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Shyness And Social Anxiety System

The Shyness and Social Anxiety System is just as its name says. It is an e-book wherein in-depth discussions about the symptoms, causes and treatment for shyness and social anxiety are made. It is then written for individuals whose extreme shyness or social anxiety prevent them from enjoying a full life filled with social interactions among their family, friends and acquaintances in gatherings during holidays, outings and parties. The author Sean Cooper also suffered from shyness and social anxiety disorder so much so that he tried every trick in the book yet to no avail. And then he set out to conquer his own fears by researching into the psychology, principles and practices behind these two debilitating mental health issues. Read more here...

Shyness And Social Anxiety System Summary


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Contents: EBook
Author: Sean Cooper
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Price: $47.00

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My Shyness And Social Anxiety System Review

Highly Recommended

The writer presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this manual are precise.

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Dissolve Social Anxiety Home Recovery Program

Here are the benefits youll receive when you sign up for the Dissolve Social Anxiety Program: Get to the Root of your Social Anxiety so you can fully recover. Find out why its Not You thats the cause of your Social Anxiety Disorder. Breakdown Beliefs that fuel social anxiety, to start making changes immediately. Discover how emotions are controlling you, and learn how to stop emotions from controlling your life. Create a new belief system and life story that will become an unshakable foundation so social anxiety never controls you, ever again. Develop new Life Skills, not only to conquer social anxiety, but dissolve virtually Any chronic anxiety or depression that comes along with your social phobia. Get Social Confidence in the way that works best for you, not someone else (this is not a cookie cutter approach Im teaching here). Learn and sharpen social skills to have great social interactions with anyone. Program Features: Instant Access to Twelve (12) life-changing modules to build the skill set to finally dissolve your social anxiety. Practical & Experiential Learning guided exercises to help create new awareness, anxiety reduction/elimination, and new possibilities for Self-Confidence And Social Action. Each module has homework to help reinforce the learning, along with practices to support you in your recovery and transforming your life. Customization for Your specific social anxiety issues and recovery goals. Complete with streaming Video Modules, downloadable MP3 Audio files, Pdf handouts (Just your web browser and Adobe Reader are required) Immediately delivery with a personal membership login for the modules (and question submissions if you purchase a higher level package) Read more here...

Dissolve Social Anxiety Home Recovery Program Summary

Contents: Online Course
Author: David Hamilton
Official Website:

Social Anxiety Solutions Social Confidence System

Learn Secrets To: Annihilate All Social Anxiety Without Doing Scary Exposures. Be Yourself And Feel Naturally Confident In All Social Situations. Enjoy Social Situations And Build Satisfying Relationships And Friendships. By Going Through The Scs Youll Be Able To Feel better and get results Fast because we use the most effective and efficient techniques from the best therapies and methods out there put on steroids by combining them with the most powerful technique of them all; Eft. Broaden your comfort zone, raise your confidence, and eliminate your social anxiety in the most comfortable, yet Most Effective and Efficient way possible. Feel comfortable and at ease in all social situations, actually having fun in them. Overcome excessive negative emotions: Neutralize shame and embarrassment and stop blushing, panicking and sweating. Release any upset, anxiety or shame related to certain key negative people from your past so you wont fear running into these people any longer because you know you can calmly face them. Destroy your fear of rejection, feel comfortable when you are the center of attention and calmly deal with criticism. Read more here...

Social Anxiety Solutions Social Confidence System Summary

Contents: 20 EFT Tapping Videos, 50 EFT Audios, 50 Articles
Creator: Sebastiaan van der Schrier
Official Website:
Price: $197.00

Social Anxiety Survivor

The course is designed in a step-by-step fashion and you can follow the course at your own pace. I recommend that you take 4 weeks to complete the course and allow yourself enough time to understand all the information and do all the exercises. Social Anxiety Survivor system is based on cognitive behavioral therapy and also includes aditional techniques from other types of social phobia treatment. These techniques are necessary for quick recovery because they provide the solution for the areas where other programs fail. This system is specialized for overcoming social phobia and thus gives much better results than other programs that treat generalized anxiety. Read more here...

