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Sex without Ends

The history of modern sex can be told as a turn inward, toward sexual subjectivity over against social constraints, toward personal fulfillment over against economic alliances and household management, toward love over against procreation. Modern sex, at its best, is an inter-subjective reality. It is an expression of the sexual self, and the self is drawn, through this need for expression, into relationships that are conceived as sexual. Those who identify a relationship as something social, as a marriage or friendship, are likely to identify a distinct sexual relationship that coexists along with or within their practical or public relationships. This relation between the sexual self and a discrete sexual sphere corresponds, ironically, with the dominance of an impersonal industrial economy and anonymous political relations. While sex has been freed, supposedly, from social and economic constraints, the very idea of a pre-social sexual sphere has come to serve contractual...

Zulaikhas Feelings for Joseph

Zalimun (wrong, evildoers) will never be successful. Indeed she did desire him and he would have inclined to her desire had he not seen the evidence of his Lord. Thus it was, that We might turn away from evil and illegal sexual intercourse. Surely, he was one of Our chosen, guided slaves. (Ch 12 23-24)

Whos on Top Sex Talk Power and Resistance

For all of the titillation about thongs and cigars, the story of the impeachment and trial of William Jefferson Clinton was not so much about sex as it was When has discourse about sex ever been exclusively about sex Moreover, has there ever been a time when sex itself was not also about power Peter Baker's observation that the Clinton scandal was about power states the obvious to those who have followed the debates of feminist and cultural critics over the last several decades.1 Of course the impeachment was about power, power framed and negotiated in terms of accusations about sex. The trial of a former American president is only the most recent example of a long history of the intersection of sex and politics. Charges of sexual misconduct of various kinds against leaders of all sorts have frequently served as important rhetorical weapons. Indeed, at about the same time that former President Clinton was apologizing for misleading the American people about his extramarital affair,...

The Bible An Anthology On Incest

INCEST SEXUAL INTERCOURSE BETWEEN TWO PERSONS WHO ARE TOO CLOSELY RELATED. The Oxford Dictionary adds the words TO MARRY. Whilst in the middle of this research, I was visited by two Bible peddlers on a Sunday morning at home. They came to give me solutions to the problems of the world from the Holy Bible. I changed the subject, and I suggested to them that I was on the verge of writing an anthology on Incest. 1 asked, whether they knew the meaning of the word INCEST They said that they knew. 1 explained the meaning to them. It was about having sexual intercourse between . . . father and daughters, between son and mother, between father-in-law and daughter-in-law, between brother and sister.

Penetrating Leviticus

The only reason, according to this text, that unmarried women should not excite each other sexually is because it might lead to immorality - that is, sex with men 10 Female samesex practices just do not belong to the same category as male anal intercourse any more than other forms of male same-sex stimulation. We see from here, moreover, that the notion that the Talmud, like Queen Victoria, just didn't believe in the possibility of female homo-eroticism, is not a true assumption. It was understood that women could pleasure each other, but this did not form a single category with male intercourse. Male anal intercourse is sui generis, and its genus is clearly not, then, in any way identical to our category of homosexuality. This provides us then with further evidence that not only is there no category, no species of human being, of the homosexual, there is, in fact, no category formed by same-sex acts per se either. Neither people nor acts are taxonomized merely by the gender of the...

Sex women children marriage and the family

We have noted that at least from the time of Paul virginity was esteemed above the married state. Yet, except in some of the minority groups, such as the Marcionites, marriage was not proscribed. In the case of the death of one partner, a second marriage was forbidden by the stricter elements in the Church, but was eventually permitted by the more lenient. A third marriage was regarded as evil. Sexual intercourse outside of marriage was sternly interdicted and within marriage was permitted only for the procreation of children. Divorce was not allowed, except after the violation of the marriage bond by one of its partners. Sexual offenses were by no means unknown among Christians, but they were long held to exclude the offender from the Church. Later, as we have noted, restoration was permitted after due repentance and discipline. Civil law forbade a woman of high degree to marry a man of lower social rank, a freedman, or a slave, and decreed that if she disobeyed she would sink to the...

The black body sex sexuality and sexual orientation

Womanist theology in the United States presents one way of probing the experience of black embodiment and of contesting the biased ways in which African American women have been and continue to be perceived in African American religious, cultural, and interpersonal contexts (Cannon 1995 Williams 1993 Gilkes 2001). As a critical discursive strategy, womanist analysis proposes an esthetics capable and worthy of reclaiming and caring for black women's (and men's) minds, hearts, bodies, sex, and sexuality (hooks 1992 Townes 1998). Kelly Brown Douglas critiques not only the racism that has led to the domination and demonization of black bodies, but black theology's and the black church's avoidance of constructive discourse about sex and sexuality. Douglas also questions the neglect of HIV AIDS which has placed black bodies at grave risk on a global scale (Douglas 1999 22, 87-108, 139-41). Without dismissing the gravity of this neglect and the responsibility of theology and church, James...

National Endowment for the Arts

Such disgusting displays and productions are hardly unusual for the NEA. The NEA gave a 31,500 grant to The Watermelon Woman, a black history film described by one reviewer as the hottest dyke sex scene ever recorded on celluloid. It gave 36,500 to The Dinner Party, a 140-foot triangle portraying the imagined genitalia of thirty-nine historically important women, including Susan B. Anthony and Georgia O'Keefe The NEA also made a handsome grant to Highways, a Santa Monica performance center, where genitalia and homoerotic exhibitionism are mainstays ' This fine institution presented Boys R Us, which it promoted as our continuing series of hot summer nights with hot fags, and Not for Republicans, which featured as one of its topics, sex with Newt Gingrich's mom.

Dont Tell Me What To Do with My Body Sexual Control and Church Decline

But subjected to strict regulation and containment, with women's sexual activity being particularly harshly monitored and controlled. Beneath a new ideal of companionate marriage old ideas of men as sexually active and women as sexless angels who must never take the sexual initiative remained influential. The only appropriate sphere for sexual activity, particularly for women, was that of marriage, and the only appropriate end the reproduction of the family.12 Both men and women came under enormous pressure to marry, particularly if they were known to be having sex with one another. Women who had a child out of wedlock suffered enormous social disgrace and material hardship, with welfare provisions for single mothers tending to become even more punitive in the postwar period, and some single mothers - in the UK at least - even being placed in asylums for the mentally ill or disabled.13 In arguing that the sexual revolution played an important role in secularization I am not,...

