually gifted, he must therefore accept that the...

The Anargyroi in the Orthodox calendar

This feast commemorates the translation of the reputed relics of the saint from Greek Thebes to Constantinople in the reign of Constantine. Here they were placed in the Church of the Holy Apostles on the Mese (a site now occupied by the beautiful Fatih Cami). As an 'equal to the Apostles' Constantine and his mother Helena were also buried in this church, as were later Byzantine rulers. According to Church tradition another saint, Arte-mios, was entrusted with this mission before being martyred by Julian the Apostate around 363. Commemorated on 20 October, Artemios is virtually ranked with the Anargyroi and considered the healer of many illnesses, not least ailments particular to men. 9 July The Theotokos of the Zoodochos Pege (life-giving spring). On this date is commemorated the foundation of this church in 559 by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. Associated with numerous feast-days, this title firmly characterizes the Theotokos as a heavenly healer and...

What confessions have been made by leading men which show that they

Consider the churches to be in a fallen condition A confession can be had from the lips of the pastors of most of our churches, that in our midst there are wicked, unholy, corrupt men who maintain their position, and are saved from a righteous discipline, either by their wealth or social position. It is true of this church, and it is true of many of the churches around us. If a ship should go to sea with as many rotten timbers as we have spiritually rotten members, it would go to the bottom in twenty-four hours One thoughtful, intelligent layman, a member of the church which is a leader in its denomination, said the other day, 'Our church has degenerated into a great, strong, social, fashionable organization.' G. F .Pentecost, in Christian Statesman of Jan. 8, 1876. Robert Atkins, also, in a sermon preached in London, said The truly righteous are diminished from the earth, and no man layeth it to heart. The professors of religion of the present day, in every church, are lovers of the...

Strengthening the Papacy

Referred to Rome as the Apostolic See, and made the point that it was the only see where two apostles, Peter and Paul, had ministered and were martyred, and where one of those martyrs, Peter, had been named by Jesus as his successor. As we saw earlier in this chapter, Damasus had already successfully adapted pagan festivals to a Christian calendar of celebrations. In turn, this new calendar of Christian holy days resulted in a spiritually important and economically advantageous enterprise the pilgrimage to Rome. Damasus also restored several catacombs and constructed basilicas and shrines. He decorated the shrines with his own poetic verses, Epigra-mata, Epigrams, which were engraved by the same Filocalus who wrote the Codex-Calendar of 354 C.E. Among all these initiatives, one of the most important was Damasus' charge to Jerome to produce a standardized, accessible Latin version of the Bible.

Did Roger Bacon Read Maimonides

Also in the Moralis philosophiae, part four, where Bacon provides references to the Secta Iudei, there is no reference to Maimonides (Ed. cit., Part IV). In this account, the Jews are presented as a people who hope for both temporal and spiritual goods. The wise ones of Israel searched spiritually in the power of the Law, and sought not only bodily goods but also those of the soul. And they did so by virtue of the authority of God and the Law. They overcame the Nations by right and by right they were given the promised land. Indeed, the Patriarchs and Prophets of Israel truly and spiritually looked forward to the Messiah. Indeed, both the Jews and the Christians received the one revelation from God.

Authors Response to a Critic of Fossilized Customs

Scriptures which expose how the sheep will be fleeced for gain (2 Cor. 2 17, 2 Kepha 2 3, Acts 20 32-35). We who labor in teaching are worthy of support, but only from those in the office of helps (1 Cor. 12 28). No where do we see any leader in Scripture teaching his students to give him 10 of their income. Certainly no Apostle ever took such plunder for personal use from any assembly they started. Performing a study of the phrase ravenous wolves might shed light on this subject better. If you have the means to support a leader who is working in the service of Yahushua's Body, PLEASE do so but to call it the tithe is inappropriate. For this teaching, I am willing to be shamed for but let Yahushua judge me. He is so much more forgiving than men are. Those who oppose this teaching may have much to lose financially, but it is so much more blessed to give than to receive. I know, because I must receive to do the work I do also. Without support, I would not be enabled to do the work I do....

What is the real significance of water baptism and who is authorized to do it

It should be noted here that Paul does not have water baptism in view in Ro 6 34 as so many in the contemporary church believe (CP Ro 6 3-4). This baptism is by the Holy Spirit of repentant sinners at their conversion, into Christ and into His body - the church. This is when repentant sinners are born again spiritually and have the power of sin over their lives broken, which is the newness of life Paul refers to in V4. We really need to study the complete context in which V3-4 are

The Great White Throne Judgement Age when All Resurrected Unbelievers are Judged and Reconciled to

The Holy City, New Jerusalem, which spiritually represents the Bride of Christ, the Lamb's Wife, is located above the earth in heaven (the sky, the earth's atmosphere) during the Great White Throne Judgement Age. (Revelation 21 9-21) The gates of the Holy City, New Jerusalem, remain open and people from all nations enter through the gates into the Holy City to receive healing and salvation. These nations are those who have experienced God's judgement in the Lake of Fire and who have gone through the Second Death. The Second Death is the death of the old sinful Adamic man, which needs to happen before the New Birth in Christ can take place.

