Kant, Immanuel (1724-1804); goal of Enlightenment according to, 3, 115-16, 143; involvement in pantheism controversy by, 6, 136-37; limited influence of, 117, 176-77 n.1; moral theory of, foreshadowed by Lessing, 149 n. 17, 157 n. 38

Kierkegaard, S0ren (1813-1855), 61, 149 n. 18 Kleist, Edwald von (1715-1759), 17, 154 n. 14 Klose, Samuel Benjamin (1734-1798), 17

idealism, philosophical, 89-90,117,139,165 n. 55,171 n. 6 (see also philosophy)

inquisition, 150-51 n.34 (see also Goeze, Johann Melchior, as "the Inquisitor")

interim; attitude required by, 175 n. 50; characteristics of, 79;

as one of three periods of history, 108 See also history, present, as interim; Joachim of Fiore intolerance. See tolerance, religious

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