Pro Life Victims and Victims of Homosexual Violence Dont Count

And where was the media outrage when middle-aged Chicago churchgoer Mary Stachowicz was allegedly killed by her nineteenyear-old homosexual coworker, Nicholas Gutierrez Chicago police said Gutierrez confessed to killing Stachowicz in his apartment after she questioned him about his lifestyle. She asked, Why do you have sex with boys instead of girls This allegedly prompted Gutierrezaccording to a state's attorney-to punch, kick, and stab her until he got tired, at which point he put a plastic garbage bag over her head and strangled her. Next he crammed her body into a crawlspace under his apartment floor. As columnist Rod Dreher aptly noted, there was no moral difference between this act and the murder of homosexual Matthew Shepard by three rednecks.

Mystics and Troubadours

The parallel to Ovid among monastic writers was the erotic imagery of the Song of Songs. If this is the age of Ovid, it is also the age of the Song of Songs reaching its apogee in Bernard's extensive sermons on the text and the literary descriptions by women mystics - cloistered and non-cloistered -of their ecstatic experiences and raptures. The latter have long intrigued and puzzled their readers. Graphic images portray these saintly women in ways that depict them in an orgasm with an arrow through the heart. And their own writings provide erotic descriptions of their union with God. Markale provides a few examples. St. Gertrude (1256-1302) ''My heart craves the kiss of your love, my soul thirsts for common in the twelfth century. The teaching of Mary's immaculate conception - that Mary was conceived without sin - while having some patristic roots, was developed in eleventh-century England and introduced into France in the mid-twelfth century. Marian devotion and Mariology often were...

Every Reference Is From The Holy Bible

SON COHABITS WITH HIS MOTHER Reuben the eldest son of Jacob, in the absence of his father, had sexual intercourse with his father's wife and Israel (another name for Jacob) heard it. This episode was reported to him, but he did not fume or spank his son for his naughty behaxiour Nor did God have a single word of reproach for him. (had sexual intercourse with her)

The Economic Trinity The Single Gendered Drama Continues

Balthasar plumbs profound themes in this passage. However, in relation to our question, one should note that Christ is the origin of the church (which is drawn from his own substance ), as analogously, the Father is the origin of Christ (who is drawn from the Father's own substance). This over-masculinizing of the Father and now of Christ (and therefore of Adam) means that the church is primarily feminine receptivity, embodied in Mary, the first of all creatures. Admittedly she is analogous to the way that the Son is suprafeminine in his begottenness from the Father, the first before all creation. But note here the same slippage as appeared in the immanent Trinity, and how the mirroring of that frozen frame in which the Father's supramasculine primacy was asserted, now re-emerges in the Son and has to assert itself in the economic order. Hence, a reciprocal fruitfulness is surpassed by the Son's suprasexual fruitfulness - causing a rather disturbing relapse into the Aristotelian...

Feminism Colonialism and Christianity

The encounter between Western colonizing culture and indigenous cultures often involved thorny questions pertaining to women's roles and female sexuality, notably veiling, polygamy, child-marriage, footbinding, and sati. As an integral part of the colonialist agenda, saving colonized women from their oppression, ignorance, and heathenism appealed to the compassion of Westerners (Narayan 1997 17) and garnered support for Christian missions. To challenge the collusion of Christianity with colonialism and the predominantly Eurocentric interpretations of the missionary movement, feminist political theology from the South uses several methodologies questioning missionary sexual theology, unmasking the impact of a monotheistic and androcentric theology on religiously pluralistic cultures, and ideological critique of Christian symbolism.

There Shall Be No Porneia Among The Saints

First Corinthians 7 addressed sexual intercourse within marriage, widows, divorce, marriage to unbelievers, virgins, the unmarried, and the importance of remaining in the state in which one was called (slave free male female married unmarried).130 An overarching theme of this complicated passage is the problem of desire Paul recommends marriage for those who cannot keep desire in check.133 For those capable of self-control, celibacy was the better choice.134 Paul was so anxious about out-of-control desire that he settled for marriage as a caution against porneia. He suggests that those who had married should remain as they are (i.e., they should stay married) but offers practical and eschatological reasons for his counsel, not an endorsement of sexual intercourse.135 To Paul, it is preferable for virgins (parthenoi) to remain virgins since the unmarried woman or virgin is anxious about the things of the Lord, that she be holy in body and spirit (1 Cor 7 34). Still, he further...

Love and the Individual Abelard and Bernard

Augustine, of course, was not alone in bequeathing this kind of double-think about sexual relations to the West. The church fathers of the second to fifth centuries all privileged virginity and justified sexual relations in marriage by procreation. On the one hand, the Genesis 1 26 ff. creation account states that Adam and Eve are told by God ''Be fruitful and multiply.'' On the other hand, in Genesis 4 1 f, ''the man knew his wife Eve, and she conceived and bore Cain.'' Since the doctrines of the faith. Bernard's point of view, echoing that of Gregory the Great (d. 604), is that love, not reason, is the knowing faculty of the human mind (''Amor ipse intellectus est,'' ''love itself is a form of knowing''). By ''knowing'' the mystic means more than acquisition of information and concepts, but rather awareness, experiential union, in the sense that the Hebrew Bible uses ''knowing'' for sexual intercourse. Love is the affective ascent to union with God. The person who does not love does...

Be Subject To Ruling Authorities

Having argued that those who do wrong are condemned to the wrath of God,96 Paul now places rulers in the position of those who, knowingly or unknowingly, carry out God's wrath against those who commit evil. Still, he prefaces these comments by noting that the beloved (i.e., the Christ followers) ought not to avenge themselves but give place to the wrath in other words, God will take care of them. He further reminds his audience that the hour is near (Rom 12 19, 13 11). Since the day is at hand, believers ought to conduct themselves in a presentable manner (eusche-monos), not in reveling, drunkenness, beds koitais, euphemistic for sexual indulgence , licentiousness aselgeiais , quarreling and jealousy. Rather, they ought to put on the Lord Jesus Christ and avoid the flesh and its desires (Rom 13 13-14). The saints ought to submit to the rulers, since, as doers of good rather than doers of evil, they should have no reason to fear them. Paul characteristically defined good (agathos) here...

Primary errors made by Allegro are Highlighted In Red

Somehow man had to establish communications with the source of the world's fertility, and thereafter maintain a right relationship with it. Over the course of time he built up a body of experiential knowledge of rituals that he or his representatives could perform, or words to recite, which were reckoned to have the greatest influence on this fertility deity. At first they were largely imitative. If rain in the desert lands was the source of life, then the moisture from heaven must be only a more abundant kind of spermatozoa. If the male organ ejaculated this precious fluid and made life in the woman, then above the skies the source of nature's semen must be a mighty penis, as the earth which bore its offspring was the womb. It followed therefore that to induce the heavenly phallus to complete its orgasm, man must stimulate it by sexual means, by singing, dancing, orgiastic displays and, above all, by the performance of the copulatory act itself

State Endorsement of Non Christian Values and Hypocrisy in Our Culture

California is unfortunately not the only state that has dealt with the issue of the homosexuality of foster parents, as gay-inspired aggression against Larry Phillips of Missouri demonstrates. Phillips, who was a social worker at the Kansas City office of the Missouri Division of Family Services, said that his supervisor-who described himself as an in-your-face queer who gets angrier every day -told him that he was being intolerant and that his religious beliefs were affecting his ability to perform his job effectively. Why One reason was that Phillips questioned the placement of a child with a lesbian foster parent, another was that he took a stand opposing a sexually explicit brochure that his supervisor required all his subordinates to carry and distribute to foster children. The brochure was called What They Won't Teach You in School and contained this sentence Sex can be a lot of things, women with women, men have sex with men, women have sex with men-and sometimes the best sex...