Sex And Christian Origins

Placing their rivals, real or imaginary, within diverse schools with multiple founders and one inspiration (Satan), Justin and Irenaeus developed a classificatory scheme that produced Christianity as a distinct, legitimate, and restricted genos. These legitimate Christians were not Jews therefore Israel's misdeeds did not apply (Justin) and heretics could be condemned for behaving like Jews (Irenaeus). Biblical language regarding seed, discussed in chapter 2, had been transformed whereas previously this language was designed to protect and enforce a certain Judean identity, now it was employed to remove Israel from the genos of God altogether. Israel was now described as the unproductive seed of Abraham the Christians had become the spiritually productive seed, race, and household. 59 Having been expelled from the family tree, Jews were condemned en masse for idolatry, polygamy, porneia, and uncontrolled lust. Even so, Justin and Irenaeus presupposed and preserved their own versions...

Accepting Those Who Are Different

Need pastors, but this is not to say a pastor will rule over us for all our lives. Some of us must become pastors, evangelists, teachers, healers, givers, etc.,. these are gifts for the Body, and to the Body, which is served by all of us. This Body is Yahushua's Bride -- and many of them are waiting to hear from us. (The givers should carefully read 2 Cor. 8 3,4 For I testify that according to their ability, and beyond their ability they gave of their own accord, begging us with much entreaty for the favor OF PARTICIPATING IN THE SUPPORT OF THE SAINTS. The idea continues in v. 14, At this present time your abundance being a SUPPLY FOR THEIR WANT, that their abundance (one day) also may become a supply for your want, that there may be equality. This support was for those saints in dire NEED.)

The 1930s and 1940sA New Beginning

As the impact of the Work God was doing through Mr. Armstrong grew, the Church of God (Seventh Day) continued to split and splinter with more and more independent churches and ministers. There were efforts toward unity that resulted in the merger of the Salem and the Stanberry groups in 1949. However, the merger itself spawned additional splits and, 20 years later in 1969, that Church's primary publication, The Bible Advocate, had a circulation of just over 2,000. The Church of God (Seventh Day) represented the final phase of what is described in Revelation 3 as the Church at Sardis. Remember, it is described as being spiritually dead, though there would be a few who walked with Christ in white.

The Everlasting Covenant

FOR THE REIGN OF HYHY DRAWS NEAR. This means He reigns in our hearts and minds, and we obey Him because we love the Covenant (the marriage vows, the 10 Commandments). We show our love for Him by our faithfulness. We change, they don't. The change in the law between the Old Covenant and the New concerned the ceremonial animal sacrifices, which were imperfect, and could not justify us permanently. The New Covenant This is the 2nd part of the secret. It was cut in the Blood of the Lamb of hYhy, when ONE sacrifice put an end to atoning for lawbreaking. Having become convicted of our sinfulness, we turn or repent to the Torah. Our belief in Him as our substitution, convinces us of our sinfulness and need for a debt payer. However, we cannot be perfect, because of our mind of the flesh. This is where the New Covenant brings us eternal life. Showing our repentance to the marriage vows by obedience, we go to the water in full submission to our Husband, and wash clean spiritually. We...

Higher Cultures If The Mayanaztec Area

This god of war was born as the son of Coatlicue on the Mountain of the Serpent. It was he who led the Mexica-Aztecs through the northern plains to Lake Tezcoco. While this sage modified earlier traditions, he took great care to provide continuity with Toltec tradition also. Thus he made Huitzilopochtli the god who presides over the age of the Sun in motion. In fact, this god was the Sun itself. Ifhe died, the fifth age of the world would come to a catastrophic end. To get back the vital energy he needed, this god had to have blood. Blood was the precious water (chalchihuatl) that would restore his vitality. By offering victims to him, the Aztecs carried out a sacred and important duty. Their battles were sacred functions, their wars were holy wars. In short, Tlacaelel worked out a whole theology of the Aztec military conquest

The Humanity Of Jesus

Throughout our lives we are expected to grow in our knowledge of God, learning from the trials which we experience in life. In this, Jesus was our great example. He did not have complete knowledge of God beamed into him any more than we have. From childhood Jesus increased in wisdom and stature (i.e. spiritual maturity, cp. Eph. 4 13), and in favour with God and man (Luke 2 52). The child grew, and waxed (became) strong in spirit (Luke 2 40). These two verses portray Christ's physical growth as being parallel to his spiritual development the growth process occurred in him both naturally and spiritually. If The Son is God , as the Athanasian Creed states concerning the 'Trinity', this would not have been possible. Even at the end of his life, Christ admitted that he did not know the exact time of his second coming, although the Father did (Mark 13 32). Obedience to God's will is something which we all have to learn over a period of time. Christ also had to go through this process of...

The Testimony Of Paul

Paul saith to the Galatians, There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise. Gal. 3. 28,29. According to what promise Answer. According to the promise of God to Abraham, that in him, and his seed Christ , all the nations, kindreds and families of the earth shall be blessed. In Christ, therefore, none of the distinctions are known of which Paul there speaks. Ye are all one in Christ Jesus. That point being settled, he adds, and if ye be Christ's as he had proved then are ye Abraham's seed, that is, not by lineal descent, but spiritually , and heirs according to the promise.

