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Preface to the English Edition

Special thanks to the Templeton Foundation Press, especially Laura Barrett and Joanna Hill, for making the translation possible and for guiding the project toward completion April Wilson, Chicago, for her impressive perseverance in editing text, quotes and references Professor Neil Spurway, Glasgow, for his thoughtful comments on the whole text Professors John Albright, Mark Bangert, Ralph Klein and Audrey West, Chicago, and Dr. Stefan Vogt, Argonne National Laboratory, for their helpful suggestions on parts of the text.

Secular Vatican Mussolini to Mafia

The doctrine is important only because it is the product sold by the institution which the British writer David Yallop has called Vatican Incorporated. Its 'religion' -under the name of 'Judeo-Christian values' is now little more than a political slogan -just as 'secularism' has become in India and some other former colonies.17 The Vatican today is essentially a multinational business enterprise, a holding company with investments in many corporations, possibly including those that make firearms and missiles, and, surprise of surprises - birth control pills. But for those employed by Vatican Inc., it is often a very comfortable life indeed. Its one redeeming feature is that it can provide employment to people who might otherwise be unemployable.

The Caribbean and Britain

The November 1971 meeting of the Caribbean Ecumenical Consultation for Development was a first effort to break with the prevailing Eurocentric missiol-ogy. The essays in Troubling of the Waters (Hamid 1973) represent an effort to theologize from this new standpoint. Under the rubric of Caribbean theology, Noel Erskine (1998) and Kortright Davis (1982, 1983, 1990) have advanced the complex question of identity in the region, while Lewin Williams (1994) pressed the question in geopolitical terms. These theologians owe a debt to the pioneering work of Leonard E. Barrett, whose Soul-Force (1974) argued the persistent and pervasive influence of African religio-cultural heritages in the Caribbean diaspora. But, to date, the most trenchant black political theology in the Caribbean has come from Rastafarian musician Bob Marley.

Accessorized identities

That we are deriving our identities, our deepest sense of who we are, from the products we consume is a predictable enough phenomenon that market analysts have assigned names to our clustered purchasing habits. The marketing research firm Claritas has developed an index of lifestyle profiles they have named PRIZM (Potential Rating Index for ZIP Markets) that clusters Americans on the basis of their patterns of consumption.17 They have isolated 62 clusters, and given them colorful names such as money and brains, young literati, single city blues, new empty nests, urban achievers, black enterprise, shotguns and pickups, norma rae-ville, and bohemian mix. Within each cluster, they can predict the mail order catalogues, dot.coms or chain stores its inhabitants are likely to shop from, the pet breeds they prefer, the magazines they subscribe to, the media they tune into, the vegetables they like to eat, the beverages and snacks they favor, the sports they play, the cars they drive, the...

Why is life not fair After death what happens to the good and evil

But even those of us who can resign ourselves to the unfairness of the distribution of natural talents and, even worse, the unfairness of the distribution of health and happiness in this life are affronted by the success of those who appear to be evil. The leaders of the crime syndicates, business operators with vast financial empires put together on the fringes of the law, corrupt political leaders, manufacturers of hand guns and ammunition, producers of trashy movies and commercials all seem to be making it big while we live decent, hard-working lives and barely seem to make it at all.

You Must Realize That You Are Good

The British did ask that Americans (remember Americans then were British citizens) to house British troops. That was a practice that all of the entire British empire had to cooperate with. The conditions in those days, not only encouraged it, but almost demanded it. They did not have nail guns, and prefab military barracks in those days. With the housing and building situation in the colonies it was obviously the best solution, and most colonists did not object. (Actually, most British troops prior to the Revolution went to the British West Indies. During the Amer. Revolution the British kept a large military presence there against Spain and France, including large Naval forces because the West Indies were to many British strategists more valuable to protect.)

Mission and evangelism evangelical and pentecostal theologies in Asia

The term pentecostal (lower case 'p') is used as defined above and distinguished from classical Pentecostals (upper case 'P') here. See further David B. Barrett, et al. (eds.), World Christian Encyclopaedia (Oxford and New York Oxford University Press, 2001), vol. I, pp. 27 30 and Hwa Yung., 'Pentecostalism and the Asian Church', in Allan Anderson and Edmund Tang (eds.), Asian and Pentecostal The Charismatic Face of Asian Christianity (Oxford Regnum, 2005), pp. 37 57.

Imitation Versus Admiration Of Christ

69 Barrett (2002 105) identifies the imitation of Christ in Kierkegaard's theology as 'the functional equivalent of the third use of the law' in Lutheran doctrine in that it serves as 'a stimulus and guide for the good works that are the fruit of faith'. Contra this interpretation, see Hall (2002 16-22). See also The Book of Concord (2000 502-3).