Lilith Favorite Demoness

Most widely used anti-demonic devices It is made by closing the fist and inserting the thumb between the two fingers. Its particularly obnoxious character derives from the fact that it is meant as an obscene representation of the sexual act. Menasseh ben Israel was correct both in his explanation of the intent of this gesture, and his association of it with the Talmudic recommendation that to protect oneself against the evil eye one should place his right thumb in his left fist and his left

Work In Progress Pros and cons

There was no golden age but there is a revolution, mostly medical, with real ethical consequences. Right and wrong abide but terms of reference change. Effective safeguards against disastrous pregnancy really have altered the demands of prudence. It is understandable that the notion of a 'human right' to sexual experience has gained ground. The menace of AIDS has not abolished that notion, though it has polarized attitudes. For some, the old idea of natural law has acquired increased authority for others, the idea of safe casual sex has been positively advertised by the recommendation of sensible precautions. Those who believe that the demands of faithfulness are as valid as ever have the responsibility, indeed the opportunity, to explain faithfulness anew in its fresh context.

Faith Formed by Love Scholasticism

Theological reflections about marriage also continued basic Augustinian doctrine, albeit with some differences, positing that marriage, established in Paradise before sin, was for the propagation of humankind. After the Fall, the hitherto unknown libido became the driving force of sexuality and thus marriage becomes the remedy against this libido. Sexual intercourse due to lust is condemnable, but becomes pardonable by the goods or values of marriage. These goods include the spiritual union and companionship of the spouses and the procreation of children. The doctrine of marriage as a sacrament developed gradually in the eleventh to the twelfth centuries, partly as a response to heretical views which viewed marriage as an intrinsic evil. Although marriage in the medieval period was basically a social and economic relationship, that did not preclude an affective aspect in the choice of spouse. In his article on marriage, Francis Schussler Fiorenza notes that French theologians in...

Lying and Lying Together or How Do Bodies Tell the Truth

For the church, a similar statement of identity and desire is at stake when the members of the body come out with their sexual commitments. Marriage and the celibate life write the body into the story of redemption. Both are communicative, sexual acts. They are means by which the story of redemption is written through human lives, as signs of God's reconciliation, a reconciliation of the body. Coming out is a wager, opening the body to a language of redemption, opening a way for the body's agency not only in the movement of desire but in the donation of one's agency as an interpretive sign.

Signs of the Times

The litmus test of a salvific, rejuvenating situation is commonly held to be its power to induce this kind of ecstasy. Ecstatic experiences are vigorously sought by many through pharmaceuticals, romance, sexuality, music, movies, art, and physical exertion. Perhaps some memory of the cathartic effect of religious beatitude survives in these activities. Alex Wright, for one, suggests that this is where the action is now, not in houses of worship but in more profane events like getting promoted at work, having sex, winning the lottery, identifying with the characters in a television series, plunging into nature, and undertaking political action. Wright contends that formal worship in religious communities offers little in the way of release and liberation compared to these activities.3

Tradition help or hindrance

Human sexuality has been approved, sometimes grudgingly, as a divine arrangement for populating the world. The union of a man and a woman has seemed a matter of duty and obedience and delight, devotion and even companionship have looked like optional and unofficial extras. Meanwhile, realists have understood that men want pleasure as well as parenthood so marriage has been conceded the secondary role of providing harmlessly for male waywardness. When women claim the same rights to pleasure as men, longer-term human happiness still goes by default. The reduction of sexual relationship to pleasure constrained by duty is hard enough on men it is even harder on women.

Enlightenment and Church

When we turn to the Enlightenment period, and to our second paradigm shift, interestingly but perhaps not surprisingly we find ourselves turning not so much to the theologians and the churches but rather to the scientists and society, for it was science and society which led the way, and the church followed. Of course, Luther and company assumed without question the prevailing scientific ideas about sex and gender of their own day. In the early modern period, relying still on the ancient sources of Aristotle and Galen, scientists understood woman as an imperfect version of man that is, there was one sex hierarchically arranged. It was thought that men and women had the same genitals (testes and penis), but women's were imperfectly formed and therefore remained inside. This fitted well with Aristotle's notion, which was also prevalent, that female bodies were formed because of deficient heat in the reproductive process (i.e. they did not quite make it to being men). Women were governed...

Spiritual Slavery and Somatic Metaphors

In the Acts of Thomas, the apostle looks with compassion at a band of slaves who carry the litter of a wealthy woman who desires to hear him speak. He notes that the slaves are heavy laden, treated by their owner as beasts of burden. He insists that God does not distinguish according to status, slave or free. He then tells them what God requires of them to abstain from murder, theft, avarice, and other vices. He reserves his strongest language for his warning against sexual activity, which he represents as a vice which has the power to enslave.113 The passage moves from the opening recognition of the physical burdens of the enslaved litter bearers, carrying their owner on their backs, to its climactic insistence that the worst slavery is the bondage of sexual desire.

The Talmud Five Deaths to Jesus

Jesus limped on one foot and was blind in one eye, he practiced enchantment by means of his membrum, he committed bestiality with his ass, he was a fool who did not even know his beast's mind. (Talmud, Sanhedrin l05a-105b Exhibit 108 and 109) The ridiculous and foul misuse of Judges 5 27 about Sisera's dying convulsions meaning sexual intercourse is here applied to Jesus, with a footnote explanation of Judges 5 27 This is taken to mean sexual intercourse .

The Authority of the ekklesia 2 Augustine Manichaeism and the Flesh Rejected

He tells in his Confessions how, in his sixteenth year, he was swallowed up in a maelstrom of lust which he indulged at every opportunity, vying in sexual deeds with his peers and even boasting of sexual acts which he had not committed.134 But, while Augustine clearly had a strong sexual drive, his actual sexual activity before his conversion was not particularly unusual or outrageous by the standards of his age.135 Wills reminds us that he was faithful to his concubine for fifteen years - and, indeed, such concubinage was recognised in Roman law and even by the Church itself (at the Council of Toledo in 400).136

Subjectivity and Belief

So, before Sex and the Church even saw print, my connection with the institution called Church was troubled. What I attempt to trace out in this chapter are the ways that this shift has affected my work and my thinking that is, I am interested not in the impact that Sex and the Church has had on readers, but rather the effect the text has had on its own author. Writing several years after these events, I find myself asking a series of questions that potentially shed light not only on matters of faith but also on issues of human subjectivity. How does one cope with a shift in which things that were once impossible for humans but possible for God were now just plain impossible How does one make the transition from a world where God will provide and God knows best into a world where little is certain except death, taxes, and maybe late capitalism What happens to the form of belief when the object of faith is questioned, when the controlling institution is revealed to be corrupt What...