The Meaning Of Baptism

One of the reasons for baptism by immersion is that going under the water symbolizes our going into the grave - associating us with the death of Christ, and indicating our 'death' to our previous life of sin and ignorance. Coming up out of the water connects us with the resurrection of Christ, relating us to the hope of resurrection to eternal life at his return, as well as to living a new life now, spiritually triumphant over sin on account of Christ's victory achieved by his death and resurrection.

The Truth Of The Kingdom Of

The Great White Throne Judgement takes place at the Second Resurrection. God will judge resurrected unbelievers and He will cast them into the Lake of Fire, where they will experience the Second Death. However, resurrected believers whose names are written in the Book of Life will join the Bride of Christ, referred to as the Holy City, New Jerusalem located above the earth's surface. In the Great White Throne Judgement Age, the earth's surface will be a ball of fire. This Lake of Fire represents both God's physical and spiritual cleansing. God's Consuming Fire will cleanse the earth physically by melting the elements and spiritually by consuming wickedness and unbelief from the hearts of the resurrected unbelievers. Full details are given in Chapter 12 'The Great White Throne Judgement'.

The Adventist Movement

The phase of Church history we have focused on in this chapter is best described by Christ's message to the Church at Sardis recorded in Revelation 3 1-6. This Church was told that while it had a name that it was alive, it was really spiritually dead. Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die (Revelation 3 2). While this Church as a whole is spiritually lethargic or even dead, there are a few among them who Christ says have not defiled their garments and they shall walk with Me in white, for they are worthy (v. 4).

Digression 12 Ghosts And Reincarnation

We have shown that the spirit of man refers to the breath life force within him, which returns to God when he dies (Ecc. 12 7) . This means that his spirit is not moving around as a 'ghost', nor is it free to possess another person or animal so that the man's personality is continued through them. We will each be judged for our own works (2 Cor. 5 10). If our actions and characteristics are a function of a previous person's character, then this concept of God judging and rewarding us according to our works (Rev. 22 12) is made a nonsense.

Are You Ready to Roll

But, it would seem that coming into the holiest place is a great achievement. Why one is right at the ark and amongst the cherubim. And further, behind the cherubim is the west wall that has no door in it. Why try to go on from here - there is no door - and it seems like a good resting place And truly, in our earthly walk, there is no door to the west, if we go back to the east along our previous path, we are going spiritually backward. Once, one reaches the holiest place, what next And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads for your redemption draweth nigh. LUK 2128 For those who learn the lessons of the holiest place have completed their walk in the earthly way of thinking and a new thing is about to happen. If you stand between God's footstool called the cherubim, look up. And what will you see above the cherubim

Much more their fullness

The amazing thing about the plan of God is that God will bless the whole world through unbelieving Jews when He removes their blindness in the future, and reveals to them the truth of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Paul says that if the failure of the Jews to believe means riches for the Gentiles, then how much more blessing will come to the world when all unbelieving Jews come to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord This can only happen in Christ's Millennial Kingdom, when all unbelieving Jews who survive the Great Tribulation and their descendants will be saved, and Israel will be a nation of great blessing to the whole world, both physically and spiritually, as promised under the Abrahamic Covenant. As previously mentioned in this chapter, the Bible says that God will enter into a New Covenant with all Israel in Christ's Millennial Kingdom.

The Kosmas and Damianos triangle

In Greek folklore the Syrians Kosmas (often called Kosmianos) and Damianos, have arguably supplanted the ancient Greek deity Asklepios. In folk tales they are characterized as being the first Christian healers. A cave chapel at the Acropolis of Athens and a monastery at Ermioni in Argolis are among many examples of shrines dedicated to the saints on ruins of temples of Asklepios. Most are by springs or wells that have probably been considered sacred since ancient times. Pilgrims or those hoping for help or a specific cure traditionally slept overnight in churches of the saints, received guidance in their dreams, and customarily left votive offerings if convinced that they had indeed been healed. Incubation and related customs point to the likelihood that Kosmas and Damianos inherited certain aspects of pre-Christian cults, at least in Greek-speaking regions. Their enduring popularity is evident in the multiplicity of churches and chapels dedicated to the saints, the naming of towns,...

Equal to the Whole Being of

Can We Understand the Doctrine of the Trinity We should be warned by the errors that have been made in the past. They have all come about through attempts to simplify the doctrine of the Trinity and make it completely understandable, removing all mystery from it. This we can never do. However, it is not correct to say that we cannot understand the doctrine of the Trinity at all. Certainly we can understand and know that God is three persons, and that each person is fully God, and that there is one God. We can know these things because the Bible teaches them. Moreover, we can know some things about the way in which the persons relate to each other (see the section above). But what we cannot understand fully is how to fit together those distinct biblical teachings. We wonder how there can be three distinct persons, and each person have the whole being of God in himself, and yet God is only one undivided being. This we are unable to understand. In fact, it is spiritually healthy for us...