Social Anxiety Survivor Summary

Contents: Online Course
Creator: Andrej Sosic
Official Website:
Price: $97.00

Get Rid Of Your Shyness

Here's a sneak peak at what is inside the book! Does it help to keep a diary of personal thoughts? (Yes, it does and I will show you how to use a diary to understand your inner most thoughts and how to conquer shyness!) Find out why you became shy and have feelings of social anxiety, and what caused them. (You'll be surprised at the answer.) Why do some people seem to always be happy and get up with a smile on their face and others do not? Do feelings of shyness and fear of social interaction ever go away? (Find out how to use the power of your innermost thoughts and feelings to help get rid of your shyness and stop your fears.) Why do you feel unworthy, unappreciated and unloved? (The answer to this will really surprise you.) How do you get started with connecting with your inner most thoughts and feelings? (I'll show you how step by step inside the book.) What you value can make a huge difference on why you are shy or not. Find out what value has to do with feelings of inner self esteem and confidence. Why do you fear what others think of you? How do you stop worrying about making mistakes or saying the wrong thing or sounding funny? What does forgiveness and being forgiven have to do with self love and self confidence? How does what you think make or break your success with getting rid of your shyness and social anxiety? How to understand your thoughts and feelings so you talk to yourself with a kind voice and finally let go of your fear.

Get Rid Of Your Shyness Summary

Contents: Ebook, 2 Audios
Author: Rita G. Henderson
Official Website:
Price: $27.00

The Roman Popes Damasus and Praetextatus

Praetextatus and Damasus moved in the same social circles, one as a civil leader and one as a religious leader. Praetextatus supported Damasus against the rival Ursinians and was responsible for their exile, and Damasus supported Praetextatus in secular affairs. As praetorian prefect Praetextatus governed as a member of the traditional elite pagan Roman aristocracy. Pope Damasus was his Christian counterpart, who governed a Roman church that was a splendid Christian parallel to the elite social interactions of the pagan aristocracy. To many Roman aristocrats, the church's growing wealth, power, and social exclusivity appealed as much as any religious doctrine, and this status appeal accounted for the religious conversion of many Roman aristocrats. But Damasus' aim was not merely to swell the membership of the church. He wanted to reinvent Rome as the primate see of the church, a new Christian caput mundi, head of the world. To accomplish this, he first needed to strengthen the office...

Subalterns identity politics and Christian theology in India

All three communities outside the caste society (Paraiyar, Arundhathiyar and Irrullar) are socially marginalized and economically exploited, currently working as agricultural labourers on the lands owned by the caste community, and yet their inter-relationships among themselves are played out as if they have internalized the mindset of caste society. They live in their own separate geographical spaces and have their own cultural and religious shrines and festivals. Moreover, they tend to view their social interactions within a hierarchical framework. Thus, there is an implicit aversion to inter-dining and there is an explicit rejection of inter-marriage between themselves as communities. In fact, they informed us that some of the major clashes between these communities emanated either from differences about interpretations of the role that one of these communities ought to have played in the other's religious festivals or from romances that had taken place across their conventionally...

The Participant Theory of History and the Ancient Hebrews

Whereas earlier, Douglas Knight said, Israel's tradition process presupposed that not only Israel's law but its general religious meanings were revised to fit new social situations, and that the people played an indispensable role in that revision, Knight gets at the participatory, tradition-creating process by connecting changes in religious tradition to changes in the revelation of God. First, past tradition provides the framework in terms of which past revelation is understood and present revelation can occur. Secondly, because traditions fit specific situations and because situations are constantly changing, new renditions of the tradition must be made, and, thus, new revelations occur. Thirdly, the new revelations are channeled to the future by a continuity among traditions through time. Of course, none of this implies that revelation is progressive. (What would progress mean, how would it be even measured, without some fixed standard of meaning, which the tradition process...

Christological shaping sociality

In chapter 2, I stressed the importance of sociality by noting that, metaphorically, it is to be ascribed to the second person of the Trinity. Through this chapter, the implications of this claim are being explored. We have seen through the last section - in the exploration of nature as extra nos and pro nobis - that spatiality and temporality are analytic to sociality. How could there be social interactions, which the concept of sociality as transcendental indicates, without space and time. The condition of society thereby requires the conditions of space and time. However, given its importance in the argument, I propose, through this section, to offer more detail on the concept of sociality.34

Voices Of Social Concern

Catholics to become engaged in the modern world and its social problems. Since the social situations in many South and Central American countries was such that 90 percent of the people were counted among the poor, in 1968 the Catholic bishops of South America called on all Catholics to become involved in social issues. They also declared that the church should give special consideration, a preferential option, to the poor.

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Develop The Guts To Talk With Anyone

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