Fecundity and the Social Body

First, the production of children locates sexual activity in the household. Household, in this regard, is not a synonym for the contemporary family or for filial relationships. While family is often defined by its affection, the household is a social and economic unit. It is constituted by people who share living space and meals, pool resources, and cooperate for mutual benefit. Not all households include children, but children make housekeeping unavoidable. While family is a relation, the household is a place. Householders without children are likely to (and ought to) occupy that same socially reproductive space. Through their commitments to home, they are taken out of the economy of desire and taken into a network of households in neighborhood and community The household, set within the formative practices of the church, is an economy that is directed toward reproducing the social body and shaping the social self in imitation of Christ. Second, sexual reproduction is a basic...

Suppressing Christian Speech at School The Anti HarassmentSubterfuge

This limits our individuality and self-expression. Number Five states Homophobia causes youth to become sexually active before they are ready in order to prove they are 'normal This can lead to an increase in unwanted pregnancies and STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). Suffice it to say that many public schools today are more likely to teach that homophobia leads to STDs than that abiding by JudeoChristian morality helps prevent STDs-illustrating how our schools are shifting from education to propaganda.

Jesus Sex and Jesus Gender

Of course, Jesus' masculinity is somewhat curious. First, most Christian churches have conceived it as a strictly celibate masculinity, since they take it as obvious that Jesus never engaged in sexual activity. Second, though perhaps less obviously, Jesus' masculinity is a sort of eunuch masculinity. If we are to believe that he never had sex, we are also not to think about his having male organs for sex. Finally, the masculinity of male Christian leaders has often itself strained social expectations of masculinity. In the Catholic Church, the norma-tively celibate priesthood has not infrequently been treated as a sort of third sex or intersex. It has been assigned gender roles that mix or confuse ordinary gender expectations. There are, I suspect, similar shifts of gender expectations even in the normatively married Protestant clergy So while Jesus' masculinity is held up as the standard for the masculinity of Christian ministry, it is also complicated in ways that make it seem...

Truth about the Body of

In each moment, Jesus' body is a complete human body. Meditate on how to represent that. We need as an emblem for Jesus' body neither the unsexed corpus of a crucifix nor its necessary opposite - a body with gigantic genitals. We don't want to replace the mutilated corpse on the crucifix with a Christian version of one of the ancient satyr statues, in which the body is dwarfed by an engorged phallus. Indeed, our representations of Jesus' body should show us most vividly how a body can be erotic without being only or obsessively erotic. We should learn from it how a body has sex without being just sex. We learn this, not coincidentally, from a divine body that is unafraid to be naked even when it is supposedly humiliated. Here Jesus trumps Nietzsche's Dionysus. Jesus is so divinely erotic that he need not be ashamed of either his beauty or his ugliness. He is thus the god to teach us why our sexual shame really was a product of sin.

Reason the central case

I have said that for Thomas Aquinas, to be rational is a way of being animal there are, for him, no non-animal rational beings. Moreover, everything a human being does as an animal - feed, feel pain, have sex -a human being does as a rational kind of animal does it. And conversely, even though only rational animals can engage in 'thinking' properly speaking, and so in arguing and proving and inferring - in short, in 'ratiocinating' - still, rational beings could not do these things unless they were animals.

Academic Freedom and Tolerance Porn

One student produced a video, training the camera's lens on a man's eyes while he was masturbating. Another turned in pictures of herself engaged in oral sex with her boyfriend. When someone finally objected, school officials initiated a review of the class to evaluate how the course fits the College of Letters' program objectives and those of Women's Studies. The review incurred the indignation of faculty and students, who were outraged by this affront to so-called academic freedom. The administration's action constitutes the largest attack on academic freedom at Wesleyan in at least forty years, a student editorialist charged. But pornography in the classroom is not limited to Wesleyan. Dozens of secular universities around the nation offer such courses. Constance Penley, chairman of the film studies department at the University of California-Santa Barbara, who introduced a pornography curriculum there in 1993, heralded Professor Weissman as a very brave woman Now pornographic film...

Characteristics Of Fairs

The fair also served social functions, and sexual activity took place. The fair was held in or near a city (polis) or in an open area in a village. The fair was accorded prestige by the king under whose authority it fell. At times, a fair was arranged to complement the beginning of a king's reign. Official acts also took place laws were passed, judgments granted, and so on.

Controlling the Female Christian Body

As well as asking why Christian energies have focused so much on the control of sexuality in modern times, it is interesting to consider in more detail how such control has been exercised. This topic can be interestingly pursued in relation to male and female sexuality, heterosexuality, and homosexuality Here I will concentrate only on Christianity and female heterosexuality, since I will argue in the final part of this chapter that where sexuality is concerned this is the area of greatest importance for understanding the fate of the churches in modern times. It was to display of the gentle virtues that women were called. In the USA Catharine Beecher and her father campaigned tirelessly for the training of women in the habits of order, neatness, punctuality as well as patient attention, calm judgement, steady efficiency, and habitual self-control (Isenberg 1998 80). If sexuality was the strongest of human drives, and sexual pleasure the most intense of human passions (as so many...

Family and Social Reproduction

Marriage and family, inasmuch as they form a social economy, appear to provide an alternative site for social reproduction. If sex in late capitalism is sex without ends, the meaning of sex is constantly negotiated. Often, sexual encounters are assumed to imply certain ends, by the nature of their context and the signals of a common script. For instance, I can narrow the possible meanings of a sexual interchange if I take an acquaintance home to my bed as a stranger. Sex among friends and companions, on the other hand, will bring a host of ambiguities that will need to be explicitly negotiated. Marriage and family, insofar as they imply binding commitments, seem to present an entirely different (non-negotiable) set of sexual practices. Within the dominant cultural code, they are means to constrict the natural reproduction of desire and the free self-determination of the sexual self. From a common theological angle, settling into commitments and setting up a home are conceived as...