Cherubic Emblems Of Messiahs Glory

It is not, therefore, reverential to interpret the figurative language in which their typical or symbolic instruction was expressed as if God's prophets had been divinely commissioned to use unintelligible means for conveying an instruction of professedly vital importance to Israel, or at least to the spiritually minded of the then Jewish nation. But the fulness of the Gentiles, or of the time appointed for making the Gentiles spiritually and eternally one with Israel, by the gift of the Holy Ghost, was to be the event which should realise before men the establishment of God's new covenant with Israel, by the cessation of the typical or Mosaic Dispensation. For then, as it were, all the works of God should be subjected of God to support the throne of Messiah's glory being thus subjected in power unto Him, for the good of man whilst living in the obedience of faith. Rev. v, 13 Rev. xvi, 25-26. Hence the calling in of the Gentiles from the days of Nebuchadnezzar foreshadowed the times...

Soldiermonks and hermits seeking the perfect life

The Knights of the Temple found their vocation in fighting Muslims by day and praying at night. Bernard of Clairvaux considered them worthy to be celebrated in his De laude novae militiae (In Praise of the New Knighthood). Here he contrasted the secular knight, caught up in creature comforts, with the slim, spiritually sleek knight dedicated to the defence of Jerusalem.

Are Christians to interpret what Jesus says here about eating His body and drinking His blood literally or symbolically

The non-Lutheran Protestant Doctrine of Symbolic Commemoration teaches that what Jesus says about eating His body and drinking His blood is not to be taken literally but only symbolically, and that the observance of Communion is a commemoration of the death of Christ in which Christ is spiritually present. The Lord's supper is therefore a memorial feast. As they receive the bread and the wine, symbolic in their nature, it is an acknowledgement by those partaking of Communion that their salvation is solely through the broken body and the shed blood of Christ. To eat the bread and drink the wine is to commemorate Christ's death and accept the benefits He has provided for us in His death until He comes again. This is the correct teaching (CP Jn 6 47-63). These passages are the continuation of a long discourse by Jesus contrasting the manna, the bread which the Jews' forefathers ate and which could not save them, with Himself, the Bread of Life, and they must be kept in the context of...

Proof Of Inspiration

Since all natural intelligence, as we have seen, presupposes God s indwelling, and since in Scripture the all-prevailing atmosphere, with its constant pressure and effort to enter every cranny and corner of the world, is used as an illustration of the impulse of God s omnipotent Spirit to vivify and energize every human soul ( Genesis 2 7 Job 32 8), we may infer that, but for sin, all men would be morally and spiritually inspired ( Numbers 11 29) Would that all Jehovah s people were prophets, that Jehovah would put his Spirit upon them Isaiah 59 2

Traditional Chinese And Foreign Philosophies

Comparing Chinese and foreign philosophies is that a number of people, including some natural scientists, have analyzed the Chinese theory of vitality and found that it contains more grains of truth and thus is superior to the Western theory of the atom. According to them, the concept of vitality as theorized in China has not only the implication of basic particle but also that of field in other words, it has a dual character of both wave and particle. Professor He Zuoxiu of the Institute of Theoretic Physics under the Chinese Academy of Sciences published in Chinese Science an article entitled The Materialist Theory of Vitality in which he said Vitality is a matter of continuity. It is close to 'field* as discussed in modern science. The theory of vitality is the forerunner of the contemporary theory of the quantum field. The theory of vitality as discussed in Chinese philosophy has special value in holding that the interaction among different things comes as a result of the effect...

Digression 7 Ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit Acts 238

Rom.5 16 and 6 23 describe salvation as the gift -inviting comparison with the gift of the Spirit in Acts 2 38. Indeed Acts 2 39 seems to be quoting Joel 2 32 concerning salvation as if this is what the gift of the Spirit was. Peter's reference to the promised gift being to those afar off alludes to Is.57 19 Peace (with God through forgiveness) to him that is far off . Eph.2 8 also describes the gift as being salvation, saying that by one Spirit (this gift) we all have access to the Father (2 18). This is further validated by the fact that Eph.2 13-17 is also alluding to Is.57 19 Ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ. For He is our peace. . . (who) came and preached peace to you which were far off . Isaiah 30 1 condemns the Jews for seeking forgiveness their own way rather than by the gift of God's Spirit they cover with a covering (atonement), but not of my Spirit, that they may add (rather than subtract) sin to sin . Is.44 3 describes the latter day...

Secondcentury interpretation

The conflict between Christianity and the Judaism of Pharisaic scribes over the Law provided another reason for the subordination of the 'letter that kills' to 'the Spirit that gives life' (2 Cor. 3 6). In order to resist the demand for the circumcision of Gentiles, Paul attempted to reinterpret that commandment as fulfilled spiritually in the heart of the believer (Rom. 2 29) or allegorically in the crucifixion of Christ (Col. 2 11), but in the end he was also obliged to oppose the plain sense of Scripture by relegating the law of circumcision to a now superseded period of salvation-history (Gal. 3 24).