Marxist Parties in Israel

Mapai tried to join the Moscow International, but was not permitted to because of minor stipulations. It generally has a line of policy similar to Irgun and the Fighters for Freedom. It stands for close cooperation with the Soviets . A little publicized fact is that Soviet arms have now been issued to all Israel troops . Recent Hebrew victories have been won with Soviet guns. (From Jerusalem Calling, organ of the Sternist, now Herut, Fighters for Freedom, September 3, 1948, 149 Second Avenue, New York)

The Church with All Its Lights On

Kurian, and Todd M. Johnson, World Christian Encyclopedia, 2nd ed. (New York Oxford University Press, 2001), 12-15. Source David B. Barrett, George T. Kurian, and Todd M. Johnson, World Christian Encyclopedia, 2nd ed. (New York Oxford University Press, 2001), 12-15.

New Responsibilities for Black Political Theologies

Fourth, from the slave trade to the near-genocidal removal of the Taino and Carib peoples, from the white planter's rape of black women to the KKK's lynching and castration of black men, from the murder of Steve Biko to the murder of Stephen Lawrence, violence has marked global black human living decisively. But African and African-descended peoples are not always the victims of institutionalized or random hate-crime violence black peoples also perpetrate violence against one another and others. This situation suffers from the absence of full-throated black political theological critique. In the Caribbean, black political theology ought to no longer tolerate the brutal gang violence that wastes the blood and potential of black youth. In the United States, black political theology needs to condemn forthrightly the drugs and guns so glorified by hip-hop artists who imitate thug life. Womanist Cheryl Kirk-Duggan (2001) has made a good start on this analysis, but much more is needed. In...

The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

In response to the invasion, the then king of Ethiopia, Labna Dangal, appealed to the Portuguese for help. Ethiopia had been establishing contacts with first the Florentines and Rome and then the Portuguese since the second half of the fifteenth century, and reciprocal embassies had passed between Lisbon and the Ethiopian court. Ethiopian interest in Europe was as much prompted by a desire for technological advances, particularly in weapons and firearms. European interest in Ethiopia was rather fired by the legends of Prester John and the discovery of a potential Christian ally beyond the Islamic world. Portuguese help did not arrive until 1541, by which time Labna Dangal was dead and his successor, Galawdewos, was on the throne, but within two years Ahmad Gran was dead and his armies defeated and dispersed.

A The Conversion of Saul

The three accounts of Paul's conversion in Acts are occasionally treated synopti-cally (e.g., C. W. Hedrick, 'Paul's Conversion Call A Comparative Analysis of the Three Reports in Acts', JBL 100 1981 415-32 C. K. Barrett, Acts 1-14 ICC Edinburgh Clark, 1994 439-45), but their value as examples of the way oral tradition functioned has thus far not really been appreciated.


Furthermore, I think it is fair to say that there is much more good than evil in the human world. Consider the constant opportunities available for malice, opportunities that would result in no punishment at all. We can assume, with almost total certainty, that if we ask strangers for the time, they will not look at the time and subtract 10 minutes just to make sure we are late for whatever appointment we are rushing. Is it not wondrous that I regularly find myself around many omnivorous animals armed with teeth and guns (I am in Texas ), but I have not yet suffered serious harm from them At least on the assumption that these omnivorous animals were created by an evil being, there would be some cause for surprise. When the rules of morality are transgressed, rarely are they transgressed wantonly. Granted, there have been genocides of massive proportions. But it is noteworthy that even there, there tends to be a background that makes the cruelty not be entirely wanton a destructive...

The cyborg

To fully appreciate the subtle ways in which borging ourselves reconfigures the human consciousness, think about the effects of pop music on one's mood, or on romance and commitment. Pop music, like most music today, is not just musicians playing instruments. It is most immediately sound waves being emitted by electronic devices, a technology that has permitted us to surround our lives with recordings of musicians playing instruments. In the opening scene of High Fidelity, Rob, whose girlfriend has finally had enough and has just stormed out the door of their apartment with her bags packed, lifts the headphones from his ears, turns to the camera, and says, What came first The music or the misery People worry about kids playing with guns or watching violent videos, that some sort of culture of violence will take them over. Nobody worries about kids listening to songs, literally thousands of songs, about heartbreak, rejection, pain, misery and loss. Behind him are thousands of LPs,...

Gavin DCosta

To complement this overview, it will be helpful to survey briefly the figures for 1991 regarding the numerical strengths of world religions. After Christians (roughly 1 billion), Muslims are the largest religious group (962 million), followed by Hindus (721 million), with Buddhists forming less than half the number of Hindus (327 million). New religions, notoriously difficult to classify, number some 119 million, followed by another amorphous classification, tribal religions which constitute roughly 99 million. Finally, and in Western consciousness far more prominent, come Sikhs with nearly 19 million and Jews, with nearly 18 million (Barrett 1991 72-3).

No Ten Commandments

The Tennessee ACLU filed suit, requesting a federal judge to issue a preliminary injunction ordering the county to remove the Ten Commandments. Attorneys representing the county argued that the Ten Commandments were historical as well as religious, and that their historical role should not be suppressed because of their religious overtones. George Barrett, the attorney arguing on behalf of the ACLU's position, said, History is replete with the disaster of government supporting one religion over another. There is nothing more divisive than this. The founders were clearly mindful of that history- 40 U.S. District Judge Robert Echols granted the injunction and ordered that the display be removed.