Now let us examine the Holy Bible from a textual point of view to see what it is endeavouring to imbue into mankind

Which one of these virtues exists in the passage that you have just read It is an obscene story of fornication. Anywhere in the world, this passage would be banned on account of its pornographic implications. This book, which Christians and Jews hold sacred, contains quite a number of other similar immoral passages. For instance, as we have cited earlier, it is written in the thirtieth and later verses of the nineteenth chapter of Genesis of the Old Testament that Lut's (Lot) 'alaihis-salam' own two daughters made him drunk with wine and committed sexual intercourse with him and had sons. Likewise, it is written in the eleventh chapter of II Samuel of the Old Testament that Dawud (David) 'alaihis-salam' watched Bath'-she-ba, the wife of U-ri'ah, one of his commanders, in the nude as she was taking a bath, succumbed to her attraction, went into a sexual relation with her, and sent her husband to the forefront of the hottest battle, lest he should come back. (II Sam 11-2 to 17) In...

How do we acquire a soul

How does each newborn infant acquire a human soul as opposed to a merely creaturely soul Medieval theologians alternated between two views on this question. Tra-ducionists held that the soul originated in the act of conception. A soul seed (in contrast to a body seed ) detached from the soul of the parents to become the independent soul of the child. Creationists, on the other hand, held that each person's soul was implanted at the moment of conception by a divine act, an immediate creation ex nihilo (Ray S. Anderson 1982 42f). Through the sexual act, the parents create the proper physiological conditions for the existence of a human being, but they are only secondary agents in the process. Regarding this debate, Barth (1960 573) has suggested that none of these theories lead us one step forward with regard to the origin of the human.

Debating Ethical Standards

Non-Jews react strongly against the Talmud's teaching, for example, that it is legitimate for a man to have sexual relations with a little girl, just so long as she is under the age of three The Mishnah says WHEN A GROWN-UP MAN HAS HAD SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH A LITTLE GIRL, OR WHEN A SMALL BOY HAS HAD INTERCOURSE WITH A GROWN-UP WOMAN, OR when a girl was accidentally INJURED BY A PIECE OF WOOD IN ALL CASES THEIR KETHUBAH IS TWO HUNDRED ZUZ SO ACCORDING TO R. MEIR. 34 Then the Gemara explains It means this When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this annotation Lit., 'here', that is, less than three years old it is as if one puts a finger into the eye . . . 35 Should Orthodox Jews really expect Christians to accept the moral validity of such a teaching Surely the vast majority ofJews today would reject it if they knew about it, which they do not. her, and not to her abuser, then the question inevitably arises What about the...

David Matzko McCarthy

This statement might disturb many, inasmuch as it rings of sexual repression and frustrated desire. Surely sex ought not to be constrained by an archaic pro-creative end But although out of step with the times, it seems straightforward to begin with simple procreation when introducing a discussion of fecundity. Among the countless things done and intended through sex, sexual activity has an orientation to producing as well, and the end of this orientation is a baby. That is not to say that every sexual act does or must have a procreative outcome. However, procreation is inevitable if a man and woman are not vigilant about avoiding it (or if one of them suffers a dysfunction). Most couples who decide to have a child actively do so by discontinuing their resistance to the procreative intentions of their acts. By intentions of their acts, I mean, not their thinking or their conceptual intentions, but their bodily agency. Our bodies are generative in disposition.

The Mystery of Mary the Mother of Jesus

Ex baffles us. it always has. it is the most pleasurable of human physical activities but also the most confusing. It takes very little to awaken sexual desire but it is extremely difficult to sustain a long sexual relationship. Sex offers us the most rewarding of human intimacies but the demands that such intimacy places upon our personality are so insistent that frequently the intimacy dissolves or settles down to mutual coexistence. We cannot couple without personal involvement as animals do such sexual activity may temporarily lower physical tension but it does not satisfy the interpersonal needs and emotions which we can exclude from our sex life only with very great difficulty. Since we are meaning-seeking creatures, we must find meaning in our sex- There has been, it is alleged, a sexual revolution. We are told that we live in a permissive society. Surely there is more talk about sex than there was a hundred years ago and more erotic materials

Does Morality Require Belief In

As regards direct instructions for conduct, Dawkins himself, with the help of several of his favorite Web sites, can come up with a better ser of commandments than Yahwch gave us, including Enjoy your own sex life (so long as it damages Dawkins realizes of course, that moral life is much more complicated than animal behavior and that cultural factors are also important in shaping ethical life, Stilh he remains adamant that morality is ultimately natural rather than divine in origin. At this point, however, his argument suddenly falls apart. As in his evolutionary explanation of religion, Dawkins begins by promising a fully naturalistic theory, but then he proceeds to modulate his promise of Darwinian elucidation to a point where in the end biology has very little to do with human virtue either. Dawrkins eventually admits in a colossal understatement that evolutionists should not mis-state the reach of natural selection (220). All of a sudden he confesses that human characteristics...

Minority movements branded as heretical by the Orthodox

The Paulicians developed many leaders and divisions. Like the Marcionites, they were dualists, holding that matter, including this world and the flesh, is the creation of an evil power, the imperfect God of the Old Testament, while spirit and souls are the work of the good God. The perfect among them abstained from sexual intercourse and from some kinds of meats. They rejected infant baptism and, taking Jesus as their model, were baptized at the age of thirty, in a river. The hearers, or adherents, were not required to follow this hard road, but hoped to be baptized and undertake it sometime before their death. The Paulicians rejected the honours paid by the Catholics to the Virgin Mary, the invocation of the saints, icons, incense, candies, and all material symbols. Maintaining the Eucharist and the Agape, they observed the former at night and used in it water, not wine. They would have none of the Catholic hierarchy and had only one grade of ministry. They accepted most of the New...

Christianity Can Be Dangerous

So, while some say Christianity is pro-choice, others, such as the magic-comedy team of Penn & Teller, say it is something to fear. Such was the message the act delivered during their offering of an X-rated parody of Christ's crucifixion, to the horror of many of the spectators at the World Magic Seminar, a magician's convention in Las Vegas. In the skit Teller was in costume as Christ and was on a full-sized cross that was wheeled into the room on a cart. A midget in an angel costume simulated an obscene sexual act on Teller, who was almost nude. Then Penn, dressed as a Roman gladiator, pulled away what was supposed to be the Shroud of Turin covering the cross. Some attendees were so shocked they walked out of the performance. Rick Neiswonger, a veteran magician turned market executive, said the stunt offended the majority of the four hundred people present. He told the Las Vegas Review, They the organizers warned everybody that something offensive was going to happen, but my God,...