The Bible Is Meant To Be Taken Literally

Him neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. 1Co 2 14 But the natural man who interprets literally receiveth not cannot understand the things of the Spirit of God the things written by the Spirit of God in the scriptures for they are foolishness unto him neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. because they are only understood spiritually. 1 Co 2 14

What was the point of Jesus question which is easier to say thy sins are forgiven thee or arise take up thy bed and walk

Jesus asked this question when He perceived that the scribes were reasoning in themselves what authority He had to forgive sins, which only God could do, so to prove that He was empowered to grant both forgiveness of the man's sins and heal his body, Jesus healed him. The man's healing authenticated Jesus' right to forgive His sins. But there is another teaching here as well, and that is that bodily healing and forgiveness of sins go hand in hand - they are mutually inclusive benefits in Christ's atoning death (CP Isa 53 4-5). Every time Jesus contemporaneously healed someone and forgave their sins He was demonstrating that bodily healing is an integral part of the atonement (CP Mt 9 22 Mk 10 46-52 Lu 17 13-19 Jn 4 46-53). Sadly though, a great many Christians in the contemporary church do not believe there is bodily healing in the atonement - only salvation, and as a result cannot receive healing for their bodies. They believe that Isa 53 4-5 and 1Pe 2...

Renewed theological activity under the Carolingians

Receive the body of Christ is to be united with Christ by faith in such a manner as to form with him a single body. Gottschalk, a former monk of Fulda, now imprisoned in a monastery for views which we are to note in a moment, indignantly rejected the suggestion of Radbert that the Christ on the altar suffers anew and dies anew, but he also differed from Raban Maur who seemed to say that the Eucharist was only a sign of grace, and maintained that the body and blood of Christ are mysteriously present as an objective reality, quite independent of the faith of the communicant. Ratramnus, like Radbert a monk of Corbie, in a brief treatise written at the request of Charles the Bald, held that the view of Radbert worked harm to the religious life, for since the effects of partaking of the Eucharist are spiritual, the bread of the Eucharist must be spiritually and not physically the body of Christ. To hold that Christ is physically present would negate the spiritual power and healing which...

Mormons Moonies and Masons

Ascending the scale of authority, the titles and callings of deacon, teacher, priest and bishop come within the purview of the Aaronic Priesthood while those of elder, seventy, high priest, patriarch, apostle and president are offices and callings in the Melchizedek Priesthood, to which the Aaronic Priesthood is an appendage. A full equipment is thus shown for the government and conduct of the Church both spiritually and temporally. 4

What was Isaiahs prophecy that Jesus fulfilled here

This is Isaiah's prophecy that Mt 8 16-17 speaks of. It teaches us that there is healing for our bodies in Christ's atoning death as well as salvation for our souls. Griefs and sorrows in V4 (KJV) mean sicknesses and pains. Jesus bore our sicknesses and our pains so that we could be healed of them the same as He became a sin offering that we could be forgiven our sins. This teaching is reinforced as we study the scriptures in detail. In Mt 8 17 the griefs and sorrows of Isaiah 53 4 are correctly translated as infirmities and sicknesses. Matthew asserts here that Isaiah's prophesy was being fulfilled in the healings Jesus rendered to the sick, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet Isaiah saying, Himself took our infirmities and bare our sicknesses. That is not teaching that Jesus completely fulfilled Isaiah's prophesy before the cross and therefore there is no bodily healing in the atonement, as many believe. It teaches that by contemporaneously...

Jesus And The Law Of Moses

The Spirit gifts having been withdrawn, all believers have equal access to the Spirit-Word in the Bible (see Studies 2.2 and 2.4). They are therefore all brethren, none having any more spiritually exalted a position than another. Indeed, all true believers are members of a new priesthood by reason of their baptism into Christ, in the sense that they shew forth the light of God to a dark world (1 Peter 2 9). They will Jesus clearly explained that nothing a man eats can spiritually defile him it is what comes out of the heart which does this (Mark 7 15-23). In

The Anargyroi in the church calendars

The feast of the Life-Giving Spring commemorates the Theotokos as heavenly intercessor and healer but the offices of this movable celebration (the first Friday after Easter) most clearly encapsulate Eastern Christian thought relating to ministering to the sick and healing. As noted, in the posthumous miracles attributed to the Theotokos there is a clear focus on healing. Therefore, the implicit suggestion is that in freely 'receiving and giving' the Theotokos intervenes in the lives of the faithful as one of the heavenly Anargyroi.

Healing and Salvation

Scope Healing the sick is a manifestation of divine power in both Greco-Roman and Jewish religious traditions. Physical healing and exorcism are major components of Jesus's ministry in the Gospels and play a large role in the Acts of the Apostles (both canonical and apocryphal). The letters of Paul and James attest that a healing ministry continued in established Christian communities. As a visible sign of divine presence, healing tends to validate the healer as a divine agent and the movement the healer represented. Because healing can be faked, it is a controverted sign of divine power because healing can bear several meanings, it is also an ambiguous experience of the divine. In early Christianity, healing is associated with five distinct motifs. They are a sign of divine presence, of the healer's compassion, of stages of spiritual transformation, of restoration to community, and of faith.

