Acknowledgements vii

List of Contributors ix

Introduction: Of Two Minds 1

John Or me Mills

1. The Limits of Displacement: two disciplines face each other 13

Eileen Marker

2. Displacements and Reinstatements: the relations between sociology and theology considered in their changing intellectual context 23

Christopher Harris

Responses by

Mary Ilesse, Fergus Kerr, JNicholas Lash

3. The Sociological Mode and the Theological

Vocabulary 47

David Martin

4. Theodicy and Social Theory: an exploration of the limits of collaboration between sociologist and theologian 61

W.S.F. Pickering

5. The Rational System of Beliefs 85

IV. Donald Hudson

6. From Sociology to Theology 110

Robin Gill

7. The Sociology of Roman Catholic Theology 130

Gregory Dawn

8. God, Man and Media: on a problem arising when theologians speak of the modern world 148

John Orme Mills

9. Relativizing the Relativizers: a theologian's assessment of the role ol' sociological explanation of religious phenomena and theology today 165

Timothy Radcliffe

10. I"heology and Sociology: what point is there in keeping the distinction? 178

An tome Lion

Epilogue: Many Voices 201

Robert Towler

Select Bibliography 209

Index of Authors, Biblical Names and Sources 217

The Editors thank The Christendom Trust, which gave grants towards financing the meetings of the Symposium at Oxford in 1978 and 1979 from which this hook came. They also express their gratitude to the Dominican Order - to the Master of the Order and the General Council in Rome, for enabling John O. Mills, O.P., to carry a considerable amount of the burden of ediing, to the Prior and Community of Blackfriars, Oxford, for their hospitality in permitting the Symposium to meet there, and to the theologian, the late Cornelius Ernst, O.P., who, shortly before his death, when the first meeting of the Symposium was being prepared, gave invaluable advice. Contributors as well as Editors regret that it is impossible to mention individually the numerous sociologists, anthropologists, philosopher« and theologians in Europe and America for whose comments during the writing of this text they are most grateful. Peter Moscarella is thanked for helping to prepare part of the text. The Editors also extend their appreciation to Rodney Needham in quoting from his Belitj, Language and Experience.

Oxford, January 1979

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