God Does Not Change Methods Do

Well, I don't intend to offer any sacrifice at all -blemished or not. How about stoning the wicked person (Deut.17 5) I don't believe Jesus wants me to stone anybody. The commandment says if I take a beautiful woman captive in a battle I am to leave her alone for a month before having sexual intercourse with her (Deut. 21 10). When I was in the US Navy in the Korean War I never intended to keep that commandment by having sexual intercourse with any captive woman -- and my wife agreed


Mary was a virgin in the strictest sense. She had never had a sexual relationship with any man when Jesus was conceived in her womb. But she was not a perpetual virgin either, as so many other Christians believe (CP Mt 1 24-25). and knew her not till she had brought forth her first-born son , means that Joseph did consummate his marriage with Mary after the birth of Jesus. Mary had at least seven children with Joseph after Jesus was born (CP Mt 12 46-47 13 53-56 Mk 3 20-21 6 1-3). Friends in Mk 3 20-21 (KJV), means immediate family members. This is confirmed in V31-32 (CP V31-32 Lu 8 19-20 (see also comments on Mt 12 46-47 and Mk 3 20-21)).


Baby boys may always be used as subjects for sodomy by grown men, according to the Talmud. (See Exhibit 54) The Pharisaic subterfuge here is that until a child reaches sexual maturity, capable of sexual intercourse, he or she does not rank as a person, hence Biblical laws against sodomy (pederasty) do not apply. Throughout the Talmud nine years and one day is the fictitious age of male maturity.

Nathan Knorr

A number of men on the Governing Body have been bachelors all their life, and are believed by people who worked at headquarters to have been homosexuals.41 Leo K. Greenlees was forced to resign when his homosexuality became public. He then moved to New Orleans. Governing Body member Ewart C. Chitty, was in the middle of a sexual act with a seventeen year old male Bethelite when some unexpected guests arrived and opened the door. The boy committed suicide. An unconfirmed report says that Chitty was forced to resign later. Ex-Bethelites also report strange behavior by the oracle of the Society the principle light of the Society on religious matters, the

The Ten Commandments

Say Come, I will recite what your Lord has prohibited you from Join not anything in worship with Him be good and dutiful to your parents kill not your children because of poverty- We provide sustenance for you and for them come not near to shameful sins (illegal sexual intercourse, etc.) whether committed openly or secretly and kill not anyone whom Allah has forbidden, except for a just cause (according to Islamic law). This He has commanded you that you may understand. And come not near to the orphan's property, except to improve it, until he or she attains the age offull strength and give full measure and full weight with justice. We burden not any person but that which he can bear. And whenever you give your word (judge between men or give evidences, etc.) , say the truth even if a near relative is concerned, and fulfill the Covenant of Allah. This He commands you, that you may remember. (Ch 6 151-152 Quran).

The Source of Desire

The opposition between Christian theology and queer theory on this point is not incidental or superficial. Robert Goss writes that most queer theorists find Christianity irrelevant at best and too often violent and oppressive (Goss 2002 247). I would say more strongly that queer theory emerges as a discipline in part as a strategy for resisting Christian authority over sexual matters, for challenging distinctions between approved and forbidden sexual activity, and for replacing doctrine and tradition with new sexual experts qualified to explain (and incite) our sexualities in secular, liberating ways. At its best, however, queer theory, following Foucault, is well able to recognize in this its own will to power and so to recognize that whatever sexual liberation it describes represents the promotion of new controls and categories for distinguishing good (now healthy, amoral, and polymorphous) from bad (restricted, overburdened with religious significance) sex. Queer theory has the...

Going Underground

Everything is going well for Jack he is sleeping, does not care about work, material possessions, or status. Then Marla returns to the fray. She calls Jack after taking an overdose. Although Jack refuses to go to her rescue, Tyler saves her life by embarking on a sexual relationship with her and thus keeping her awake all night. Jack is disgusted and, whenever he sees Marla in the house, treats her with disdain. Although he despises Tyler's relationship with Marla, Jack is still beholden to Tyler and his amazing ability to undermine consumer culture and the conventions of capital. Tyler reveals that his soap is made from human fat stolen from liposuction clinics. From the asses and thighs of rich women, paydirt. But the soap-making process also reveals an ingredient that Tyler will put to work - glycerine. For the Christian churches today, it is both right and proper to offer a critical interrogation of the logic of late capital and to provide and promote an alternative economy of...

Male Dalliance

As we have seen, adultery committed by freeborn women was viewed as a horrific sign of the depravity of the accused woman, her family, and even her city. But what about the adulteries of men In terms of Roman law, a man who had sexual intercourse with a freeborn youth, either male or female, was guilty of stuprum (D 48.5.35, Modestinus).186 Intercourse with a widow or a divorc e who retained her rank as a matron was also stuprum (D 48.5.9, 11). Married citizen women were off-limits, though the jurists spent much more time worrying about the adulteress than the citizen adulterer.187 In the Athenian case, a man could be charged with moicheia (adultery) if he had engaged in sexual acts with a respectable Athenian woman, whether or not she was married.188 Both men and women, therefore, could be charged with adultery (moicheia, adulterium) and fornication (porneia, stuprum), though for men such charges implied sexual activity with the women or youths prohibited to them, not extramarital...

A womans religion

Christianity endorses male power, it cautions that it must be exercised in a 'fatherly' way by serving God and others rather than the self (the pope, for example, describes himself as a 'servant of the servants of God'). Similarly, although male sexuality is rendered more visible and less problematic in the Christian scheme of things than female sexuality, it is hardly embraced with wholehearted enthusiasm. It too has to be exercised in a restrained fashion and in fulfilment of God's purposes rather than for pleasure and self-fulfilment. Thus none of the markers of machismo - sexual, material, physical, and political dominance - are given unequivocal support in the Christian tradition, whilst the 'womanly' virtues of love, gentleness, obedience, and self-sacrifice receive more explicit endorsement. This, combined with the fact that there are so many women in the churches, may render Christianity just a little too feminine for some men to tolerate the costs may be found to outweigh the...

Demoting Abstinence

New Jersey has experienced its share of problems related to teenage sexual behavior. The problems were so severe that the New Jersey legislature passed a law that mandates the stressing of abstinence when sex education is taught in public schools. The NJEA invited three experts on teenage sexual activity to speak at its annual convention but withdrew the invitation when it discovered they promote the abstinence message. The New Jersey Coalition for Abstinence Education (NJCAE), which is part of the New Jersey Family Policy Counsel, was scheduled to present a workshop for teachers at the convention, as were New Jersey doctors Joanna Mohn, M.D., and James Thompson, M.D. Joseph's driving analogy also fails because these comprehensive sex education programs do not adequately, if at all, alert children to many of the potential consequences of teenage sexdangers that exist even when contraception is used, as pediatrician Dr. Meg Meeker recently pointed out in her stunning book Epidemic. Dr....

Sexual Surrogates

In a petition for divorce submitted in the late first century B.C.E., a woman named Tryphaine alleges that her husband, Asklepiades, abused me and insulted me, and laying his hands on me, he used me as if I were his bought slave. 60 Tryphaine implies that as a wife she should be exempt from certain kinds of treatment, which female slaves were not in a position to protest. Although a husband might be able to overpower his wife to exact sexual favors, the terms of many marriage contracts gave women financial leverage over their husbands. Knowledge that his wife could initiate a divorce and block his access to her financial resources would curb the behavior of at least some men. Slaves, however, had no such leverage.61 In a letter speaking sympathetically of a free woman who divorced her husband, Jerome wrote that her husband was a man of such heinous vices that even a prostitute or a common slave would not have put up with them. 62 Jerome's words confirm the impression that slaveholders...