The Vital Importance Of Baptism

As a tired, spiritually triumphant old man, Paul could reminisce I was not disobedient unto the heavenly vision (Acts 26 19). As was true for Paul, so it is for all who have been properly baptized baptism is a decision which one will never regret. All our lives we will be aware that we made the correct choice. Of few human decisions can we ever be so certain. The question has to be seriously answered 'Why should I not be baptized '

Baptism In The Spirit

Baptism in the Spirit describes being baptized with the Spirit. Being baptized in, into, unto and with, all refer to the same thing. Baptism in the Spirit is one of the cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith. There is so much clear teaching on it in scripture, yet there is no other aspect of biblical truth so misunderstood by Christians. That is why the Church is so devoid of spiritual power in a world where it is so much needed. Most Pentecostal Christians who speak in tongues as the evidence of being baptized in the Spirit believe that speaking in tongues is the goal to which they should attain. They do not understand that speaking in tongues -important as they are - are but the doorway to a greater spiritual life in God, and because they lack that understanding, they also lack the power to do the work for which God has ordained them. This is not to criticise those Christians but to challenge them to understand what it is that God has ordained us for (CP Lu 24 49 Jn 16 7-15 Ac 1...

For the letter killeth but the spirit giveth life

The Law of Context says the meaning must be gathered from the context but the scripture says Spiritual things are Spiritually discerned. 14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God for they are foolishness unto him neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

What is meant by Let the dead bury their dead

This teaching is also found in Luke's gospel where it expands upon V22 and includes a third candidate for salvation in addition to the two men recorded here (CP Lu 9 57-62). Jesus is testing those who would follow Him in these passages. There are three seemingly sincere candidates for salvation here, but all failed to measure up to the standards Jesus has set for His followers. Jesus is teaching us that anything less than total commitment to God eliminates one from the future eternal kingdom. The first incident teaches that an emotional enthusiasm that has not considered the cost of abandoning material security to follow Him is insufficient by Christ's standards. The second teaches that loyalty to Christ must take precedence over all other loyalties - following after Christ must be our highest priority. Jesus is not being insensitive to the propriety of funerals here, but is teaching against putting off the work of God but go thou and preach the kingdom of God (CP Lu 9 60). Followers...

Thats Going To L Eave A Mark

Because something polluted these Living Waters WORMWOOD. Wormwood is poisoned waters , and this is what has been taught, causing men to die (spiritually). The falling star called Wormwood took away the Name from us. I've been calling wormwood Fossilized Customs . We don't have to debate about how many personalities YHWH has, or how many heads, manifestations, and so on we have to begin by teaching the message (gospel) of the coming kingdom, Repent, for the reign of YHWH draws near. (See Mt. 4 17, Mk. 1 14, and other references).

Offence at the Supernatural

I was engaged in a conversation with a local pastor recently in which the subject of heart idols came up. This brother said that he believed that people certainly do make up their own minds about certain matters and even embrace certain doctrines because of preconceived ideas hear what they want to hear he said. And although there is some truth to that, I don't believe that accurately describes what is really going on spiritually.

Johns Message Of Repentance

John, who was filled with the Holy Spirit before his birth, grew and developed in the wilderness (desert) of Judea, a spiritually uncultivated place. Israel's sins had caused its lack of cultivation (Jer. 2 31-37 25 8,9). This desert was in the Jordan valley, which connects with the Dead Sea hence, the Jordan valley is associated with death. In her history, Israel had passed dry shod through the Jordan River. Years later, in the presence of John's preaching, they must repent, bring forth fruits fitting of repentance, and be baptized in the Jordan

Ethiopian Cross

Katholikon Daphni Mosaico Crucifixion

Promote informed discussion and better understanding. There is much we can learn from the East which is applicable to our own situation, but which requires openness and careful consideration. The advancement of inter-communal dialogue and cooperation has never been more urgent than in today's climate of ethnic and religious strife. It is no longer tenable, intentionally or otherwise, for western Christians to remain ignorant of their coreligionists in the East, any more than it is tenable for eastern Christians to ignore the contribution of the Christian West. Eastern Christianity at its worst can exhibit nationalism, tribalism, defensiveness, and misogyny, but at its best it can be liturgically uplifting, theologically creative, artistically beautiful, and spiritually inspiring.

Theological rhetoric

It is for this reason not difficult to see why there are those for whom Eckhart shares something spiritually with a post-modern mentality here not found in Thomas, a commonality which has led some post-modern writers to take an interest in his work, as we shall see. And there is indeed something to be said for the view that with both Eckhart and the postmodern the rhetoric appears fraught with anxiety, with a fear of the sign, a horror of the constative. Eckhart seems perpetually afflicted with a theological neurosis lest he get God idolatrously wrong, so he watches his theological language with a vigilance so anxious - violent even - as to arouse a suspicion that he writes as if striving for that which he also knows to be impossible, as if there were some superior ideal theological syntax reserved for addressing God in correctly, to which his rhetoric strains, deficiently, to attain or, as Derrida puts it, Eckhart's language strains for an impossible hyperessentiality - a...

General Lafeyette

Should you search through the scriptures of any divinely revealed religion, you will find that God has never sent His messengers to a place having no need of them-be it a town, a city, or a country that is fairly content, progressive, or spiritually aware Instead, such messengers seem to arise where they are needed most This was the condition in the ancient country of Persia (now called Iran) about 200 years ago. 4

The Waldensians

The Waldensians justified their evangelical call by a reading of Scripture that claimed that the Spirit's calling and Jesus' commissioning (Mark 16.15) did not need to be controlled by the hierarchy and that obedience was owed to God alone (Acts 5.29). The apostles, they said, were not formally educated, and Mary Magdalene and other women spread the good news. Inquisition records evidence Waldensian women preaching in houses and also publicly. They worked as healers and some apparently assumed sacerdotal functions.

