Why Man Was Made Physical

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Now, one may ask, "Why didn't God simply create us as spiritual God beings and immediate members of His Divine Family?" The answer is: God cannot create righteous character in individual beings because living according to God's righteousness is a matter of choice.

Do you remember what happened to the angelic realm? If any being is given the power of independence with individual mental capacity, then that being also has the ability of free choice. Not everyone will choose God's perfect way of life, which is righteous behavior expressed in outgoing love and concern for others.

A third of the angelic realm rebelled against the perfect way of God. Those angels chose another way that was based on "get," not "give." God knew the outcome that would result from giving free choice to created beings, and it was for this very reason that God was not going to create members of a God Family as He did the angelic realm. If He had created God beings as He did angelic beings, then the eventual destruction and rebellion from those who would not choose His way would be catastrophic to His creation and Family.

To become a member of the God Family, God determined that everyone would be of the same mind as God Himself. They would need to be in full agreement with His one and only perfect way of life. For this to be possible, there would have to be perfect unity of spirit and purpose in life—all being of one mind, yet individual in personality and experiences. It would be similar to the differences we see in each other. How could such a thing be accomplished? This is the very essence of why man was created physical. Man would have to go through a process of change in order to ultimately become a God being.

God has revealed that the only way spirit beings can be entrusted as members in the God Family is by God reproducing Himself. Read the previous sentence again; this is what God is doing through mankind.

The angelic realm cannot reproduce. They are created beings. God created physical life that can reproduce after its kind. But in this process of each kind reproducing only after its own kind, each individual creature that is reproduced is different. Every one is unique. No two are exactly alike. No two human beings are exactly alike, yet all of us are human and can only reproduce that which is human. God has a plan to reproduce after His kind—the God kind—in the Kingdom of God, with each member being different (no two alike). All those of the God kind (in God's Family) will have unity of spirit, purpose and mind.

To become a part of the God kind, a complete transformation must take place in mankind. It must take place in the mind. It must be a complete transformation through a renewing of the mind (in the way man thinks). The mind must learn to be motivated by God's nature, not human nature. It is interesting to note that the Greek word for repentance means to "think differently." It is God's plan to help mankind to think differently than the way he does naturally. God plans for man to think as He (God) does, righteously. This is why mankind is told to "let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 2:5).

It was necessary that man be made physical. Man was made subject to vanity, but what does this mean? God created man of physical matter. It can only produce temporary life. Man's life, without God, is futile and filled with vanity. God knew what physical human beings would do. God knew that humans would turn inwardly and become filled with vanity, filled with self—selfish. This is the base nature of man. Everything is inward, based on the way of "get." The apostle John summed it up perfectly by explaining that man's motivation is based on the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life (1 John 2:16).

An infant automatically learns these ways very early as it develops this selfish nature, a nature that pampers self. This is true when a baby is hungry and uncomfortable. This process simply continues to develop as we grow older. Everyone is inward and selfish by nature. Some may disagree, but that will not change the truth.

God gave us the capacity to do good and evil because He gave us free moral agency—free choice through independent thought. Our actions are choices we all make, and whether we choose to do good things or evil things, our nature is still selfish. This knowledge about ourselves can be an incredibly difficult thing to see and admit. Every choice produced from human nature is selfishly motivated.

There is a great difference in behavior between God and man. Man's behavior (motivation and actions) is always based on the way of "get," while God's way is always based on the way of "give." Man's nature is selfish, always toward self. God's nature is giving—always away from self. God's nature is one of "pure" love that is focused on the genuine benefit and welfare of others—always on the way of sharing.

God's end-time apostle and prophesied "Elijah to come" was Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. He explained this basic nature of man in a way which can help a person begin to understand. He said that one of the best examples of human love that man can understand is that of a mother's love for her own child. It is a deeply-enduring kind of love that surpasses most examples of care and affection, which bind people together in a unique relationship of parent and child. But even in this example of a parent's love toward one's own child, there is still selfishness. Such love is limited. It is confined toward self—toward their "own" child. This love is not capable of being extended toward other children in the same way.

So, whether or not we like the truth that our nature is totally selfishly motivated, we must all face it. God will bring everyone to a time when they will have to deal with their own selfish nature. This is not an easy thing to go through, but it forces us to address the most basic foundational truths in life as to why we were made physical and why we are here.

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