Loves Wound

The soul is now a distillation of sense such that one conceives its life as an orgasmic experience in which wanting only comes with fulfilment and fulfilment does not cancel wanting. In other words, an entirely active and in no sense passive or lacking desire but just for that reason, all the more erotic. (Milbank 1998 106) Of course one can never really say what she wants to say - that is why we keep writing. That is also why we keep having sex. Roxanne . . . never has that one great orgasm that would put desire for all other orgasms to rest. But she keeps on trying,

Death Education

The Atlantic Monthly unearthed the roots of death education in a National Education Association report entitled Education for the '70s. The report stated Schools will become ethics clinics whose purpose is to provide individualized psycho-social treatment for the student, and teachers must become psycho-social therapists. It also quoted from a 1977 piece in The School Counselor magazine, which argued that schools should offer death education because Americans handle death and dying poorly and we ought to be doing better at it Change is evident, and death education will play as important a part in changing attitudes toward death as sex education played in changing attitudes toward sex information and wider acceptance of various sexual practices. But why is changing attitudes toward death and changing attitudes to a wider acceptance of various sexual practices a legitimate function of a public school That is, why should thoughts about death, suicide, and sexual activity that are at odds...

Queer Church

Like Stuart, Graham Ward also understands Christian life as a way of undoing those identities by which we seek security against others - including Christ. And one of those identities is named sexual difference the idea that we are either man or woman, and that sexual relationship arises out of this irreducible difference. S exual difference is original, nonderived, nondeducible (incapable of representation), because it presents itself as an immediate dimension of fundamental human experience (Scola 2005 221). Against this biological fundamentalism - which is of course discursive and historically contingent -Ward argues that sexual relationship does not so much arise out of (hetero)sexual difference, as that bodily difference arises out of relationship, sexuality out of eros. Ward sets his arguments about sexual difference against those of Karl Barth and Hans Urs von Balthasar, but like them, he articulates his arguments through a close reading of Scripture in Ward's case the Johannine...

The Risk of Desire

From these experiences follows a queer theology accenting the overlap between sexuality and spirituality alongside a harsh critique of institutional religion which has denied these gifts thus alienating us from our bodies and from God. Goss borrows considerably from the mystical tradition in order to evoke the spiritual qualities of these pleasures. Orgasmic bliss has many of the subtle qualities of intense, sublime, nonconceptual contemplation of Christ, he claims, and also when one's body and mind are joined meditatively together in love-making, the sexual spiritual potential moves beyond the ordinary orgasmic threshold of both partners into a new dimension of reality (Goss 2002 15, 22). For many gay men in particular, Goss asserts, sex is intrinsic to experience of God, an essential component of any spiritual path (Goss 2002 78). I should say here that I do not find Robert Goss unusually susceptible to this temptation among queer writers. On the contrary, his training and...

The Sexual Order

Men and women were both created in the image and likeness of God and find through marriage their human and religious fulfilment (Chs. 5 and 7). From the start of Christianity respect for the personal and social values of human sexuality underpinned the teaching on sexual activity, a teaching that defended a middle ground between two extremes the widespread licentiousness and shameful treatment of women in ancient times, on the one hand, and the repudiation of sexuality by such groups as the Marcionites, Montanists, Manicheans, and the Cathars, on the other (see Chs. 1 and 2, respectively). In the immediate post-NT period we find the Didache and the Epistle of Barnabas warning against 'the way of darkness' by repudiating three kinds of sexual activity that the Catholic tradition would consistently repudiate, premarital sex, extramarital sex, and homosexual practices 'You shall not commit fornication you shall not commit adultery you shall not engage in homosexual activity (Epistle of...

Gay Marriage

To imagine a sexual act that doesn't conform to law or nature is not what disturbs people. But that individuals are beginning to love one another - there's the problem. The institution of society is caught in a contradiction affective intensities traverse it which at one and the same time keep it going and shake it up. . . . These relations short-circuit it and introduce love where there's supposed to be only law, rule, or habit. (Foucault 2000 136-7)


It is becoming accepted almost world-wide that young couples can live together before marriage, enjoying full sexual relationships. The use of the term 'common law marriage' to describe this is a complete misnomer. Marriage for the believer must be marriage according to God's definition of it we cannot let a definition of marriage created by the flesh-pleasing world around us have supremacy over God's statements regarding marriage - after all, marriage was instituted by God rather than man. Biblically, marriage is comprised of at least three elements - 3. Sexual intercourse is necessary to consummate the marriage (Deut. 21 13 Gen. 24 67 29 21 1 Kings 11 2). Because of this, 1 Cor. 6 15,16 explains why intercourse outside of marriage is so wrong. Intercourse signifies, in physical terms, how God has joined a wedded couple together (Gen. 2 24). To be joined as one flesh in a temporary relationship is therefore an abuse of the bodies God has given us. He has designed them in order to be...

Jane Shaw

It is often presumed within church circles that the tradition speaks with a univocal and ahis-torical voice. Much gets promoted in Christian sexual ethics, not least in opposition to women (of all sexual orientations) and homosexuality (in both sexes), under the flag of an unchanging traditional view (sometimes called traditionalist ) - and this is always posited in opposition to the liberal and innovative ideas (sometimes called revisionist ) of those who wish to affirm the full humanity and sexual orientation of women and men, gay and straight. By contrast, one of the remits of this volume is to demonstrate the ways in which those often called liberal or revisionist are in fact rooted within the Christian tradition, understanding the ways in which the tradition has necessarily changed, and will always have this dynamic aspect to it, mediated as it is by culture and language. This chapter therefore looks at two moments when the Christian tradition has dramatically shifted in its...

Queering Modernity

As Shaw notes, the church's privileging of heterosexual marriage in modernity, along with the strange idea of complementarity - which imagines an equality-in-difference between the sexes which is actually an inequality, since the difference is woman as complement to man - constitutes a history of female sexuality as narrated by men. For it is

Queering Tradition

Boyarin concludes by noting that Jewish theology is narrative theology. It is the reading of biblical texts, and any Jewish discussion of homosexuality has to begin by recognizing that neither the Bible nor the rabbis have anything to say about it. Much the same could be said for Christian theology - or at least Christian narrative theology - and its reading of the Christian Bible, since the New Testament also fails to mention homosexuality, and discusses same-sex activity in terms broadly similar to those addressed by Boyarin (see further Loughlin 2007). It may seem a small point, but one of the achievements of queer theology is to have found the Bible - Jewish and Christian - empty of homosexuality, but full of queer intimacies. - he adopts the persona of the feminine soul. Nevertheless, Hinkle does borrow a number of historical queer identities - the effeminate man, the pederastic sodomite, the intimate friend and the sexual invert - in order to analyze John's account of the...