Hebrews 1229

It is clear that the Lake of Fire represents both God's physical and spiritual cleansing on the Great White Throne Judgement Day. God's consuming fire will cleanse the earth physically by melting the elements, and spiritually by consuming the dross, scum and filth of wickedness and unbelief from the hearts of the resurrected unbelievers.


Spiritual believers in all past generations have experienced divine favor, healing included. The claims of so-called divine healers, however, assume and imply that to secure such healing it is needful to go to them. At least seven errors are nevertheless to be found in their teaching, and these should be taken up separately. 1. Healers alone control God's healing of the body. But any company of spiritual believers, if asked to do so, would testify of divine curing far beyond the claims of professional healers. If Christ bore all sickness the healing in answer to true faith should of course never fail, but it does. Isaiah 53 5 in this connection reads But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him and with his stripes we are healed. Reference here may well be to spiritual healing. The Old Testament, indeed, teaches both spiritual healing and physical healing (cf. Ps. 103 3). In Matthew 8 16-17 reference is made to...

B Jesus Reputation

One of the most compelling features of the whole sweep of ancient opinion regarding Jesus is his reputation as an exorcist and healer. It is no exaggeration to claim that it is one of the most widelv attested and firmlv established of the historical facts with which we have to deal.259 The outlines can be sketched in fairlv brieflv. (3) Witness to Jesus' fame as healer and exorcist is preserved outside Christian tradition more explicitlv. Josephus, as alreadv noted, describes Jesus as 'a doer of extraordinarv deeds' Ant. 18.63). Later Celsus, Origen's bete noire, attributed to Jesus 'certain magical powers' (Origen, contra Celsum 1.28, 68). (4) Not least of importance is the fact that Jesus' success as healer and exorcist is attested also in the sayings tradition. That is, he is recalled as referring to that success and drawing deductions from it. We have already laid out the key data 270 the Baptist's disciples are referred to Jesus' success in bringing about the healings that Isaiah...


387. 'The earliest sources portray Jesus as a teacher of wisdom. a sage' (Funk. Honest 143). On the relation between Jesus' healings and his mission Keck comments 'he was not a healer who found he had something to say but a teacher who found it necessary to heal' (Who Is Jesus 83).

The Humiliati

Also present with the Waldensians at the Third Lateran Council in 1179 were townspeople from Lombardy who sought permission to preach against heresy and to live in poverty but remain in their homes. The Humiliati attracted followers from various social classes, with a large proportion of women. All shared a spiritually based desire to live in community by their manual labour. They remained mostly in urban settings and sought independence for their way of life but without dissent from the doctrines and practices of the church. Jacques de Vitry reported that groups of Humiliati were living in Milan and its vicinity in the 1170s, but most evidence about them dates from the late Middle Ages. An anonymous chronicler of Laon, writing around 1180, compared the

Luke 161931

The rich man calls Abraham, Father Abraham, and Abraham calls him son, in verses 24 and 25 above. It is clear that the rich man is an Israelite, a direct physical descendant of Abraham through the spiritually rich line of Isaac and Jacob. The rich man represents all unbelieving Israelites who are olive branches that have been temporarily cut off from their own natural spiritually rich and royal Holy Olive Tree of Israel. (Romans 11 16-17) Let us now understand that Lazarus represents all of the Gentile Elect, who are naturally wild olive branches that are now grafted into the spiritually rich Holy Olive Tree of Israel. (Romans 11 19) The story of Jesus dealing with the Gentile Canaanite woman in Matthew 15 21-28, gives us the revelation of the identity of Lazarus as a Gentile Elect.

Matthew 152128

Beggar dependent on the crumbs that fell from the rich man's table. Lazarus also understood that his spiritual hunger could only be satisfied through the spiritually rich Abrahamic blessing given to the Jews, and ultimately through the Seed of Abraham, The first point to note from the parable of the rich man and Lazarus is the revelation of the spiritual truth that unbelieving Israelites have been temporarily broken off from their own spiritually rich natural Holy Olive Tree of Israel. This has happened in order to fulfill God's will to graft into the Holy Olive Tree of Israel, a set number of wild olive branches who are God's Gentile Elect. (Romans 11 16-20)

Luke 1622

In this verse, Lazarus after his death is pictured in Abraham's bosom. This is a beautiful spiritual picture of a Gentile believer grafted into the spiritually rich Holy Olive Tree of Israel represented by Abraham, the Father of the Jewish nation, to whom the Covenant to bless all the families of the earth was given. (Genesis 12 2-3)

Sopoian Gnosticism

Gnostic Christianity is by nature esoteric, which means for few. The Gnostic path, as a whole, is not meant for everyone and cannot be taken up by everyone. It is intended for individuals who are spiritually mature and who are actually ready for the mystical journey to enlightenment. As we shall see, Jesus himself did not teach and initiate everyone who came to him,- he taught and initiated only those who were ripe for the harvest. Nevertheless, the heart-wish of every Gnostic Christian is for the enlightenment and liberation of all living spirits and souls, and there are teachings and practices in Gnostic Christianity that are both powerful and practical, and that are useful and beneficial to anyone seeking to develop a spiritual life, who desire to experience a Spirit-connection. It is this dimension of Gnostic Christianity, and specifically of the Sophian tradition, that will be the focus of this book Gnostic teachings that support a basic spiritual practice and spiritual life....

Household Religion

Domestic spiritually was holistic in that it encompassed 'not only worship but instruction, governance, discipline, and the exercise of charity and justice'. Fasting was practised regularly. Household religion was inclusive of women. Many treatises regard women as deputy household priests able to take over should the male default (Tripp 1991 77-82). Children were integral members of the people of God. Their instruction began almost at birth and precocity in religion was not unusual, even though it might be difficult to distinguish 'playing church' from a real devotion. Servants were taught to read the Bible and were always included with the children in daily prayers. The Christian week more than the Christian year was the focus of devotion and all was an extension of worship in church on the Lord's Day, so that this spirituality was often liturgical in form, using prayer books of various kinds. The Lord's Day itself was 'the schoolday, the faire day, the market day, the feeding day of...

Luke 1624

The rich man humbly accepts that it is Lazarus the Gentile, rather than him, who is connected into the spiritually rich Holy Olive Tree of Israel, and it is Lazarus who has access to the Living Water flowing from the Seed of Abraham, Jesus Christ Himself. The rich man further understands and knows that even one drop of water, given to him by Lazarus who has access to the Living Water of Life, is sufficient to satisfy his spiritual thirst.

Luke 1625

This verse refers to the spiritually false self-exalting view of unbelieving Israelites who consider themselves as spiritually rich and the Gentiles as spiritually poor. The truth of the matter is quite the opposite. It is unbelieving Israelites who are spiritually very poor because they are broken off from their rich Holy Olive Tree of Israel. It is the believing Gentiles who are spiritually very rich, as they are grafted into the Holy Olive Tree of Israel and have therefore benefited because of the broken off Jewish branches.

On Evangelizing Jews

Now, if preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to Jews is an inherently anti-Semitic, spiritually genocidal act, then there is no escape for Christians we must indeed become spiritually genocidal anti-Semites, as improperly defined. But how can it be anti-Semitic to present the claims of Jesus Christ, born a Jew in Israel, and then ask that person to accept Jesus as His personal Savior We are inviting him to become part of the true Israel Paul wrote For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh (Philippians 3 3). Paul made it very clear the Church of Jesus Christ is the true Israel For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature. And as many as walk according to this rule, peace be on them, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God (Galatians 6 15-16).

The Great Awakening

Much, if not more, under the influence of French Enlightenment thinking as Christianity. This view conveniently ignores the dramatic spiritual impact of America's Great Awakening, which began around 1734. This was a nationwide Christian revival that not only re-stoked America's spiritual flames, but provided a unity and cohesiveness to the colonies that was lacking in the first century and a half of their history.10 America truly found itself spiritually during this period, honing its unique cultural identity centered on Christian principles.

Women Anargyroi

Disappointingly, there is no echo in Orthodox iconography of women Anargyroi nor is the title unequivocally given to any women saints. Nevertheless, Euboule, the mother of Panteleimon, and Theodote, the mother of the Syrian Kosmas and Damianos, are represented as assistants to their sons and are far from unknown amongst Orthodox Christians. Traditions relating to Anysia of Thessalonica (d. 298) indicate that she worked as a nurse, but emphasize her missionary endeavours and martyrdom. Women healers are not remarkable because women saints were generally presented as nursing the sick and performing miracle cures. It might be assumed that the established Church overlooked women active in the field of medicine. However, the Menaia specifically commemorate Sophia the Physician (Iatraina) and it is likely that she is one of the missing women Anargyroi. Presumably, careful study of the manuscripts would unearth information about Christian women healers and other forgotten Anargyroi.


One of the great temptations which arises from knowing the true God is to become spiritually selfish. We can be so satisfied with our own personal relationship with God, so absorbed in our own personal Bible study and spirituality, that we can neglect to share these things with others - both our fellow-believers and the world around us. The Word of God and the true Gospel which is found in it, is likened to a light or lamp burning in the darkness (Ps. 119 105 Prov. 4 18). Jesus pointed out that no one who has

Shades of Islam

If in fact Wahhabis are correct, then a great many Muslims around the world are not truly Muslim, and European communities often draw on traditions that are anathema to the Saudi establishment. Around the Mediterranean, established religious forms, whether Catholic or Muslim, merge with popular religious beliefs that a strict observer might call superstitious. In Algeria, the lived religion of ordinary believers usually focused on holy men, wandering marabouts, who were channels of divine blessing, baraka. After death, their power survived at the sites of their tombs, which became venerated shrines and pilgrimage centers, around which annual fairs are held. Festivals are celebrated with ritual dramas. Nothing in this picture would have surprised the medieval Christian devotee of his or her own saints. Ordinary north African Muslims, moreover, often have a lively belief in spirits or djinn, and a powerful belief in fate or destiny is indicated by the regular use of the word mektoub (...

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