The Shape of Desire

Historian David Halperin identifies four historical classifications of men and male desire which, though still potentially discontinuous, seem frequently to converge in the modern world to form what we recognize as male homosexuality (Halperin 2002 106-37). These are (1) Effeminacy, in which the male prefers activities associated with women, such as art or love rather than those expected of men such as war, athletics, or ascetic practices. (2) Active sodomy (or pederasty), in which a normal male sexually penetrates subordinate males and in which the erotic aspect is assumed to be unidirectional and correlated with differences (in age, station, etc.) between those engaged. (3) Male friendship or love emphasizing mutuality in which the more egalitarian nature of the relationship serves to immunize it from erotic interpretation. (4) Sexual inversion or passivity, in which the male not only allows penetration by another man, but desires and takes pleasure in it, this deviancy being the...


Here is a tangled web of ideas, all of them resting on unproblematized masculinity. First, in this sentence Foucault assimilates the whole tradition of Christian mysticism and spirituality to male sexual experience. It is not clear exactly which mystics he had in mind he does not name any. But brief acquaintance with medieval Christian mysticism makes clear that only a relatively small subsection used the language of sexuality or thought in terms of erotic mysticism. Writers ranging from the Pseudo-Dionysius to Julian of Norwich, from Eckhart to the anonymous author of The Cloud of Unknowing, use erotic imagery sparingly or not at all, and by no amount of Procrustean stretching could be made to fit Foucault's description (see Jantzen 1995).

Henrietta Leyser

The Cistercian monk Caesarius of Heisterbach (C.1180-C.1250), scourge of the unchaste, tells the story of a 'libidinous' priest attempting to celebrate mass at the moment of consecration a snow-white dove flies down to the altar and drinks up the whole contents of the chalice before flying away with the bread in its beak. This happens not just once but at the three consecutive masses the priest tries to celebrate. Terrified, and finally contrite, the priest confesses to his sin - he has had sex with a woman he happened to meet as he set off on his rounds at the start of the day. Once the priest is shriven, the dove returns the three hosts to the corporal and from its throat pours back all the wine into the chalice.1

Model Oratory

A further example can be found in a forensic speech of Demosthenes, that pillar of classical education.42 In his speech De corona, Demosthenes defended his private life and his public transactions in response to charges made by his accuser, Aeschines (De cor. 8). He did so by means of a series of attacks on the origin, education, occupation, and character of Aeschines Aeschines was not properly educated rather, he makes pretensions to the culture (paideia) that he is so obviously lacking (128).43 His father was a slave. His mother engaged in indiscriminate sexual intercourse in a public latrine. He was brought up to excel in minor parts on the stage (129). His servile origin and lack of means led him to accept menial and degrading occupations (258). He possesses a spiteful temper, demonstrated by his mean-spirited attack on Demosthenes (252 53). He involves himself in suspect religious rituals involving exotic apparel and associations with old women (260). Demosthenes, on the other...

Paul Fletcher

Sin is disseminated from the loins of Adam and it is only through the refusal of the promptings of the loins that Origen believes the soul can advance to spiritual purity. Sex in Origen's view distributes sin and so it was crucial that the second Adam was conceived without the medium of human seed. There is no hesitation in Origen's portrayal of Adam's bequest to link sex with heredity and reproduction, a fact confirmed by his assertion that sexual relations within marriage are for procreation rather than pleasure. Sex, in this account, has a natural role that is to be radically distinguished from its erotic lure. in matters sexual (and much besides). The thrust of this chapter, however, is that the church responds as a micro-fascist organization in order to cure its pain and does so by refusing eros and embracing a vapid and lifeless moralism. The church performs the role of a modern sarcophagus that harbors the ideology of moral values and seems to do little more than reflect the...


From Plato we have learned that desire is not merely a matter of being drawn by the attractive, the beautiful and of a lack which must be fulfilled. It is equally a matter of travail, of expectant and obscure pregnancy, of frustration in something one is trying to say, make, or do. If desire is about sex, it is equally about birth. But both aspects are always present to have sex is to bring to birth. To bring to birth is to enter into a new erotic union with the world in some fashion.

Sex Education

WITH ALL THE PROBLEMS ACCOMPANYING teenage sexual activity, one would think our education establishment would err on the side of discouraging promiscuous sex. In addition to student pregnancy and the escalation in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), a recent Heritage Foundation study reveals that sexually active teenagers are far more prone to depression and likely to commit suicide than those who refrain from sex. Yet sex education is captive to another agenda. It is another tool being used by the social engineers to remold American society through the education system. Today's sex education is radically different from the type offered in public schools a generation ago. Now, students are often exposed to presentations on homosexuality and other so-called alternative lifestyles under the assumption that to exclude such topics would be an imposition of religious or sectarian values-as if including them isn't. While the ostensible purpose of these courses is to help prevent student...

Sexual Martyr

Kapur's film might appear to be a simple costume drama, but Elizabeth carries hints of complexity, not merely in its staging and props, but also in its use of sex to deliver the meaning of events. In early scenes with Dudley, for instance, sex conveys innocence and purity Elizabeth and Dudley are the only characters in the film that make love in the light of day. Elizabeth conceals nothing, no ulterior motives and no misgivings or shame about sex. In good modern fashion, sex is a sign of the true, unadulterated self. Later in the plot, sexual deviance becomes a convenient sign for the young Queen in a moment of decision. She has been pressured to marry, for her own safety and the good of England. She does not know how to resist. Her resolve comes to her when she witnesses her French suitor, Duc d'Anjou, in his cross-dressing exploits. After discovering him in drag, she gives a hardy laugh and announces that there will be no more talk about marriage. Duc d'Anjou's deviance puts...

Reason and rhetoric

Therefore, to be a rational being is, for Thomas, one particular way of being an animal. It is clear that while 'thinking' in its narrowest meaning as argument, inference, conclusions derived from evidence, and calculation of means to ends, is a distinctively human activity in the sense that no other kind of being does these things at all, 'thinking' is a synecdoche for our rational nature, as 'deckhand' is a synecdoche for a low-ranking sailor on a ship. The fact that human beings 'think' is determined by the kind of bodies human beings have, and just those characteristics of our bodies which have to do with the fact that human beings 'think' also have to do with the distinctive ways in which human beings love and have sex, contemplate sunsets, make music, work, play and rest, none of which are discursive activities in that narrowest sense of'thinking'. In short, for Thomas, it is because of the kind of bodies we have that we are the sort of rational animals that we are.3

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